What is the best breast pump?

If anyone knows what breast pump is the most comfortable to use I would appreciate it.


I loved my medela, any pump you get make sure the size is correct around the suction. Makes a huge difference

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I’ve used the medela before and it was comfortable to me.

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I’m actually confused on why someone would angry react to this :joy::joy:


I had Medela with both my other children. 17weeks with #3 and I’m considering getting the freemie pump this time as you can clip it to your pants, walk around and wear it under your clothes while cooking dinner and whatnot with a 7yr old 3yr old and newborn it seems like it would be extremely convenient

I had Medela with my previous and hated it this time I have spectra and use it everyday at work and it’s so much more comfortable!

I have the medela sonata and i love it!

I love my Medela, on my 4th kid with it and it has worked great. I nursed and worked so I used the pump at least 3-4 times a day. I would though recommend different shields, I ordered these recently and it’s a lot more comfortable than the hard plastic ones

Avent Electric works like a charm

I unfortunately do not like Medela anymore. I loved it for the first 2-3 months then didnt really respond to it. Next breast pump im getting will be the Elvie handsfree pump. You just turn it on and put it in yiur bra

Spectra s2! It is way easier on the boobs than a medela in my opinion!