What is the best birth control?

Is it possible to ask about options on best birth control other than the pill. And experience with birth control. Please.


I would look into a vasectomy; it’s completely reversible and ejaculation can still occur there just isn’t any sperm in the semen


Hun your legit gonna ruin your body unless you get the none hormonal iud paragard.

I’m to the point where no birth control has worked for me without really bad side effects, the shot, the iud, the pill (multiple ones) I have been on birth control since I was a teen, I’m 30 now and really just thinking about getting tubes removed. It really is different for everyone with how their bodies react to birth control.

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Talk with your doctor!!! Tell them your lifestyle and they will recommend one. I’ve used pill, nuva ring and 2 iuds. Iuds have been my favorite by far.

Nuva Ring, hands down,Period.:raised_hands:t5::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I took birth control a couple of years ago for my cycle to get straightened out cuz I’ve done had my tubes tied and I ended up with a blood clot and the bend of my leg by my hip but got medicine and it took care of it and quit taking birth control I also took birth control for 5 years years ago and it completely stopped my cycle all together so I quit taking it I had the nor plant that goes tubes that goes in your arm had it removed a year later because it was messing up it’s just something that you would want to think about and be sure you’re doing the right thing

All I can say about tubal or vasectomies think long and hard about it because once you do it 99% of the time it cannot be fixed one of mine was too short to be fixed and the other one never took I’m saying this out of knowledge I had my tubes tied and I spent the next 20 years praying that I would have another baby but it never happened so think long and hard about it and don’t do something you’re going to regret later like I did

Birth control affects people differently and you could have a different experience than others have had. With the paraguard it embedded into my uterus and had to have surgery to remove it, the pills is ok, other than forgetting to take it. The depo I bled for 3 months straight, gained weight, and was a total B****. I am now on Nexplanon, where I bled for 2 weeks in January(when first put in) then at the end of March I started bleeding and bled for just shy of a month. Oh and I’m only on birth control because I had tubal in 2018 and I got pregnant in 2020 and lost the baby.

I’m a mother of 5, in which 4 of them are birth control babies. I am 38 years old and full-blown in menopause already. I wouldn’t use any of those sorry ass contraceptives.

I’ve done the pills. I find them hard to remember to take. But ended up throwing them out after bleeding for two weeks straight. Im on the depo shot now. Just got my third dose this month. Idc for it. After my first dose, i bled for almost 3 months. Since after that, ive been bleeding weeks on end at a time, with like a week break, where I’m not. Than back to weeks of bleeding. I’ve definitely been more bitchy since starting it also. Don’t think I’ll be getting the next shot.

I have nexplanon and love it. No periods at all.

It’s an entirely personal decision. Like with any medicine or medical device, what’s best for one body may not work for another. I suggest you let your doctor recommend one they think will work for you, and then commit to trying it for 6 months to a year. If you don’t like it, try another. No one here can give you an appropriate answer to the question “What is the best birth control?”.
I do suggest if you use a method with a high incidence of human error (like the pill) you continue to use a barrier method (like a condom) as a back up, and maybe also the pull out method as a back up to your back up, just to be absolutely certain.
Good luck!

Patch! 3 weeks on, one week off (for period). Patches are changed weekly. I loved them!

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Honestly birth control has worked for me for like 5 years now. I’ve had no issues with it. I don’t recommend the one in the arm. Just know a lot of people that hated it. Just talk to your doctor, or whoever you go to for your downstairs visits. See what all the options and side effects are, and see what might work for you. It’s different for everyone.

I’m on the nexplanon. My mom had it and it worked well for her so I’m giving it a go since it’s a good long term other than getting myself the chop. Sometimes I bleed lightly for 2 weeks sometimes I don’t lol. I haven’t gained or lost weight. I’m always depressed and the change in that has been my life and not my bc lol. Been going well for me

There’s a new one, phexxi, that I just saw an ad for last night. Hormone free!

Im getting my tubes tied after this baby

I got pregnant on the depo in 2005. So that sucked lol After that, I got the mirena iud for 5 years (in 2006). Worked great but I did have some weight gain. Got it taken out and had 3 kids then in 2013 I went the trusted route and got the mirena iud again. Worked great and stopped my periods! I did have some weight gain though and some major heartburn daily. Doc says it wasn’t related but when I got it taken out in 2017, heartburn went away and lost weight. Had a baby in Jan 2020 and for the paragard iud in feb 2020 and so far it’s going great. I couldn’t remember to take a pill every day and making time to get the depo just was crazy. The iud works best for me because I literally have to do nothing. No appointments except to replace it. Paragard lasts 10 years, mirena lasts 5 and there are others that lost 3-5 years.

