What is the best postpartum belly wrap?

I’m 6 weeks post partum from a c section and I’ve been interested in the post belly wraps. Have any of you tried it and seen results and is it too late to do it? I was reading most women use it during the 6 weeks after having baby not waiting 6 weeks to do it.

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I’ve heard bad things about them belly wraps. I couldn’t use them.

To get the best results from using on is is right after you start walking… but no it’s not too late if u wait to much longer then yes. I use it right when I starting walking (only like 2-3 hrs after my surgery)

Belly wraps work within the six weeks because of the hormone relaxin in your system.
I’ve used the belly bandit csection panties three days after and it really helped with a few things and helped my stomach come back together.
Wraps are useful post 6 weeks but you’re not going to receive the best results to using it right after birth.