What is the best car seat for babies?

Hello, I have a 7 month old baby boy and he’s just about at the weight limit for the car seat we brought him home in. My question is, which car seat would you mommas recommend? It’s been a while since I’ve done this as my oldest son is 5. :blush: Thank you kindly.

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I was just talking about this myself. My son just turned 7mo and we’re thinking if the graco forever car seat.

We have a Graco Forever and a Graco Contender in our 2 cars respectively. I love them. James rear faced till about a month ago when He finally got fed up with it and he is almost 3. Lots of leg room and so easy to adjust the straps.

Graco forever birth my kids have it and so do my friend. My friend car got totaled and her child walked away without a stratch car was totalled she was sore but her son completly fine

I have a cosco mightfit 65 and love it

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I have had my daughter in the Safety 1st grow and go since she was 5 months old and its wonderful I absolutely love it and has great reviews

My 6 MO old is 29 inches, 21 pounds… my kids always are way bigger than the recommendation to keep them rear facing by 10 to 12 months.

We have evenflo and graco brands. I like the evenflo a little more due to it being a little wider and giving my son more room. The graco I puschased for my moms vehicle. We can fit 3 graco carseats in the middle seat, but the evenflo wouldn’t fit with her other 2 graco car seats.

Mighty fit! Loved them !

Graco extend2 fit. We just got a second one for our new car

Safety 1st go & grow! Extended rear facing. And you can use it up to 100 lbs or 4.3 feet tall! I have it for my daughters and I love it

Graco grow and go is my favorite

Graco 4Ever. It’s the last car seat you will have to buy

Both my 5 year old and 2 year old are in the Graco 4ever, 4 in 1.

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We have the Evenflo Triumph LX & I absolutely love it! Adjusting the tightness of the harness is so easy because it has these little knobs you twist instead of pulling up on a string. She’s been in it since 8 months & it gives you more time to be rear facing before the weight maxes out & you have to front face.

This is my post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I thank you ladies kindly for your input!

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Graco is my go to brand for carseats.

I have a graco forever. And i love it!! I will forever buy them

I have the graco 4ever, we love it. The clips are great to hook into the seat & it changes positions :slightly_smiling_face: we love it! Changed when our daughter was about 8 months old from a carrying seat to this one and I love it :slightly_smiling_face:

We updated my daughter to the graco milestone jt keeps them backwards longer and she loves it.

Car Seats for the Littles can help you choose, too. They also have a Facebook page.

I just bought the Graco Foreever 4 in 1.

We love our safety 1st grow and go. But looking to upgrade

Graco 4ever 4 in 1 carseat for sure without a doubt really easy to install and clip on the seat itself…keep rear facing as long as possible

We also have a baby first 4 in 1 and the install process was a headache not to mention having to clip it on the seat itself was so difficult