What is the best birth control?

Best birth control? Am thinking the shot or the patch? Anyone had either of those? Thank you in advance!

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I’m on an IUD. Best one for me so far. Everyone’s bodies are different with birth control and this one was the only one I’ve been able to handle

I loved the depo, I was on it five years with absolutely no problems but it’s different for everyone!

I had the mirena for 8 years and never had a problem. And i got that out and now on the depo. I have really bad mood swings and i have really bad hot flashes.

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Bled constantly for weeks at a time on depo… hated it and will never get it again!

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I liked the patch but I got pregnant on it

Do Not do depo Pls everyone I have ever know had bad experiences with it an heavy bleeding anything But that


I have an iud and it works great! The shot made me gain almost 45 pounds and made me infertile for years

I have nexplonon i love it. Never got pregnant never gained weight and periods were light but did lose sex drive. But its good for 3yrs

I’ve used Depo Provera for many years. Some weight gain and mood swings. But no period, and no pill to remember every day. Only 4 times a year. I found it really great.

The depo caused thyroid problems and hair loss, weight gain, excessive bleeding, wouldn’t recommend though it effects everyone differently

I don’t trust the depo. I’ve heard from people that have been on it have had long term negative side effects that wouldn’t go away even after stopping.

Don’t do depo it’s horrible I would do the patch.

I did depo for 10 to 12 years. No problems. Quit taking it and was pregnant 4 months later

I got the depo shot and bleed for about 6 months and told that it was “normal” they didn’t really do anything to stop the bleeding either

I used depo for over 3 years and it completely stopped my periods. It was great at first but it seemed like the longer I was on it, it was messing up my moods badly so I stopped taking it. As soon as I did the moods straightened out. Other than that if you don’t mind the major mood swings it was great. Plus you only have to go back every 3 months so its easy to be on if you are bad at remembering to take pills.

All birth controls are going to effect everyone differently so it’s hard to ask for people’s opinions or experiences…my best friend and I both have nexplanon…I get my period she doesn’t she had some weight gain I didn’t

I used both, the patch was the best for me. I didnt like the shot it stopped my periods and cause a lot of problem when it came time for my monthly I would get severe cramps. I also gained weight while on the depo shot

Both are terrible. I spotted the entire time I was using both methods

Talk to your gyn, of course, about your options. Every body reacts differently to every type of BC. Medical and family history play a part in the decision. If your physician told you those were your best options, it depends on if you want to get injections or not. And on whether or not you will use the patch correctly. I have never been on either personally, but I know several women who c/o weight gain, in excess of 40-50lb, after 6-12mos on depo.

I got depo years ago, bled for 3 months straight. Ended up in the hospital needing 3 blood transfusions.

The implant in your arm

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I was on depo for a few years in high school. When I got off it took about a year for my body to become regular again. Now I have a 4 year old and one on the way, both doing great! I loved not having periods so much I plan on getting back on the shot after my LO gets here.

Paraguard IUD worked great for me. No hormones.

Had the shot for 5yrz when I was 16-21 and loved it… Got it again after having my daughter and absolutely hated it.

Been on depo almost 2 years. No issues at all. I think the hormones may make my pms a little worse though. Even though I don’t get my period every month, I still get pms every month. I don’t suggest the pill.

I got pregnant on the patch and the shot fucked me up

I had the depo and gained 75 pounds. And because of that i haven’t been able to loose the weight

Beware, side effects range from increased weight to blood clots and heartattacks!

I have the IUD and I love it tbh

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I never used the patch but as much as it was very convenient for somebody like me who forgets to take pills, I hated the shot. I completely lost my sex drive as well as the ability to climax while on it. After nine months, I gave up and switched to the pill.

I say no to the depo shot. And I didnt even know patch was still a thing?

The shot is the worst for most females. I had no period but extreme irritability, acne, weight gain, migraines… My sister had a period every day. I think it lasts 3 months? So, she had to wait the 3 months or whatever it was for it to leave her system before she stopped bleeding. Whatever situation you have, the doctor will tell you that it’s normal and varies with the woman. Plus, it can take up to a year for fertility to return if you decide to have more children. Don’t get the shot, whatever you do!

I’ve had both didn’t mind the shot but had to stop usuing it because it can cause issues with bones after 2 years and I already have weak bones absolutely hated the patch gained almost 70 pounds in e months and when it would get really hot out and id sweat it would fall off I have paragard in now and so far absolutely love it

I currently have the patch and it’s great! I haven’t noticed any negative side effects. Bleeding is light and for only 3-4 days and I haven’t gained any weight.

I had the shot. Was on it for 2 years, got off of it cuz I wanted a baby. Got pregnant a month after getting off of it. Had a healthy full term pregnancy and delivery. I got back on it after birth but had to switch as it was messing with my bones because I had been on it so long.

Dont go near men… ever :ok_hand::woman_shrugging:


I gained 60 lbs on depo and makes it moods weird. people seem to like the arm implant, I’m too scared it’d migrate though

I had nexplanon and it was wonderful, have gotten pregnant twice off the pill…will never trust it again

My daughter has the nexplanon implant for ovarian cysts and painful periods. Getting ready to get it for my youngest daughter too for the same reason. Lasts 3 years.

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I had paraguard and it made my periods super heavy, long, and painful

Just be careful with para gaurd. Mine moved out of place and I had no idea until I got pregnant.

I have nexplanon. Helped my pierods and good for a few years

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Every body is different. What’s best for you isn’t always what’s best for someone else. To me the best is Ocella which is a pill.

I had Paragard for 10 years and loved it. No complications at all. I started to get another one but had some unrelated health issues come up so I opted out. That being said, every body is different. In my opinion, it’s worth a shot. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:

I use the patch no issues, you just switch it out once a week for three weeks then on the fourth week you go without it and have your cycle. My periods are shorter and way lighter…

I had the nexplanon horrible experience for me but it does last long 3 years to be exact just messed up my hormones and my blood schedule but it could work for you

Talk to your local pharmacist and gynecologist. They will be able to help you pick the best medication suitable to your needs.

For me, personally, Mirena was my last option because my dad has a history of stroke and blood clots and then I had blood clots during pregnancy. Mirena was fine until it caused a huge 9cm cyst on my ovary that had to be surgically removed along with half of that ovary. So then Mirena was no longer an option, either. So I can only use condoms or other OTC options. Or I could have used Paragard, I think, but I didn’t want that one and it wasn’t recommended anyway. Heavier and more painful periods is what I was told.

Set an alarm and take the pill everyday. Worked for 15 years :crossed_fingers:

I have para gaurd and love it! It’s non hormonal and doesn’t mess with my periods. I get regular ones. When I first got it I bled like I just gave birth. So roughly 6 weeks. Then back to normal.