What is the best birth control?

Birth control question
Any moms on the arm implant / nexplonan
Thinking of getting it next week
Please share any positive or negative feedback will.bw appreciated thank you

I love mine! No problems

I have it. I have periods for over a month now
Currently working with my doctor to correct it
My friend has it and has had no problems

I’ve had 4 implants so far. Only had issues with my body regulating my periods the first couple months as normal with any hormonal birth control.
I also gained weight which is normal for birth control.
I only had issues with implanon the previous version.

I have had nexplanon for about a month and have had horrible mood swings and a period that lasted 2 weeks . Granted I’ve only had it a month but so far I’m hoping things get better

I’ve had 2 friends that had the arm implant migrate on them. The one friend has gone in to two different doctors and they can no longer even find hers. I’ve heard good about it but I’ve heard more bad than good.

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I have had nexplanon since November 2017, and my periods have been much heavier and last much longer. Sometimes 20 days at a time. Probably getting it out soon. Everyone is different though. I know people who have had it and had no issues.

I love mine no problems about to get a new one put in my 3 yrs is almost up lol

I had it for 2 years before having it removed. I absolutely hated it. I gained almost 60lbs on it, my periods were all over the place and I was extremely moody and depressed. My best friend has had 2 of them. No issues with the first one except for the removal process. The second one broke in her arm and caused some issues.

I had mine in for about a month and had to have it taken out all i did was bleed super heavy and it made my depression really really bad to point of almost killing myself 3 times in a month.

Had it 3 years. No issues, no periods. Had it removed, pregnant within 3 months. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: due July 19th

Have had it for almost 6 years now. Replace it every 3 years, never had any issues. Everyone is different though.

Bleeding is natural. Let it flow and stop trying to find ways to stop the bleeding. This is our mother nature to bleed. Yes everyone is different… but also bleeding for weeks/months is not healthy. Do some research on the internet and see what will suit you best.

My sis had it and had a spotting/period for over a year. It ended up breaking and it took them forever to take it out

I’ve had it for over a year now and honestly it’s the best birth control I’ve used. I don’t have really any negative side effects with it. No bleeding (though that still freaks me out), mild period like cramps once a month, no weight gain or skin breakouts.

This birth control KILLED my sex drive!!! I liked it because I didn’t get my period but about two years into it I had my period for like 6 weeks straight! I got it taken out and everything went back to normal

Ive had it in for almost 2 and a half years… i feel like i was a complete psycho after having it placed… but i also just had my son… so idk if it was hormones from having him or the implant… my periods are pretty regular with it. Ill probably get another one placed once this one gets removed

:grimacing: I like my Paragard

I had mine removed after about a year having it. It caused me extreme anxiety/OCD like symptoms. Periods were all over the place and so were my emotions.

I had mine for over a year now. I haven’t had a period since Christmas. Even then it lasted 4 days. Very light. It just depends on your body.

I hated mine, got lots of mood swings, i was constantly bleeding and gained lots of weight. I took it out about 7 months after getting it because i was tired of it plus we wanted to try for number 2

Love mine! Had it put in end of February, had my period twice I believe, and haven’t had it since.
The only thing, I had a headache for about 3 weeks shortly after I got it. Not sure if from the stress, lack of sleep or the implant. Or all 3

I am. I’ve been bleeding non stop since I got it without a single day stopping. Struggling to get it removed because my doctor said it can take up to 8 months to regulate.

Had mine for 8 months… breakouts became a major issue, didn’t affect my cycle, but my mental health quickly and gradually decreased a lot. I finally had it removed when I realized how bad it was getting and that it had started about a month after getting the nexplanon implanted. After about a month of having it removed I could feel my depression and anxiety and overall mental health improving. I’d say if you’re already prone to those issues I wouldn’t recommend it

It worked, I didn’t get pregnant. I bled randomly the whole 3 years, gained a little weight, and am left with a scar on my arm.

Had mine for 3 years. Aside from the almost constant bleeding, it wasn’t bad.

I’m on my 4th implant. Best birth control I’ve been on. Slight scar on my arm from the removals and implantations.