What is the best breast pump?

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Does anyone have any recommendations on breast pumps? Or what I should look for when buying a breast pump?

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I exclusively pumped and LOVED my spectra.

I exclusively pump (baby has a cleft and cannot breastfeed) and love my spectra.

I got the Medela breastpump. Mostly because both my sisters used it and swear by it. I also used the same brand hospital-grade one in the NICU and bought the same brand because the hospital gives you your used parts (which now I have extra tubes, etc.):+1:

You may also want to call your insurance company and see how much they pay towards a pump.

I have the Medela! It works great. I also loved that you can buy accessories for it at Target.

My insurance completely covered 100% of the cost of a breast pump they picked out for me. Its rumble tuff brand (which I’ve never heard of before) but it works. They had told me it would be a madela but I never got the madela.

I have the medela. But look online “free breast pump through insurance” and see if your insurance covers before you buy one. My insurance covered mine.

Exclusively pumped with 2 kids and the Spectra is amazing! I have the hospital grade and non hospital grade…

I used the medella at the hospital and with my 3 boys.

I pump exclusively and use a medela. I tried the spectra and honestly hated it! I have 4 kids, used medela with all. I put so much in the freezer too!

Some insurances will cover a pump. Have your dr write a prescription and they will give you all the information. They are pretty top of the line pumps!

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