What is the best carseat?

I’m looking on Amazon for at least a 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 conversion carseats and it’s all very confusing to a new mommy lol. What type of safety things should I look for? Or any suggestions on car seats you’ve bought? I’m kinda of at a loss here. My son is outgrowing his carseat so fast. Hes already over 12lbs and won’t fit in it much longer


Graco 4ever. Or safety 1st grow and go. I have one of each and I love them.

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After months of research I went for the evenflo symphony dlx


Graco forever or graco 4 in 1. Great for the price never have to buy another carseat:)

Look up some videos on YouTube about different car seats. I would recommend buying in store so you can take your time and see all of the features

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I’ve always used Britax. They make a couple different designs that can go from rear to forward facing and also adjust in height to allow for growth all the way up into the toddler years. Their safety ratings are top notch too and that’s the main thing I always focus on.

We have this one from evenflo and i LOVE it!

And some stores will let you take the floor model to your car to make sure it fits! Nothing worse then buying a carseat then finding out it doesnt fit in your car

If you google best car seats, or even look for YouTube videos about it then you will find great detailed results. Make sure they are no older than 2018 though so the info is current.

I just got the graco extend2fit and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it!

The Graco extend2fit is great. There’s the Graco forever extend2fit. Both are good options that offer extended rear facing at reasonable prices!

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Graco 4 in 1 is amazing.

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If you check out car seats for the littles. They have certified tech that can answer alot of the questions

I did safety 1st 3 in 1, its a great carseat

Grace forever car seat. Hands down. A little pricey but it’s so worth it. Its everything in one. And I absolutely love it. And it has amazing ratings.

Don’t buy carseats from Amazon! Did you not see the news report about Amazon selling fake carseats? Goggle it.


I got one from Costco that is pretty awesome
It’s an evenflo

I’ve personally looked into graco extend2fit & the cosco 3 in 1 convertible. Also, i prefer shopping for car seats on walmart.com or like a major retailer online instead of Amazon. At least then if u don’t like it, u can return to a store

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Graco extend2fit… I just bought one on gracobaby last week for 20% off plus $30 off.

If your baby is 12 pounds that is no where near outgrowing any carseat. The lowest weight limit is 22 pounds and you are far from that.


My husband and I just bought the Graco 4ever. Currently we have the Graco Snugride 35 infant carseat and we love it. Our son is almost 8mo and about 22lbs.


Mines babytrend, it goes up to 32 lbs and extends also. Don’t know much more about got it used

i have the graco extend2fit, it’s amazing.
Car Seats for The Littles

I don’t think they make a carseat that isn’t safe so I wouldnt worry too much

Graco extend2fit has been my favorite car seat by far. The Graco 4ever is great too.

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I used evenflo for all three of my kids

I love my Graco extend2fit

I have the extend 2 fit my sons 2 and still uses it!

Graco 4 ever seat! My 5 year old daughter who is tall still loves her seat! We have had it since she was 6 months old!

What the hell kind of car seat did you buy?! My rear facing infant seat goes up to 35 lbs…

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I just recently switched my daughter from the Graco Snugride 30 (4-30lbs and 30" was the limit on hers) to the Graco 4ever 4 in 1. If goes from 4lbs to 120 lbs, turns from rear facing, forward facing, high back booster, to a backless booster. It should be the only carseat I have to ever buy.

Definitely graco extend2fit. It allows them to be rear facing longer, keeping them safer.

Contact your local WIC office. Even if your not a member they can give you advice on whats best for your child’s safety

Safety First Grow and Go is the one I got and I absolutely LOVE it. The straps are extremely sturdy and don’t slip out or get lose like Graco, no base is needed and it’s extremely easy to hook up in your car and stays in place like it was cemented there.
It’s extremely comfortable for baby and also has a little cup holder for when they get older. It can be used for newborn all the way up.
I highly recommend it
Absolute best carseat I’ve ever had.

I don’t like Graco carseats because the straps tend to loosen very easily and they’re really had to hook up so that it’ll be steady.

Infant car seats go up to 35-40 lbs so I doubt he’s getting too big for his carseat. It’s okay for their legs to hang out. They won’t get hurt or damaged and he’ll figure out how to cross them.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best carseat?

Go the your local police department , they will help you install it correctly.


If your talking infant seats we had the britax we loved it’s heavy tho then for the next stage we bought a graco all in one seat (which you can also put a newborn in if you choose not to have a carry car seat) and I loved/love both seats both easy to install and uninstall

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Find a CPST near you to help you properly install it.
Sometimes firedept or police stations have someone. But not always.


I have a Jeep Grande Cherokee and my husband has a Honda CRV for car comparison and we love how this works in our cars plus it tilts and grows with them.

Graco grow with me 4 in1…grows from infant… toddler …3 0r 4 year old child …older child

Graco 4ever is wonderful and has different reclining positions. 2 of my kids are in them and they’re super comfortable and safe. They’re good for 10 years. I have 1 child who will be 5 that is still in a 5 point harness and my other that just turned 2 who is still rear facing. I believe it’s rated for 5lb babies as well. The only downfall is it’s not an infant carseat where you can take it where you go.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best carseat?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best carseat?

we have the diono radian car seats and we love them!! they’re made with a steel frame which is safer for your baby than plastic but they’re on the pricey end for sure!!

We have had almost every single brand and my favorite convertible seat has been Maxi Cosi! People really do NOT talk about how great of a seat they are! I’ve passed mine along to friends who were impressed as well.

