What is the best formula?

What formula is your favorite? What is considered the “best” and closest to breastmilk? I am switching my daughter from breastmilk to formula and if I can get her on one that mimics breastmilk it will make me feel a lot better!


They put my daughter on similac pro advance but I’m not sure if it’s close to breast milk. It helped her gain a lot of weight

No formula will ever compare to breastmilk. It’s not scientifically possible.

Breastmilk is a live substance, literally changing every minute to meet babes demands.

Formula is man made and can never compare to breastmilk.


I suggest starting with something that’s gentle. Such as Gerber gentlease or similar.


My boys on aptamil, as far as I’ve researched (myself) it is the closest in regards to being gentle in their tummy, before getting into specialized ones.

Mine did great on Similac Lactose free

Start with something that says “gentle or sensitive “ I’ve read all labels to formula and most will say closest to breast milk. I never breastfed my son but I would assume the change would be too much for their tummies which is why I said begin with gentle or sensitive and work from there


We used the Sam’s club brand sensitive


We used Similac but I also heard good things about Gerber.

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My daughter only could use enfamil gentlease

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We have used Similac Advance for a while now and my daughter seems to do just fine with it. Ultimately it’s going to be up to baby’s tummy what you give them. What works for some babies may not work for yours. So test it out before you go and buy a bunch of formula.

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My doctor put my babies on gentlease while I was still breastfeeding. And was supplementing if needed due to work. She said that was the closest thing to it…


I used members mark for both of my boys…it’s the purple bottle…generic brand of gentle ease.

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I switched my baby but I wish I hadn’t. Breast milk is better


My nephew’s thrived on Carnation Good Start, my son did Enfamil and daughter did Enfamil Soy. All did great.

I’ve always used Similac

I used Nature’s One - Baby’s Only Organic Whey and it was an easy smooth transition.


Personally my daughter couldn’t handle similac, she was unable to digest it, but she thrived on Gerber Goodstart, the orange tub.


Save yourself some money and just buy offbrand. All the formula is basically the same thing. I get off brand gentle or the off brand organic formula (kroger).
Breast milk is very unique and special. If you can afford it maybe find a donor for breastmilk?


Similac and enfamil are great. I am not familiar with similac, however I have heard that both are very close to breast milk. Personally I used the enfamil and never had an issue with it :slightly_smiling_face:

My boys were on Enfamil Soy. My girl was on Enfamil Gentlease and just switched to Similac Sensitive.

My pediatrician recommended enfamil nuropro and said it’s new and very close to breast milk. My baby’s done great with it. Ask your pediatrician and they may have sample cans for you to try before buying a can and eating it if baby doesn’t like it

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This was the only formula that my lo could tolerate. Everything else gave him reflux or bad gas.


We have loved Earth’s Best - the purple can. It’s always been very gentle on my babies’ bellies.


Enfamil Newborn was great for my son. He thrived on that, then we moved to A.R. when he was about 4 months, and then the transitions when he was 9 months. Hit all his necessary milestones and weights.

We use earth’s best gentle

I use similac pro advance

My ob and daighters pedi recomended emfamil being the closest to breast milk.

Some of you all need to get off of your horses.
Some women cant produce enough
Some have to go back to work
Some have PPD and just cant anymore
And guess what, their choices have nothing to do with you. She asked for formula information, not being told breast is best. Fed is best. A thriving baby is best. If you cant give her a formula recommendation, you do not need to comment with your “breast only”. You dont think she knows that? Or thinks about that? Or that she might be struggling right now.
Help a mom or dont. Just dont make her feel worse.


My babys tummy, skin and sinuses preferred gerber, then enfamil, and similac last. Similac had lots of bubbles and caused her a lot of constipation and gas

Goats milk is meant to be the closest thing to breast milk. We put our daughter on goat formula and she took it no problems.

Enfamil Newborn and then Enspire. Good luck, mama!

Good start is very good

No formula will ever “mimic” breastmilk but I’d go with a goats milk formula or a formula like hipp or holle.
Or you can even go with donor milk. Check human milk 4 human babies - your state and eats on feets - your state.


Stay away from all animal milk. Throw a stone and pick your formula and then stick with it.

Moms constantly switching because baby throws up or has gas is why these babies cannot digest it.

