What is the best brand of breast pump?

I’m looking for breast pumps right now and I’m wondering which brand is the best and if there are any to stay away from?
Thank you

Spectra s1 hands down portable and so much better suction. Mine has lasted now 2 kids. Over a year and half of pumping now. Plus has a rechargeable battery

Medela hands down is the best I’ve ever owned.

Spectra! Hands down the best.

Research open vs closed breast pumps!

Spectra s2 was best for me! I preferred it over medela, which I used with my 1st & in hospital with my 2nd

I used a Tommee Tippee Electric Pump at home. Had I of had the funds I’d of purchased the Medela one I used at the hospital when my son was in intensive care - the best pump I have ever used! Especially for double pumping.