What is the best flea treatment?

How do you get rid of fleas in your house? and off of your animals for good? what is the best treatment?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best flea treatment?

You will never get rid of them for good, but getting them treated regularly will help a lot, as for fleas in your home there’s a lot of sprays, flea bombs etc that can help maybe ask your vet the best ones especially if you have more than one animal and have children or any health issues xx

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I bombed, sprinkled diatomatrous earth, sprayed ripcord, then I paid a pro carpet shampoo lady to come in, I put furniture outside and moved beds so whole house was shampooed, keep pets flea free to prevent. It was a particularly bad year for fleas that Yr, I use diatomatrous earth around under porch and steps.

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Dawn dish soap helps if you give them a bath in it.

We use raid flea and tick for yard and home. We also treat the pets.

Nexgard spectra is great. And don’t waste your money buying packets and packets of flea bombs…just call someone out to fumigate them properly, most will come back out free of charge if a second round is needed.

I use Frontline for my dog each month. After I thoroughly fleabombed my house in the past, I put mothball flakes in Mayonnaise jar lids and put them under my furniture. All my furniture sat low to the floor so pets couldn’t get at it and my children were old enough not to mess with it. This kept the fleas away. If you have cats, stop letting them outside. Still use flea treatment for cats on them because you can track sand fleas in on your shoes. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need an exterminator.

I use the tractor supply brand drops for my cat and she never gets them.

Buy frontline and then just wash their bedding and toys. The fleas will want to be on the animal so frontline will work. I’ve used it a few times on my dogs and cats.But you might need to keep some on hand. My cat was always getting in fights and would get fleas 2-3 times a summer, giving them to my other animals.

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I worked for a vet for several years. It takes 3 months to fully get rid of them as that is their life cycle. Even if you get the live fleas, eventually the eggs will hatch. You have to treat both your cats and your house. Put the cats in the bathroom while you treat the house so they don’t ingest any of it. Flea Busters works great! I wouldn’t recommended front line, it’s old and not as effective. It’s best to get prescription strength prevention like revolution or advantage multi. However, those preventions are considered a prescription so if your cats haven’t been to the vet in the last year they will not be able to dispense the medication without an exam. Capstar will get rid of any live fleas and is over the counter, but it only stays active in their system for 24 hours.
Hope this helps!

Revolution from vets for your pets (cat) advantage or frontline for dogs, but you have to flea bomb your house as well, you have to wash all blankets and pillows simultaneously, you can also use capstar for your pets that kills the flees for 3 days then treat with above mentioned products. After bombing you need to sweep and dump canister outside in dumpster everyday. Bombing for fleas is the only way to get a handle on flea infestations when flea bombing your house, put your cats in carrier and place outside (supervised or take them somewhere for several hours, the house will have to air out for a few hours and of sweep after about 6 hrs and wipe things down so your pets dont ingest it. There is also a flee spray for bedding and mattresses, furniture that iused as well, its pricey but it works on the mattresses and furniture.

Dawn dish soap helped alot

As a groomer I recommend the oral chewable for dogs such as nex gaurd semperica or brevecto and advantages plus for cats treating the animals will definitely help with the infestation in the house but ortho home defense is awsome for spraying in the house and around your yard

Lice shampoo they will literally kill themselves by jumping in the tub of water.

Bravecto they are expensive but they work. 2yrs ago my dogs were eat up with fleas so we found out about this. I bombed our house and bought these from a vet and my dogs are flealess. Before I tried every collar, flea shampoo and everything else possible and nothing worked. This stuff is absolutely amazing. There’s no fleas on my dogs or in my home for 2yrs.

Spray and wash. Sounds crazy but kills them in seconds. Dilute it. I used about 1/2 cup to a spray bottle. Worked like a charm.

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I don’t use those flea & tick pills. They are known to cause seizures and or kill dogs & cats. Remember it’s POISON. I use DE food grade only, around my house yr round. If it rains, once it dries up you have to reapply. I don’t like using the seresto collars, but they seem the less poisoning but it’s still a risk. Also vacuum daily for 2 weeks and empty container in trash can outside. Been flea free for yrs by doing this and I live in Texas. Good Luck

flea an tick shampoo an drops to put on them I have used these for years works great I get at Wal Mart

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I use nexguard and it works great for the dogs, and the cat we use revolution from the vet,but they work really well. We use tea tree oil shampoo to wash the dog.

Give them a good wash, flea collar, and after they’re dried put a drop of flea medicine on the nape of their neck. Bomb the house with bug bombs, which you can buy at Walmart or home depot. Make sure you have a place you can hang out for a couple hrs while the bug bomb does its thing. After that, go home and vacuum everywhere, change sheets, empty out the vacuum, etc, and then continue vacuuming daily, while emptying out the canister afterward. Also make sure that you empty it outside in the trash can, too. The only effective way I got rid of fleas. Also be aware that if your pet goes outside, then it is possible that they get fleas outside, too. For caution, you can also treat your yard for bugs.

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Bravecto for dogs is 100% the best
Don’t even have to give our cats anything, the dogs spread the bravecto throughout the house and we are flea AND roach free for 6-12 months

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Seresto collars are the best and last for 8 months. Kills ticks to