What is the best birth control?

Hey mamas thanks for the help last time my 9 month old now takes a mix of breastmilk and enfamil gentle. He pretty ok with it as long as its mixed with breastmilk. Anyway new question! I took myself off the mini pill bc i became angry and my depression became worse. I also had off and on spotting constantly. Im feeling much better now thankfully but im not ready for more womb fruit so id love to hear some reviews. I am 200lbs (i know. i was 170 before babe!), 20 years old, and 5"3’ idek if that matters lol. Taxes coming soon and i have to use it to protect my eggs from invaders.


I have the iud Kyleena, and I have had no problems with it. I don’t even get my period anymore! However I know iuds have mixed reviews so use your own discretion

I have the Paragard (IUD) and love it. Had it almost 2 years now. I haven’t had any problems with it. Its non hormonal and good for up to 10 years.

I suggest going to your primary care doc or your obgyn. Each type of birth control has guidelines on what is recommended. For example; I am the “perfect” candidate for the Mirena (IUD)…based off of how many kids I have had, height and weight, uterus shape ect.)

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I was on the Depo shot. I know its different for everyone but I did not like it. I gained a lot of weight and I had real strong abdominal cramps. I didn’t have a period while I was on the shot but I was suppose to get my next shot early December and never got it and I have yet to have a period. I personally would not take the shot again.

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Iud. With hormones could potentially have you with no periods. Copper one has no hormones and you resume reg periods. But if the mini pill caused problems. Then copper might be better and it lasts 10 yrs but can be removed at anytime

Again a question that should be asked to your gynecologist and not the general public. See your doctor.

Do NOT get the nexplanon implant in your arm!!! You will gain 30-50 lbs. And it made me all kinds of messed up…it’s the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.


Non hormonal copper iud will be your best friend lol. I’ve had it for 18 months almost. It doesn’t effect weight, hormones/moods or make you have random bleeding. It lasts 10 years and it can be removed whenever and wont interfere with wanting another baby after it’s out.

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I used implanon. I didn’t have weight gain and it leveled my hormones. It’s a 3 year birth control.

I had to go off all birth control entirely look up a page called fertility awareness method of birth control you can be used to avoid pregnancy or to achieve pregnancy, will that with the wearable thermometer call the tempdrop and there is no worries in my mind

it’s also super assuring knowing that I know how to track my own fertility and then it in the event of any sort of disaster I’m not going to be dependent on a pharmacy

Natural family planning. Learn about cervical mucus so you know when you’re ovulating and when to avoid sex

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I had my ob take me off the mini pill, i hated it because like you said because of the spotting. I got on regular bc pills.

just get on the regular bc pill. lol