What is the best carseat?

Can you use any brand strap cushions for any carseats? Also does anyone have a 9yr old in a booster seat or carseat? (I might be watching a 9yr old and want him to be safe as possible in my suv).


No it will void warranty. Can only use car seat as u buy it from store… do not add features… do not remove features

No they need to come with the carseat or fron the manufacturer of that carseat and made for that certain one

I was always told “if it didn’t come with the car seat then it’s not safety tested for the car seat” I can’t guarantee that’s correct but I was always just super cautious…and my 9 yr old son was in a booster seat because he was “smaller” so he had his own seat…

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Never put add ons on your car seat! They’re not worth the risk!!

My son is 8 and is past the height for a booster seat. Has been since shortly before he turned 8. I couldn’t imagine him in a booster at 9… His head touches the roof of my SUV when he’s in it now…

have to be 145 cm to not be in a booster…
yeah dont add anything to a carseat

Please check out this group! It’s full of professionals who would be able to help

If his parents use a booster seat then use should use one

My girl was tiny and still is but she did ride booster for along time.