Babies throw up. Babies get gas. Pick one and allow her body to adjust.


Enfamil gentle ease was best on my previous babies tummies. Similac Always constipated my poor babies something terrible!


I have had my son on similac advance since he was born and has only gotten sick once, I put that in there because some people will say that babies are healthier if they get breast milk. That’s not always true! If you’re able to, see if you can get WIC. They will be able to help you more than anyone on Facebook can! Do what you fee is best for your little one


Similac pro advanced. It’s closest to breastmilk

I use Kirkland formula from Costco. It’s made in the same factory as similac. Me doctor said it’s similac, just a different label.

Similac advance or pro advance

FED is BEST! Whatever you choose is fine mama and you may need to try 2 or 3 kinds before baby is satisfied :slight_smile:

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I like similac. They don’t use palm olein in it. They also have a lactose free version which is what my kids are on.

My son spit up the least on Similac pro-sensitive. We tried a good amount of different ones but that was the best for us. Only used it for 3-4 weeks due to thrush. Ask your ped for the closest one

Infamil is amazing. And it comes in gentle ease so it’s easy on the tummy.

The hospital recommended me s26 gold, it’s all I’ve used since breastfeeding x

After I stopped nursing we used Similac. Then we used the Target brand.

Happy baby organic. My son loves it and has had no issues :blush:

If you are switching to formula, start with anything gentle. Gas ease or gentle ease. All the gas from the bottle will get trapped and the gas ease makes it easier to burp and also spit up less.
My daughter is currently using parents choice gentle and is 20 pounds at 6 months. She is happy and fat!
In the long run it is whatever works best for your baby. I went through 3 formulas before being able to settle on one!

I think that there’s really no formula close but also understand sometimes a Mother does substitute. You will probably find that formula that is already premixed, the liquid, will work easiest. Powder formula you’re supposed to bring to a bowl and then cool to properly prepare it. The reason why is because formula isn’t sterile and can cause baby illness that is best avoided. I wish you luck and know decisions are never easy. Please be kind to yourself as you make the decisions that work best for your family!

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The closest would be RAW goats milk. Next raw cows milk. I personally wouldn’t do the regular formula as it doesn’t come close at all nutritionally plus live enzymes, probiotics, immunoglobulins, fats etc

I tried a lot of different kind but for some reason my kids could only tolerate prosobee but then again I’m lactose intolerant so probably because I didn’t drink milk when nursing mine

Similac has a breastmilk replacement/supplementing formula. I’ve pearsonally never tried it with my kids being as it came out when I already switched to formula. We switched from breastmilk to Similac Sensitive and had no problems.

You can get the purest possible and the baby could react to it. So I say whatever your sweet baby can handle for their little tummy

They all “mimic” breast milk, but also none of them are breast milk either. You’re not going to find one exactly like breast milk. You will also probably need to try more than one to find the one that works best for your baby. The important thing is that your baby is fed, and don’t ever let people tell you differently.


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Breast milk is like breast milk.

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Similar, is the only non soy based formula on the market

I believe similac has supplimentation formula i started there and then to their gentle and then to normal

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Enfamil worked well for us!

Organic all the way! No doubts about it.

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When you choose organic, you avoid most if not all of the toxins listed in the article above.

We used Similac pro advance and my LO loved it

Kabrita goat milk formula is closest to breast milk

No formula will be like breast milk but I always used similac sensitive when my kids needed formula! My babies had sensitive bellies!


I would ask her pediatrician

President choice gentle formula

I use Similac with my lil man

Emfamil Ensure has one. It is actually called “closest to breastmilk”

There’s always donor milk…


I use similac advance with my son after I stopped breastfeeding

Gerber soothe I used Similac Advance it’s the closest to breast milk you can get and formula is VERY nutritious… it’s not as good as your milk bc you can pass off antibodies to things that your child cant quite fight off on their own… I breastfeed for 5 months until my supply dried up and she just wasnt getting enough from me so I had to switch…

We used enfamil infant. It worked great with my kid. We tried several. Enfamil also has one that’s like breast milk i don’t remember what its called though.

Goatmilk is the closest to breastmilk. I get my breastmilk formula from online. The website is called designed by nature. They also have a fb page!!!