What is the best online app to use for grocery shopping?

Who all has done the online grocery shopping and which one do you like the best?

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I’ve used Walmart’s online grocery shopping and picked up my order several times with no issues.

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I love love love Aldi insta cart

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We have Amazon Fresh delivered to our house once a week or so. I personally love it because in my area they even accept food cards so it’s really great if you need formula or other food for your kiddos the same day. Prior to having my son I worked for Instacart and that’s a great place to start if you want a variety of different stores to choose from.

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Honesty, I just use Walmart :woman_shrugging: they have everything I need in one go and they load it for me.

I liked Walmart. If they were out of what I ordered you get upgraded for cheaper price.

I use Publix instacart. Love it.

My family uses Walmart pickup. Usually though, theres 1 or 2 items unavailable. It is nice to be able to get other items besides grocery if needed.

Fred Meyers isn’t bad