What is the best birth control?

I want moms opinion about good birth control after giving birth? I used the patch before, I loved it. But I’m now wondering about the needle or IUD, I’ve heard mixed things about the IUD. Just looking for suggestions to give my doctor, for my appointment coming up soon. Thanks for looking and making suggestions.


I got pregnant on Depo with #4 and 18 months post vasectomy with #5…sooooooo. Abstinence. :joy::joy::joy:

I love my iud, rarely any periods and I’ve had it for almost 4 years. This November I’m hoping to get my tubes tied but if not, I’ll get the same thing again

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I’d avoid depo personally knowing what I know now. It messed me up for a long time. I have heard mixed things about IUDs…women I know had Mirena. Some love it, others had issues and had to have it removed.

I personally at the nexplanon (implant in your arm) and I absolutely hated it. I bled for 1.5 years before I finally had another doctor take it out. The patches were the only thing that worked for me. I just had my baby 6 weeks ago and I’m waiting until I’m done breast feeding to get back on my patches. My nurse did tell me there’s a low dose B.C. that they do have for breast feeding moms

Dont use none but condoms bith control gave me a stroke

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Whatever you do don’t get the depo shot I got pregnant with twins and lost them after 5 months cause the depo was still in my system

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I have the non hormonal IUD this is my third one. I love it.

I wouldn’t recommend. Only because I had the mirena and it migrated through my uterus and had to be surgically removed. I love the nexplanon, though… less side effects and it works great

I wouldn’t do the shot, those things are garbage. I do the pill because i heard entirely too many horror stories about IUDs.

I loved my mirena iud. Getting another one soon.

I had an IUD after I had my first baby. It was the Mirena (hormonal) one. I had no problems with it and I didn’t get any periods with it.

I hated Mirena and bled every 2 weeks for 6 months. Got it out fast and went back on the pill. Hubby is getting snipped in a couple of months… Looking forward to no more pills!

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I’ve been on depo for 3.5 years and never had a problem. I haven’t gained weight and haven’t had a period in over 3 years. Everyone is different so just because others have had problems with depo or IUD, doesn’t mean you will.

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I also love that it allows for breastfeeding. Not all birth control allows for breastfeeding, so if you plan to do that, check out all options that allow for it.

I have an IUD and I love it. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. I’ve had no periods since having it put in place, a bit of minor hair loss within the first two weeks while my hormones regulated, but other than that no problems with it.

I have the Skylaa IUD. Personally I really like it. Sometimes it makes my cramps hurt more but nothing too bad

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I got a tubal litigation, but that’s not for everyone.

I have the Nexplanon arm implant

I feel like not having periods is definitely not good for your body… I just had a baby and I was on the pill for over ten years. I haven’t even thought about pills or iud’s. I don’t think I want to put my body through that again…

Im on the depo and have been for years the only problems ive had is a small amount of bleeding for a few days or the start of a period when its worn off early, but dont miss baving normal periods at all

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I loved having the iud

Iud. I use mirena and i love it


I’ve been on depo for years, I first got on it, when I was a teenager, then right after I had my son(he’s 4now) and I love it. I’ve never had any problems on it. I tried the pill once and it caused extreme headaches. The IUD my sister got and it went through her cervix and had to be surgically removed before it killed her.

I would not go with an iud, they can puncture a hole in the uterus.

I have the implsnon implant. I love it and have had no issues or side effects.

Mirena IUD, I love it. Got it put in 8 weeks post partum. I’ve now had it for a little over a year and haven’t had any problems with it. It hasn’t affected my ability to breast feed, hasn’t thrown my hormones out of wack, and my cycle hasn’t started back up since giving birth. I’m not sure if that’s from BF or if the IUD is responsible. The idea of it moving is a little concerning, but I check for the strings regularly and it has yet to move out of place. I love having a form of BC that I don’t have to think about, I am terrible at remembering to take a pill.

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My daughter is pregnant while taking the pill . Depo caused her issues

I got the paragard IUD it has no hormones which is good for me

Though I will say getting an IUD placed is painful and a bit scary

I love the depo shot :heart: it works perfect for me

I have mirena and absolutely love it

I had non stop issues with merena. I had it for 5 years. It was miserable. My friend had it and they ended up doing an emergency surgery. So scary!

I had the iud between my kids. It was good but it gave me a cyst so I had it removed. I liked not worrying about it but the cyst was a bit much for me. I had mine put in during the emergency c section I had with my daughter. Minimal pain. After I had my son I got my tubes tied. I don’t regret it and don’t want anymore kids but I wish they would’ve done a hysterectomy instead because my body hates me now

My husband had a vasectomy because we are done having kids but I’m on the xulane patch for PCOS. No side effects other than it has straightened out my periods and I no longer go through a pad every hour.

I had mirena for 2 years, loved it when I was on it… then got it taken out and tried to get pregnant and it took almost 5 years even after my periods went back to normal…
Before the Mirena I was on the depo shot for 4 years loved that too besides a little weight gain (nothing to complain about) got off it and was pregnant within 3 weeks

I have the non hormonal iud first three months heavy period. After that no issues

I had the mirena iud after my 2nd baby. It was the absolute worst thing ever. It took me a while to figure out that it was the iud causing issues. But when I did, I had it taken out. I felt so much better after that. Of course 4 months later I got pregnant with #3. And after #4 I ended up getting my tubes tied.

nexplanon is the easiest way to go