What is the best birth control?

What birth control do you use?

  • I got pregnant with Mirena so not that.
    ** I’m also breastfeeding, if that matters.
    I was planning on getting my tubes tied, but I am so nervous for some reason. (I have three kids, and I am 26.)
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I just got my tubes removed I’m 29 with one kid

I just had a complete hysterectomy I’m 35 with 3 kids

I am in the exact same position. I can’t use the Mirena because I have chronic UTI. I’m waaayyyy to much of a chicken to get a implant in my arm. Im at a loss. Lol

Nexplanon worked wonders for me!

I used paragard as only one I could use due to having a stroke taking birth control pills at 29. After my last baby I opted for csection, since my 3rd was emergency csection, so they could take the tubes.They said it lowers the risk of ovarian cancer as they think it starts in tubes but isnt caught till in ovaries.

I got pregnant on 5 different birth controls…tubes now tied :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I have nexplanon in my arm and it’s great for me. It itches sometimes and sometimes I get some cramps but so far I haven’t had a period and ive had it over 6 months

Pregnant on the Mirena??? How?

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I BF and take the mini pill… :woman_shrugging:t2: it works for me

I have conceived 4 out of 7 of my children on birth control each on a different kind. So I have no suggestions. Except maybe no nuva ring, or a patch, or a low dose pill.

I have the copper IUD and love it. Honestly every birth control has a failure rate so saying this one failed there is a chance others will too.

I’ve had nexplanon for over a year now and it’s worked good for me

I had my son Aug 10th 2016, i was on the pill. I have had the nexplanon implant since Aug 28th 2017 the day after my daughter was born. No pregnancies since! Im also 26!

I got pg on mirena too!!

How about ur hubby gets a vasectomy, much less invasive.

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Depo provera I’ve been on it off and on since high school only stopped to have my kids then back on at my 6 week follow up

I had my tubes tied after 3 kids (i was 26) and it was the best decision I ever made.

So my ob said the nexplanon is safe when breast feeding. And I am going to be getting it put in in 2 weeks

I have the Xulane patch and love it. I have no side effects, very easy to keep up with.