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Graco 4n1, hands down. It’s huge, it’s expensive, but it’s an investment item that grows with your child. Like from 6lbs all the way up to 120lbs I think. Also like one of the highest rated ones on the market

We personally love graco. We don’t get anything car seat or stroller that’s not gracos. My two kids have always fit in them perfectly. And when they get older there’s A 3 in 1 you can get that goes from car seat to booster seat and it’s amazing and saves a lot of money.


We use everything uppababy- the car seat fits into the stroller. It’s convenient.

I recommend joining the Car Seats for the Littles Facebook page. It’s ran by CPSTs. They will help you privately by pm or you can just post on their page. They’ll go into everything including you vehicle and child’s stats. Or like others suggested you can look for a local cpst to help you. Some stores will let you take the floor model out and test try it in your car before buying. That would be a great start as well. Also keep in mind that once your child can sit unassisted that head slump isn’t a concern anymore because they will adjust when in a bad position. :blush:

We love our graco 4in1 dlx … super easy if you ever have to transfer cars too (heavy, but such an easy install!)

I had a Britax Boulevard, Graco 4ever (it’s gigantic, it barely fit but it’s comfy lol), a Graco e2f, evenflo every stage, Chicco myfit and Nextfit, oh yeah and cosco Scenera next and a harmony defender all in my Sante fe at different points. Your best bet would be to join a car seat safety group and ask there, they’re gr8 at matching seats to cars with ppls needs in mind

Sounds crazy but go to the dollar store and buy a pool noodle cut it in half and put it under the base of the car seat it will level it out

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The seats in the car can be very difficult when you’re looking to fit the car seat. When my son finally moved to a booster when he was around six, we actually had to buy a new car because the shape of the seat would not allow him to unbuckle himself if he was in a booster. We brought the booster to the dealer and put it in every car.

Graco 4 in 1 hands down my favorite we bought one for each of our three baby’s the car seat is extremely easy to clean very comfortable and has a tilt setting so when they fall asleep you can fix their little necks :ok_hand:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I suggest working with a cpst to find a seat that works best for you. What works for some may not work for others.

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I’ve tried several, most of which have been Graco. And the Graco SlimFit is by far our favorite. Have tried it in 3 different cars and it cinches down the best, little guy sits up high so he can see well (3yrs) and has 2 cup holders. :raised_hands:t3:

Evenflo DLX is what we have for my daughter. It grows with the child. It is a bigger seat but I believe it’s one of the reasons why my then 2 year old only came out with chest strap bruising and a fat lip when we were hit head on. I had to have multiple surgeries but my little girl was sent home with tynoel and ice packs. I wrote the company a very nice letter and then went and bought the same exact car seat for my new SUV and all of my family that watches her has the same seat.

Donio I’m sure I spelled it wrong but it’s had a steel in it not plastic
Very heavy I love them

I have a 2019 Sante Fe and we used the Chico Keyfit 30 for an infant seat, and now we use the Graco SlimFit for my 2 year old. He is big for his age (35 pounds) and has plenty of room rear facing. It fits perfect in the middle of the backseat (the KeyFit did too). The SlimFit isn’t any slimmer than the other Graco seats, it just has the option to turn the cup holders in to give more space. Super easy to install as well. We love it!!

Graco SlimFit or Graco Nautilus 65 are the two I recommend.

Graco 4ever, I have a Toyota Camry. The seat is kinda big and takes up alot of space in my backseat but I love how secure she is in it

we have both our 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old in the evenflo 360 revolve…we love them

Graco extend2fit. Hands down my favorite, I have 5 kids and have had soooo many different cars eats.


Check out local police to check how to put it in the car

A car seat is a carseat. They all pass the same specs. Do not add anything to the seat that isnt in the box with the seat. Unless you have it installed by a certified carseat tech do not put a pool noodle or anything else under the seat.
We use the graco extends 2. Never had an issue with the way our children sat.


It’s not for you to like how she sits. It’s to save her life. All car seats are designed for that purpose. If youve gone through 4 of them for the same reason, at what point do you realize that she’ll sit like that in all car seats and maybe that’s the whole point?

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Any car seat can be a deathtrap if used incorrectly.

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100% consult a CPST, asking on here isn’t going to give you the proper advice as a large majority of individuals are incorrectly using car seats.

It depends on age, height, and weight of your child… We have the Britax One4Life though and I am in LOVE with it!!!

Join Car Seats for the Littles

Evenflo is my family’s favorite.

Check out Safe in the Seat (her IG is great) or The Car Mom

Join carseat safety for littles

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Car Seats for the Littles

Are you installing them properly you can check with this group!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best carseat?

I personally love this big one from Safety first. The padding and the whole design just made me so happy. It’s definitely a more expensive one but I do love it

I have the grow with me safety 1st car seat and I love it. We are about to take the harness off and use a seat belt with it. It’s pretty awesome.

I have the diono radian. I don’t remember the exact model, but it is a slimmer one. It os perfect. I feel like my son is in a tank when he is in it.

Definitely recommend Nuna car seats! They can be pricey but are some of the safest ones out there.

Britax are our go to all the time. The click tight locks the seatbelt so well that the carseat doesn’t rock or move at all. From infant to toddler to preschooler.

I’d ask on the fb group Car Seats for the Littles

Got this one for baby girl

We have the same vehicle. Our infant carseat is a baby trend. It came with a stroller as well. It fits in the Santa fe great. Our toddler is in the greco 4ever. Fits much better there than the juke I had.

I have a large SUV as well. My daughter has the Track 4 ever car seat.

Britax has been my favorite we have two kids and tried graco but hands down Britax is the one that puts my mind at ease for their safety.

Mama of 6, parent for 16 years, This has by far been my favorite car seat.
The safety reviews are wonderful, it’s easy to use, straps down tightly, and my little guy seems so comfortable in it!