What is the best nightime diaper?

My son will be 2 in June and we have the issue of him having soak throughs at night we are in the process of potty training and he does use parents choice brand but what pull ups or over night diapers are the best? Note: luvs gives him hives.


Love the huggies over nights! Size up 1 size. My son will be 2 this month.

I use the Huggies Night time diapers!

I swore by Goodnights for my son. And they have ones that look more like underwear than a pull up which helped too.

Huggies night time and the goodnights! All worked great!

Huggies and good night’s

Pampers Pull ups always worked the best in my opinion

You ever tried cloth diapers

Huggies pull ups are great I’ve used it with my two boys and they’ve started using the toilet themselves

I buy a box of the next size up and he wears them at night

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Iv always used parents choice, idk how far u r in potty training but of course they go potty b4 bed and cut off drinks an hr or 2 before bed.

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I used huggies with both my daughters! My favorite brand.

Huggies overnights, and try a size bigger than he wears in regular diapers.

Huggies. For sure. We don’t even use the overnight ones and we’ve never had a leak at night. But if you’re worried about it get the night time ones. I swear by Huggies.

I hear honors brand is really good

Huggies overnight pull-ups

I use pampers baby dry

Huggies are awesome. Also limit his liquids an hr or 2 before bed

He’s too young for pull ups . We used parent choice the thins ones during the day…and used a better brand at night…I believe parent choice h ad a night time diaper that worked better…

I use parents chpice over night diapers and the do great

Huggies overnights!! May need to go up a size too

Mine is going to be 2 in June and has been in pull-ups since last fall. We use pampers pull-ups size 2t-3t and they fit her perfect. We have never had a soak throughs or leaks and they are cheaper than diapers.

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his diapers arent the right size. they may look like they fit but try buying a bigger size. I had the same issue with my son

Pampers the next size up should do the trick. Put 4 kids through them it’s worth it.

Good nights are the best in my opinion.

My 18 month old has been wearing pampers pull up for the last 6 month and never had a leak

Honest company overnights work the best for my kid

Skip the pull-ups. Waste of money, it’s just a diaper

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Huggies pull ups and stopping all drinks 1-2 hours before bed and trying to go before going to bed. Getting them in this habit is what helped us the most. Other wise she’d even soak through the Huggies brand.

Huggies overnights work great

We used good nights and they’re amazing. My son tended to pee alot to where it would go thru the diaper but these wouldn’t

Huggies overnights are the best for us but up and up overnights from target are cheaper and fairly comparable.

No drinks an hr before bedtime and really any diaper or pull up that says its specifically for bedtime should work just fine

It’s definitely the parents choice that’s making him leak and it could be the amount of liquid he is getting before bed. I ended up having to reduce my sons intake. Also sometimes I’ve had to change him in the middle of the night. Believe it or not Dollar General has their own brand that is cost effective and what I’ve been using for my son as of lately. My son is also 2 and the size of a 4 year old so he’s got a chunky butt and they just came out with a size 7 diapers which work wonders but he also does not leak in a size 6 either. Could be the size of the diapers. I also agree while the pull ups are nice for daytime training they aren’t cost effective if you wanna save some money then I’d suggest the DG Baby diaper brands

Try Huggies night time

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Good night’s worked great for my daughter. We also cut back the drinking.

We always used goodnights. My oldest daughter has medical issues to where she wet the bed consistently until she was 7. They let out ALOT of urine at night, the older they are. And we used goodnights most of the time. When the store was out of stock we bought pampers nighttimes and they both work about the same. Im talking like 3 pounds of liquid in these things once they came off in the morning and not a single drop on the bed

I’ve tried all the overnight diapers and really like Huggies nightimes

I swear by the huggies little movers. The only diapers my 2 year old doesn’t leak thru.

I like the huggies with the wrap around swaddle wings.

Huggies overnights are the best. Their regular diapers not so much, but the overnights worked great for my son…

Pampers swaddlers. Sometimes Walmart has them in size 7 if need be. My son is almost 2 and was having same issue. They hold up the best I’ve literally tried every kind.

stay in diaper at night until you get day potty training down. And with day potty training let him go naked from the waist down just put a big
Shirt on him to cover him self. If your able to do that for about 3 days

Go up a size in diapers!!! I never went by the sizes on the package. We only used papers cruisers or swaddlers…only ones that worked for my boys.

Up & Up Overnights. My son wears them all day. They’re cheap and they work!

Our son gets no drinks after 8 and we change him right before bedtime. We use Pampers pullups

Either change your brand or alternatively, over nights just double nappie him :-)…

My son pees through everything at night. It wasn’t the size or brand that was the issue. It was he would pee some at one point and then the next time he’d pee some the diaper or pull up was gaped from the first time and he would just pee right out of it completely. I started to get him to sit on the potty before bed and pee. Now he wears his sister size 4s at night with no problem. My son is 2 1/2 and was in size 6 diapers, we tried 2-3t pull ups and 3-4t as well as xs goodnights. They only thing that has worked is pee in the potty before bed.

I use pampers during the night and luvs during the day! Pampers is the only thing that holds enough (my kids sleep til 10 or so sometimes later).

I use Huggies Little Movers it’s the ONLY diapers my 2 year old has yet to soak through… Mine sleep 12 hours straight

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He’s 2 so he holds a lot in his bladder! Not many brands will hold that, its time for pull ups. I recommend goodnights! They are cute and also hold pee really good. They are made for older children so they do hold a lot more pee. Also you can try the bed time pads that they make just as a back up plan too!

We use parents choice pull ups for our 2 yr old. I’ve been trying the parents choice diapers for day time and they don’t hold for very long at all for her but they work for my 14 mo old. The regular diapers don’t fit my 2yr old very well either.

Huggies pullups work great and also not giving him q bunch to drink within and hr or 2 of bed will help.

Huggies overnights work great for both my boys for the same issue

I LOVE huggies night time ones. My son did the same thing and I made the switch and never looked back. I put him in a regular diaper when I put him to bed. Than, when I go to bed, I put him in the huggies over night.

Huggins overnights. Also helps to use a size bigger

Pampers baby dry are the only thing that kept my son dry through the night.

Hold drink after a set time at night I used Good nights. When she got older she is 19 now I went to men depends they had more padding then women. Watch which way they pee my daughter pee like a boy so men and boy diapers worked better than girl and women diapers/ pull ups. Another trick if you can’t potty train and they get older and don’t fit on changing tables put 2 diapers or pullups on that way you don’t have to undress then. Take off their shoes or you or them get all over nasty bathroom floors when you are out. Simply tear the inside wet one off and pull the dry outside one up.

We always use parent’s choice. I would suggest limiting drink an hour before bedtime (allow sips of course if he’s thirsty) and take him potty before bed - sometimes I have to let 2.5 sit for 10 minutes before she goes lol

Pamper nighttime swadlers, they hold the best, my son is almost2 1/2 and we have only just recently stopped sending him to bed with a sippy cup of water, because of the water(he wouldnt sleep without a bubba and I refused to give him milk so water was my compromise for a while) he peed alot at night and the nighttime swadler were God

Taper of drinks earlier in the evening, potty training right now and havent had a wet bed in 4 days and counting doing this! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: