What is the best period underwear?

So question, my daughter just recentlystarted her period. I have ordered her the smallest pads i can find on amazon that were made for smaller girls. Has anyone had experience with period underwear? Can you wear just those or do you need a pad? They advertise it holds a lot!


I love mine. I just got them at Victoria’s Secret pink

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Thinkx Teen has been great for my daughter. Walmart sells them. She’s so small pads are uncomfortable for her but she loves these.

I use these, they also come in s/m. Not sure if they will work for your daughter or not. I prefer to use these over pads. You don’t need to wear a pad with them.

I say it depends on the kid. Try them both and let her see what she likes better. my daughter uses pads and changes them a lot she don’t like the feeling of the blood on her she is a clean freak with hygiene like OCD with it

I use the period underwear from Victoria secret and no I don’t wear a pad with them. I bought 3 different pairs to try one for heavy days one for medium and one for light and they work wonderful. My daughter uses them as well she likes boxers though so she wears the woxer brand. They don’t get heavy when they r full but u can actually feel the blood more when they are getting full and need changed but when they r not full they keep u dry and u can’t feel it

Yes I bought 2 different kinds on the cheaper end to see what worked. Glad I did because the “prettier” ones I thought she woukd like she didn’t she preferred thicker grey ones because she felt more protected. We use the other set as back up

I bought Knix period thongs and full coverage underwear.

I only use the thongs on lighter days. There is 1 day that I have to wear a tampon as well as the underwear (just my own preference because I don’t like the feeling)

Do some research because I know there are some laws suits pertaining to the material used for some of these underwear.

I’d stick with a pad and period undies so she never risks a leak.

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I love period underwear and prefer to free bleed like this. So much more comfortable! I just read reviews on Amazon and go from there. You just wear and wash like regular underwear (did you bleed heavy you might wanna chance once thought the day) but I’ll never buy a feminine product again.

You just wear them. No pad needed. They do hold a lot but you still need to change them through the day. I got mine off of Amazon.

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I would wear a pad but just so you’re not going through multiple pairs a day. I use the underwear more as protection on sheets and pants, etc. But I also shed large clots and it even grosses me out.

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I think a pad is necessary even though you are wearing a period panty. Otherwise it is just gross. Don’t go out and sit in public seating if there is a chance you will dirty the seats. It is gross and unsanitary!

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They sell period underwear

My daughter is handicap and she uses the period underwear and she LOVES them, they never leak or anything for her

When I was growing up period underwear was your “old “ underwear lol

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