I have used depo when I was a teen and it made me a raging psycho with mood swings and I gained weight. When I was in my 20s I did the pill Orthotrycyclin lo. Loved that. Then I haven’t had any birth control afterwards. Been with the same guy through all of this (15 years). We had 4 miscarriages in our mid 20s and had to do fertility in our late 20s to have our daughter. Did the birth control contribute to fertility issues down the line? Who knows. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child (a surprise baby) and after this he is getting a vasectomy

I have the mirena, it hurt going in but my doctor told me it depends upon how tilted you uterus is and if you have had kids (with me it was tilted and haven’t had a kid so it hurt) I haven’t had any problems, it supposed to be more effective than a condom. It did freak me out a little after a year because I stopped getting my periods and thought that I was prego but after a year your periods will decrease. So now I have periods every few months

I love my mirena! I bled for like 3-4 weeks when I first got it. I have had it since November 2020 and so far no side effects or problems. I’m also breastfeeding my almost 9 month old and it hasn’t effected my supply.

I would not do the implant I had my period twice in a month for 3 months n was going crazy. Depression hits me depending on the day and my sex drive ain’t the same.

Had horrible sickness and side effects with multiple versions of the pill as well as depo. Paragaurd is what I have now and literally no side effects. It’s the best birth control experience I’ve ever had.

Depo was bad for me. Mood swings. Super lows. Weight gain. Anxiety. Did best on mini pill.

Everyone is different.

The patch, ring, and IUDs all didn’t work for me.

The nexplanon gave me huge issues at first and then leveled out.

Depends on what works for you in your life right now. Some women can’t handle hormonal birth control, some want permanent birth control, other want temporary birth control. Need to talk to the doctor who will recommend based on your history and goals for birth control.

Personally I love nuvaring

I had the implant in my arm, it was horrible! I put loads of weight on and honestly so moody I had it taken out after 2 years

I had the depo I just got off it gained tons of weight bad mood swings ect but no period … was on the nexplanon it was great at first then started bleeding months at a time got it taken out … had the Mirena it shifted & tore my insides up got it taken out I’m looking for a good kind as well Iv had nothing but bad luck :pensive:

I got the non hormonal copper IUD that lasts 10 years! So far I really like it.

The patch is also less invasive…idk if it’s the same as taking the pill for you…just thought it was worth a mention

Get the implant that goes in your arm

I quite enjoy my neuva ring

Im sorry I was on the mirena and also had a cyst that encased my ovary and was getting ready to make it pop .i was woeking and was having back contractions so horribly I got fired had to have emergency surgery almost lost my ovary and found out i was infertile. I was only in my 20s and they also found scar tissue all inside me that had just started. He burned it off and I was told it was endometriosis… had I known the effects of that I wouldn’t have ever used it.i even tried fighting for unemployment at the time I lost my job and lost… they told me that wasnt a good enough excuse! It was a horrible time and ibe suffered since with horrendous periods . I hope you find something that works .i del wouldnt do repo either I did before the iud and I was sooo sick with throwing up all the time and got boils. Not pimples huge boils my face was so embarrassing im thinking it was too much at once for me to handle with the shot .

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The one that goes in you’re arm.

Paragard is supposed to make your period worse the copper is an irritant

For me the implanon implant has been the best for me so far.

You have a risk of blood clots or stroke with all forms of hormonal birth control. The Paraguard IUD is likely to make your periods worse, not better. Look into NuvaRing or one of the arm implants.

Tubal ligation :woman_shrugging:t3: no birth controls worked for me. 2 birth control babies…

not sure about the best but i know the cheapest . put a penny . yes 1 cent between your knees and hold it their ill the morning .works every time . evem works for men . if they can not get it up they can not get it in.


Nexplanon (implant in the arm)

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Ooo, I wouldnt do the arm implant… Ive seen way too many problems with those/ girls not liking it at all…

I would talk to your doctor. Everyone is different. Some people are going to love Depo. Some people will hate it. For some Nexplanon (arm implant) works wonders. And for some it is hell.
Your doctor would better be able to help you find birth control. You might have to try a few methods before you find the one you like. Good luck :+1:


Get your tubes tied and be done with all of it.

