What is the best birth control?

I have the Liletta iud which is a generic version of mirena. Been 5 years. I have another two years before I need to worry about it. I’ve had no issues. I intend to get mirena in two years. Best choice I ever made

My mirena fell out 3 yrs in on it’s own. All my exs complained it would hurt them cuz they would hit it during fun time. N it would hurt me if they hit it too hard. Was a mess

Mirena love it no issues

There is no “best birth control” nothing is 100% except for abstinence or outercourse… Up the bum no babies…

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best birth control?

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Well the best is not to do anything

I had the Jadelle and absolutely loved it haha didn’t need to worry or anything like that,
No weight gain or pains etc although getting it in and out sucks.

I’m now on the pill and I HATE it

Personally my favorite is the NuvaRing. No side effects for me and my periods only last 2 days

I’m 9n the Depo shot and love it.

I have the copper iud and love it. No side effects at all. I switched from nexplanon because all of the side effects I was having.

The Shot. It did wonders for me.

I think you just have to find what’s best for you. I had Mirena 3 times and each time it effected me differently. I’m on oral birth control now, the first one their prescribed I loved it. It regulated me, did wonders to my acne, I could tell exactly when I’d start my period, period was light, didn’t have mood swings. Then they switched it up and the one I’m on now I hate it.

Most BC is meant to have their recommendations followed. For example I’m on the Mirena and I was the " percect" candidate for it based on: I have already had kids, my weight, age ect.

If you wan long term and no periods I’d say an IUD. I didn’t have any issues.

The shot has worked for my youngest daughter but she has gained a few pounds, my middle daughter has had a period fir 3 months straight.

I’ve always heard that ‘Nosexatall’ was the best.


Not having sex is the best bc

I personally always recommend the nuva ring. It has potential side effects but it’s the only form I’ve ever felt comfortable with though. I used it for 8 years before taking out to start a family

Natural family planning

My Granny always told me the best method is to hold an aspirin between your knees. :joy:


I have the patch Ortho evra I think it’s called one patch a week and off the 4th week for your period I haven’t had any side effects

I reacted horribly to every birth control I ever tried, shot patch at least half a dozen pills and still wound up pregnant like6 times was supposed to have a Cooper IUD but I still reacted poor to it so my dr finally “allowed” to get my tunes tied they FORGOT to remove the iud and it shifted and shredded me, I still got pregnant with my tubes tied too all of them are a gamble and I wish you luck


Loves loestrin24fe but can’t get it (idk if insurance or company supply issues) so I’m on junelle 21 day. I had nexplannon for almost 2 years and hated it, asked for it out (weight gain, anger, pain in arm, bleeding more and more). Been on pill again for 7-8 months and only have period every 3 months.

Depo gave me a stroke, severe weight gain, and horrible periods. Stay away from Depo!

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Sorry…just had too !!!

Non hormonal birth control help prevent all those awful side affects.

I’ve been on SO many bc. The only ones I got little to no side effects on was nuvaring and annovera(like nuvaring but replace once a yr instead of monthly) only thing I havnt tried is the one in the arm. Shot, was terrible (gained 80lbs and lost fertility for 18months)and I’ll never recommend it to anyone but everyone’s body is different.

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I have had side effects with the few I’ve done and the one I have recently taken was called Slynd I had no side effects at all! It’s expensive as it has no generic yet but you can get a manufacturer coupon. I have no insurance and paid $25 a month for jt. It’s also estrogen free.

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None. They were all terrible for me. I tried Mirena, Nuvaring, and a couple different pills all within a year and my body was all jacked up. I now have cysts on my ovaries. Birth control is poison.


I’ve been on the depo shot twice, once for 5 years… I will say the period after was horrible and long but I got pregnant within a a couple months… and been on it again for 9 months so far. i have gained weight but I hate healthy food lol, and I had a 3 week long period a few months ago. my husband is getting snipped soon so I’m getting off every thing bc any birth control can mess your body up

I had Mirena for 8 years. Never got pregnant on it but I started having pelvic pain, weight gain and hair loss. Took 3 different kind of pills and had horrible anxiety and mood swings. The depo is the only thing I didn’t have side effects too but I only did the shot twice. And stopped all BC and got pregnant 6 months after.

Stay away from Depo… horrible side effects plus I gained so much weight :tired_face:.

I’ve hated every birth control I’ve been on and I’ve tried the patch, pills, iud, the ring, the arm thing, depo.

Depo was the best for me but going to the doctor every 3 months isn’t realistic anymore.

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Natural family planning. Clearblue digital ovulation tests every single month. Worked for 2.5 years for us until we were ready for another. No risk of cancer blood clots infertility as with all hormonal birth controls.

My body just does not like birth control depo was my first and last I had my period for 6 mo straight…then did the patch that was ok but can’t get it wet fairly impossible so it peeled off again had period whole 7 mo.
The pills very bad effects caused my to have diarrhea and bleed my entire time
Current have the nexplanon hate it been since Jan and dramatic weight gain and once again severe cramping and bleeding

Depo screwed up my cycle for over a year after stopping, atm I’m using madrena iud I’ve had no issues, I get light spotting or no periods at all Wich is normal , been using for 4 years ,I’m not ready to get tied yet will be renewing for a second round in may , hope you find something that works for you

Not pills if you want to prevent pregnancy. Pills are low doses and condoms should be used with them. Depo or NuvaRing are probably best. Really, condoms should be used with all birth control to prevent pregnancy without hysterectomy.
All hormonal birth control can change cycles, weight, and take many some time for the body to go back. Pregnancy taking 1-3 years (or more) is normal even without ever having birth control so it’s expected after using it. Average is a year of you try.

Just putting this out there, I literally got pregnant with my only child while using the NuvaRing and condoms together. Followed the instructions to a T. Did some online investigating and found out many women have reported pregnancy while being on the NuvaRing. I’ve been on the Mirena IUD ever since, and it’s done wonders for me. Every form of bc comes with risks unless you’re choosing abstinence. I’d recommend doing some research on your own and then discussing those findings with your doctor.

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Abstinence… no birth control is 100% effective not even vasectomies or getting your tubes tied.

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The first one I had made me fat and moody, the second one I had caused a stroke. You just have to see what works for you and check ALL the side effects.

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No really for me it was Nexaplanon.

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Copper iud no side effects for me at all. I will say once it got to the end of its life it did cause pain with sex but I got it removed and everything was fine. Once I have my baby I plan to get back on it. It is said to last 10 years. I’d say that’s a stretch bc like I said I started having pain I was only in year 9

I loved the paragard iud. Non hormonal and worked great. But you do have a period every month

That’s between you and your doctor, Hon. I’m not a good judge. Had a pill baby and an IUD baby.

The only two that I have liked was nuva ring I can’t use it until I am done breastfeeding but when I am done I will go back. The second is the depo I don’t 100% like it because I always gain weight and get acne but I don’t have to worry about a period but do remember everyone is different I have tried every birth control and these two are the only ones that haven’t caused me to have surgery or get pregnant and miscarry or like the IUD and get stuck in one of my tunes and kill me

I’ve always been a fan of the depo shot. You take it once every 3 months and I don’t have a period on it. Only down fall I’ve found is it’s hard to lose weight on it but I haven’t gained a large amount either.

Keeping your legs closed.


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Not depo shot if you want more kids. I’m 41 and was on depo from 16-18 with normal periods before and I didn’t get one with depo the whole 2 years and now I’m lucky to get one every 6 months to a year. I have never been able to conceive

It’s all about trial and error. Medications can effect us all in different ways and therefore we all have different experiences. Talk to your doctor about narrowing down what options are best for you.