What is the best route to take to become a therapist?

I am currently in an ABA Psychology program to get my bachelor degree threw Purdue global. I have heard that my best bet is to go on to get my LCSW and get my masters degree in clinical social work. I am unsure though and looking
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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best route to take to become a therapist?

Depends what kind of therapy you want to do. What is your dream job?

Your LCSW or LcPc is your best route if you’re trying to be a therapist . You can get a bachelors in Psychology and apply for an accredited online program to become a therapist !

LCSW. My hubby is currently in school to become one and his end goal is to be a therapist. He got is bachelors in psychology and now is getting his masters through Florida State all online. Except obviously internship is in person.

Therapist here. I first got my bachelors degree in social work then masters degree in social work. Now I am working towards my Lscw through my work. I am able to get hours for licensing at work so pretty much the amount of clients I see that will be the amount of hours I claim. I need to be supervised by license social work to be able to claim hours. But pretty much with a master and registering for the license u can become a therapist.

Also what’s not so great is the amount of paper work! Is insane. Most time I am working after hours trying to catch up.

My sister is a licensed therapist she got her bachelors in biology and psychology. The major doesn’t matter, but when you apply for your masters you can get into social work( in masters you can get into the category) you also have a 2 year period to get your license from the time you graduate you get 2 tries from their you can even start your own practice or do sessions on the side. Hope this really helps. Highland University has a great program.