I have the implant in my arm. It’s my 3rd one. I love them. They last for 3 years and you dont have to do anything with it. I have irregular periods but no weight gain

I had the Paraguard before going to the mirena. I liked it at first, but eventually my cramps got worse and I spotted non-stop. After about 4 years, I switched to the pill and eventually mirena.
If you have issues with the medication in other birth control methods, I would certainly give it a try though. When I got it, my doctor said it was the only one that for sure wouldn’t affected my breast feeding since it doesn’t contain hormones

Nexplanon is pretty great. I had mirena and it caused me a lot of problems including PID

Paragard gave me ridiculous heavy, long periods. I bled more often than not.

The ring is the best one I’ve found. Turned my very heavy monthly into just spotting

I had the Mirena and had it removed before my time was up. It gave me a really bad infection cause it had embedded itself into my cervix. The removal was so painful, it had me in tears. I now have the Nexplanon on my arm and I love it! My three years on it is coming up but I plan on getting it again. I don’t have a period with it which I love! I’ve also tried the patch as well and I liked it.

Before my tybes was ties i did depo it made my gain 50lbs in 3 months i had no period for yrs then i still got pg after yrs on it after that dr gave me the once a month shot it was good n effects but you have to go in every month i had the implant on my arm that had no effect on me i love it cuz it last for yrs until one day one of the implant got caught in a nerve some how in my arm so i have a scar where the removed it n one where they removed the one in my nerve

Ask about miverna surgery. I’m getting ready to get that done. If you don’t want kids. They burn your uterus lining to stop periods

Keep them legs closed :joy::joy:

I had the Mirena and had horrible periods…literally 3 weeks straight. Went to the doctors and had an ultrasound to find cysts on my ovaries. After I had my son, almost 4.5 years ago, I got the paraguard. I get regular periods every month. I prefer this over the mirena.

Depo was the worst. I shed my entire uterus lining in one piece instead of it breaking down into clots. It literally felt like labor contractions. I also gained almost 40 pounds on it in 6 months. The mood swings are also a big downfall.

I tried all the pill birth controls and I can’t get an IUD or something long term like the implant or shot because of pcos and a uterine fibroid. Going to have to get a partial hysterectomy (they’re taking my uterus) because of the pain and risks if I get pregnant again

I have nexplanon it’s 99.9% effective and it’s non hormonal it lasts 3 years I love mine there are some side effects like heavier bleeding nothing to crazy.

I had the nexplanon & liked it!

People saying no sex, tubes tied etc… Some people enjoy sex and some people may still want kids… Apparently yall run on ignorance :upside_down_face:

RUBBERS, or no sex at all. IUD was great for me. The question is do you want kids, if not get tubes tied off.

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Everyone’s reactions to birth control is different, I had the Mirena and i bled nonstop for over 6 months I had to take it out, but I’ve talked to others that said it was great. You should talk to your doctor about other options, it’s really a process of elimination

I have nexplanon now for a month and I love it! They just put it in your arm and your good to go for 5 years with mine. It feels so good not to have to worry. Also so far so good with no side effects.

I’m on the birth control patch. I like it :woman_shrugging:t2:

The Paragard made my periods heavier and longer. I loved the Nexplanon. It’s a little plastic bar inserted in your arm and it’s good for 3 years.

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I took the implanon implant, had weight gain, and really bad mood swings. My period would come only sometimes.

Nexplanon worked wonders for me regular periods an no drs appts every month just put it in an swap in 3 years later

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I’m on the paraguard now and my periods have not been worse or heavier than normal without birth control. I had Nexplanon for 3 yrs and that made my periods extremely irregular took away sex drive and made me feel sick inside. I’ve had the paraguard in for 3 months now and havent had a single issue with it.

What about the mini pill? That is what i take because of my blood pressure.

Abstinence is the best birth control


If you have a history of irregular periods and ovarian cysts I do not recommend the explanon implant. I literally bled (spotting) 3 weeks out of the month. My OB even made the joke that that was the reason it worked as birth control because who in there right mind wants to have sex when they’re spotting all the time.

I’ve had Paraguard for 6 years, always normal periods maybe a bit heavier in the beginning but it eventually worked out.

If your married have your husband to get fixed
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