What is the best birth control?

I’m due for my PP Appt soon… what is the best birth control out there?

My daughter just got pregnant using the pill , had horrible side effects from depot shot before that

Condoms. Hormone free and no side effects (unless you’re allergic to latex. If so they’re other material options such as sheepskin)

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I’m on Nexplanon. The only thing I dislike about it is the irregular bleeding I had the first 6 months. I had a period every other week and after the 6th month they stopped.

Depo Provera… one shot every 3 months 99% effective (so I’ve been told) I’ve had no issues from it

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I used the depo shot for 7 years and when I stopped I got pregnant a couple months after. I don’t suggest the Nuva ring because in my experience it always came back out wrapped out his penis… so I was scared i was definitely going to get pregnant again. I tried the pills, doesn’t work well if you never remember to take them. Everyone is different. Talk to your doctor and see what they suggest for you and your body type and go from there. There are way too many horror stories out there that will freak you out and you don’t need all that.

I’m on the nexplanon. Haven’t had any issues with it and love that it lasts for 3 years. I was on the depo shot and bled a lot. Plus I switched because my cousin Got pregnant while on the depo. I got pregnant while on the pill

I’m on sprintec 28 day it has side effects but everything does. I was never on any birth control til after I had my twins 10 months ago. The only side effect I get is the headaches and I only get that in the white week

My daughter got pregnant on the nuva ring ,so since this was number 2 she got her tubes tied after, my youngest daughter is having great luck with nexplanon , she’s almost had it long enough to have to replace it

I like ortho try cyclin lo.

Well i’ve gotten pregnant on 2 different pills. Never had a single issue when I had the IUD. Always my recommendation. Lol

So many options! I don’t know what to get :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I just got the nuvaring and I really like it so far. It’s a little tricky to put in but once you get it in, it’s great!

Nexplanon. Very little side effects. I would stay away from IUDs… I had to have the mirena surgically removed after it punctured through my uterus. :neutral_face:

Natural family planning

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Please do your research if you choose nexplanon. Everyone is different but I’ll share my experience…

I bled everyday for almost a year straight (couldn’t afford to get it removed). It made me extremely nauseous and constant headaches. Then the actual device shifted and embedded in my muscle causing permanent nerve damage.

My OB pushed it cuz it was the hottest new thing at that point. But after I had it removed and did my own research many women had similar issues or worse.


An iud!! I love mine!!

Copper IUD hormones. Only one I’d use out them all

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I work for OB/GYN, consult with your physician. You may have to try a couple different devices (IUD, nexplanon), pills or injections to find what’s BEST for YOU. Research your options. Whats your medical history, bleeding problems, ovarian cyst, etc…

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None seriously if mess mines up and I get pregnant every time. So no sex for me

I really have no problems with the nexplanon…I have the occasional spot once and a while but other than that I have no issues

I loved nexplanon and hate depo. It really depends on your body though and what it reacts well with.

Depo shot if you’re not looking for something long term. (I was on it for 1.5 years then got off to try for another baby, and ended up pregnant with in a month. After I had my son I got back on it and stayed with it for 2 years. But my doctor suggested me taking a break from it since it can cause bone problems later on) I am now on Mirena, which is great for a longer term. (This is my second time with mirena also.) both have made my periods go away completely, which is another added plus for me.

My Sgt was on the iud for 2 years it was a 5 year one and well… She found out she was pregnant at 26 weeks with the iud I got pregnant twice with the pill different doses n the deposit messed Mr up n Ik 2 ppl who got pregnant with the one in the arm so I don’t trust anything lol

I have the paragard copper IUD its hormone free and I love it. To be fair insertion is scary

Mirena IUD it’s good for 5 yrs