What is the best birth control?

What birth control is good for period cramps? Are there any that stop your period completely?? I’m going to schedule an appointment with my doctor but I would like some different opinions :slightly_smiling_face:


Depo shot stops them completely but when you stop taking it you’ll bleed for months straight

With the mirena, I haven’t had my period in months

Birth control never helped my cramps. Taking magnesium & calcium and staying hydrated does wonders for them tho.

I am on the Nexplanon and it’s stopped my period all together.

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It’s a 50/50 chance with any birth control. Lots of people say depo, but I bled for 6 months straight on depo. I gained tons of weight, too. I stopped getting the shots after that. You just have to “test” each one out to find out how your body will react unfortunately

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I had the depo shot i didnt have a period at all but i gained so much weight and had so many problems. I had the mirena and i didnt stop bleeding. Im now on the pill junel fe and it helped my cramps alot! I cramped and bled so much i was changing my pants 3 times a day and cramping hurt so bad i puked every day i was in my period. Everyones body is different. You just really have to do a trial run. But i hope yiu find something that helps!

I loved the pill and I’m going back on it ASAP (I just had my son). I used to have heavy, painful periods that lasted a week, when I was on the pill my cramps completely went away and I only lightly bled for 2-3 days

I have the depo and absolutely love it. I used to get menstrual cramps and migraines so bad i would be in the hospital but since i got the shot I no longer have that problem. It also has stopped my periods. No weight gain at all.

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I started depo last July and not had A period since…i was awful every month cropped with pain and really heavy… I have nothing now. I love it!

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Mirena stopped my periods completely

Depo didnt work for me i constantly bled on it and gained a bunch of weight and felt so depressed on it. However Nexplanon made me not have a period and i loved it.

Nexaplonon stopped mine completely but the extra hormones made me crazy I would never get it again

I see people saying mirena and I would just like to make sure you know that even though mirena can stop your period you can still get cramping and it can actually be worse then with out mirena. Just because your not bleeding doesn’t always mean you wont get the other symptoms. The only thing that has stopped all symptoms for me is nova ring I get a period every 3 months (sometimes it does not even come) no cramping or anything in between. My ob has me diagnosed with something that means I have severe cramping and with mirena and that mirena makes your symptoms worse.

I took depo 25 years ago and now all the issues I have are linked to it. I’d stay clear on ANY birth control. You will pay greatly when older

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Nuvaring. After you take it out, just immediately put a new ring in instead of leaving it out for 6 days. My doctor told me that I could do this and it would make me skip a period.

I get the depo shot I was on it for 8years . When off of it July 2017 got my period three months after . Got pregnant in April 2018 gave birth December 2018. Got back on it this January now is like before no period. Just a little bloating

Try Lupton, it is a needle you get for a few months then your period is gone!!!

The arm implant stopped my cramps and gave me very light periods. But the negative is, is that it made me psycho. :rofl:

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I’ve had Nexplanon and Mirena, neither completely stopped my period. That varies from person to person.

Mirena stopped my periods completely after 3 months

i took regular birth control pills and never took the week that i was due for my period and went staight to the next months no periods that way

Tri cyclen
Don’t use DEPO

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I started on the pill when I was 11 because I had severe cramps. Like I couldn’t even go to school. It did help with the cramps but I missed one day and got pregnant. Now I’m on the depo shot. I had a light period for about a month when I first got the shot but I haven’t had one since and that was like 6 months ago.

Depo stops mine as well as gets rid of my acne, pms and hormonal migraines.

I prefer the IUD I cramped horribly without it and while I still had my period I was never in pain or super moody and it lasted no more then 5 days :slight_smile:

I hadmirena iud and didn’t have a period for the entire 5 yearsi had it in

Nexplanon stopped my period cramps and mostly stopped my period. I had VERY minor bleeding for the duration of having it. I switched because it made me gain a lot of weight

Do know long term use of Depo more than two years will give you osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. They make my girls get off every two years because of that.

You can stack the pill. Not take a week off to have a chemical induced shedding. Certain kinds can do this certain kinds can’t

Following. I was on depo, became pregnant while on it. After the baby I had Nexplanon implanted. It had been a nightmare where since. Helps with periods, makes you crazy. Mine comes out this week and I’m looking for an alternative.

Depo stopped mine completely. The arm implant made me bleed nonstop

I almost stopped period on nexplanon but I still get some cramps and gained weight

Depo stopped mine but also made me feel crazy

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Depo stopped mine completely after I had my daughter. Now I’m on sprintec bc I had a cancer scare & they wanted me on extra hormones & it’s helped with the cramps & hurting but I still have a period once a month

I had the Mirena IUD and never had a period or cramps besides the first week I got on it. & I had heavy flow and severe cramping before on it.

I have the Depo and love it no more periods

I am on the pill. Used to have the worst cramps and bleeding. No cramps!! I don’t take the placebo so I don’t get a period. Life changing. Wish I hadn’t waited until I was in my 30’s though.

I take Depo and mines gone but I also started right after having my daughter

Nexplanon stopped my period completely, I still get cramps from time to time and some bleeding for a few weeks ever like, 5 months. But my best friend went on it and was bleeding, all the time. She’d get a week break at the most. She got it removed and was fine a while after.
We both get really bad cramps and flows to where it’s nearly or is impossible to even move. The nexplanon has helped me a lot though.