What is the best brand of diapers?

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Huggies Pull Ups or Pampers Easy Ups?? Is there a difference??

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We use the parents choice pull ups, work just as good

Was wanting to know the same. I’m a pampers diaper momma all the way but pull up are a new ballgame for me. Want to know some more mommy’s trusted opinions before I buy them.

I used the Huggies, always worked great. Started with the Lil Movers diapers, and those seemed to fit & stretch better than the Pampers, then just continued up with the pull-ups. With all 3 of my kids. (So glad to finally be out of that phase, after about 10 straight years!! Lol)

I use pampers diapers but when it comes to pull ups huggies are the way to go! They work so much better, they dont sag as much, are way more absorbent and they have tabs on side that you can undo unlike the pampers. I also found that they fit way better

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Neither. Both are just more expensive diapers. Put them in underwear and be ready to do laundry because a child will never be potty trained until you remove the diapers from the equation.

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Generic brands are just as absorbent. Walmart brand has really flexible tabs. I have big boys, in size 6 before a year old.

I have a friend with a baby who leaks through all diapers except for pampers but if you can shop around and find a brand that works for you guys I know pampers is a little more expensive

I use Kroger Comforts brand. Cheaper and just as reliable as the expensive brands. Worked great when i was potty training my daughter and now that shes in panties, its time for my son who is 2

I’ve used both. Both work well. The major difference is the easy ups are essentially padded underwear. Pull ups have the velcro like sides that can be pulled apart and put back together. It just depends on where you are in potty training. The velcro sides with huggies helped quickly change a newly learning toddler standing up in a stall in a public bathroom if they had an accident. But other than that my kids had no preference other than what character options were on them.

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Pampers leaks no matter what huggies little movers r the best out of all huggies big box is 30 bucks on sale

Yes in my opinion Huggies are better they will hold more & not sag, i used Pampers & when my son peed just a tiny bit it would be dragging on the floor as if it was super full

Parents choice is sadddd. They smell like pee and if your baby sits on you before heading to the potty your leg will get wet. I love huggies cool & learn. But my son loves the pampers easy ups and I think it’s easier to get a bigger box of the easy ups than the huggies pull ups

Huggies, for both my girls.

Yes Huggies pullups also have velcro down the side that make them easier to remove in case of a blow our. Pampers do not.

Dont do pull ups. They mark the price up. All they are is diapers.

Personally, I use Luvs or Parent’s Choice for my baby
They work just as well as Pampers or Huggies and nowhere near as expensive. It’s just a matter of preference for a lot of people.