What is the best carseat?

daughter due in June. she has a mini Cooper. suggestion please for reasonably priced car seat that can be expanded to a stroller. thanks!


If you live a Burlington I find they have great selection of Car seats. All price ranges, you can look at most of them and they still have layaway. Even bigger sections of strollers.

Buy Baby Buy and some boutiques will let you try them into the car.
Also depends on if there is a front seat passenger, other backseat passengers ect.
But that’s a good place to start.
All seats pass the same safety standards.
Graco snug Rides are some of the most narrow middle budget infant carriers and will snap into a stroller just one option for a smaller car.
If it’s the 2 door it may be even tricker.
Look on car seat ladies site as well.
A graco extend to fit and cosco scenera next will be two most narrow seats (front to back) for the next step if she wants to register for some for the shower.
The APA recommends rear facing until a minimum of 2. Or until the seat is maxed out.

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