What is the best birth control?

I got pregant with my 3 year old on the IUD and decided to get on the nexplanon and i was fine the first 2 years i got it removed and placed again well turns out it wasn’t placed correct the 2nd time around which i became pregnant AGAIN on birthcontrol . Now I’m scared to get anything at all and paranoid i might get pregnant again. Im 26 years old and have 3 boys , i don’t want to tie my tubes but my husband does want to get a vasectomy. But he wants one more baby before he does . My question is which birthcontrol do you guys recommend ? I’ve only used the IUD and NEXPLANON.


I’d like to know which iud u got pregnant on so I can avoid it :sweat_smile:


I got pregnant with my youngest when my twins were 6m on depo

Pills! I’ve been using pills since I was 14. I stopped taking it in May of last year got pregnant in September and just had my boy in June. I’m back on the pills and will stick to them everytime! I also take vitamins and an inhaler once a day so it’s easy for me to remember to take.

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I got off BC when my youngest turned 1. Been 2 years and havent got pregnant yet. All I do is track my ovulation.


I have an iud and I also take the pill. I doubled up.


You don’t want to get pregnant again let him get the vasectomy and make him tarp his load until his vasectomy is clear of swimmers.

Everyone has a different reaction to everything. Everyone has a horror story about everything. What I would recommend is doing some research and talking to your Dr about what they and you would think would be best. I’ve been on almost all but the arm. My iud implanted but I still recommend it, depo fucked my period up and made me fat but I still recommend it, bc pills I got Prego with my youngest I still recommend, and the nuva ring I had my oldest and I’d recommend that to. It just depends on the person. My ex forced me to tie my tubes and I regret it everyday, I definitely do not recommend that…lol

The pill! Never not worked for me!

I got pregnant on pills and the depo screwed with my body. I dont take birth control anymore. I just track my ovulation. But there is still always a chance, with everything.

Condoms are a thing. Also, I’ve been on a pill for years. Never gotten pregnant.

Natural family planning. Get a tracking app and track your cycle. You can see when you ovulate and avoid sex those days.

Just talk more w hubby bout vesectomy. Mine got one…it took 20 min to do. Obviously he was a bit swollen for a day or two but that’s it. Just make sure if he does do it that he follows up with an appointment to confirm his sperm is in fact dead…it takes about 3 month or so for active sperm to leave the body. It’s alot easier than you getting on birth control and getting pregnant again.

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I mean I got pregnant on the pill. And then again on mirena but I miscarried because I didn’t know.

I was taking sprintec bc pills for a year than got off them got pregnant four months later and miscarried! But I’m on erron bc now and it works wonders rn lol

Oh condoms I recommend those :ok_hand:

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I got pregnant on the pill (no, I did not miss a pill) and then again on the depo. We moved to family planning, I take my temp, do ovulation strips, and monitor cervical changes.

Ive been on the pill and we use condoms always!. My husband had his vasectomy 2 weeks ago so hopefully this is our last month using both!

The patches worked amazing for me. I was on them for 4 years with no side effects at all.

Pill/Pull out method🤣 so far 100% effective lol

Condoms, they make latex free ones if that’s a concern. They also make gel you insert into your vagina, application is like inserting a tampon, that will kill/block sperm entering the uterus.

My next suggestion would be going to a different OBGYN. If you’ve got pregnant on two different BC methods that were both done incorrectly it’s time for a different doctor.

I’ve used the pill and depo, both had their own side effects and I personally responded to the shot better. But after I deliver this baby I plan on getting the 5 yr IUD until hubby and I are ready for a third.

IUDs and Implants have never worked for me. I hate taking the pill, but it’s the only thing that has worked.

No BC is 100% effective, so the more it relies on the user the less effective it is. NOT having sex is the only way to guarantee you won’t get pregnant again. IUD, shot or implant are the next best. The pill works well IF you remember to take it at the same time every day (to keep your hormone levels the same). Condoms are another good option, but remember, EVERY TIME you have sex BEFORE any vaginal penetration, it must be on.

Use condoms. They’re cheap and pretty reliable.

I think fertility awareness+condoms while anywhere near your fertile week might be in your best interest. 2 pregnancies while on different birth controls makes it seem too chancy to hope that the next birth control works. At least with fertility awareness you will know when not to have sex!

Depo shot helped me for 4 years

Unfortunately no birth control is 100% I personally can’t take hormonal birth control so I use the ovulation tracking method and it kept me from getting pregnant until I wanted to be pregnant and then we got pregnant on the first try but it only works if your cycle is regular and comes the same time every month

Depo shot helped me for years and I didn’t have a period while on it.

Besides pill, I think the only options left are patch and depo. In your case I would recommend using double protection like a condom or spermicide.

I fell pregnant on the pill.
The injection was the best contraceptive to me but it works different with everyone