What is the best sunscreen?

Okay y’all. Does anyone know anything about sunscreen? I’ve heard the highest spf doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Is that true? Mom of a fair skinned 5 year old and fair skinned red head 3 year old. Would it be pointless to use a spf 100 on them like I’ve been thinking about getting. Also has anyone tried the new coppertone clearly sheer whipped sunscreen? Is it any good? What’s the best sunscreen to use on my kiddos? I have yet to find a good one. They burn so easy. We’re constantly outside. What I have now doesn’t seem to be doing the job, it’s an spf 50. Any tips would be much appreciated!


I have heard the higher spf the more chemicals!

Anything higher then a 50 is a waste of money, aveeno works great and I think they have a children’s one too.

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Anything higher than spf 50 doesn’t work any better. It’s all in how often you reapply it.

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Make sure you use children’s sunscreen. I have always used baby sunscreen. My son is 5 also. Just make sure you re apply often and use a sunscreen shirt and hat. Especially for your 3 yr old

Yep everything higher than spf 50 is worthless and full of more chemicals and if they have sensitive skin or eczema you may try aveeno, a natural one or a baby one.

As a momma to three fair skinned redheads, I have found this to work the best! This is all we buy for my three girls!!


My kids doctor said anything over 30/40 is pointless

I’ve got a red headed baby, too. We use blue lizard sunscreen. It’s awesome. But also, make sure to reapply while outside.

I’m obsessed with Coppertone sheer spray!! Goes on clear and evenly without rubbing in. Not sticky at all!!!

Aveeno baby sunscreen!! They have a 50spf and it’s great! It works awesome with my LO. :slightly_smiling_face:

After 3rd degree burns on my daughter’s face after a day at the lake, our pediatrician told me to apply sunscreen 30 mins before going out into the sun and rub it in completely. They also said to avoid the spray sunscreens. Use lotion only. Also, completely dry off before reapplying and allow it to absorb before getting wet again.

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My son has albinism and we use blue lizard on him. It’s great and we use the spf 100 and have never had him burnt.

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Use a mineral based sunscreen the others have bad chemicals in them that disrupt hormones etc.


get a mineral sunscreen with zinc in it. AVOID sunscreens with avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene in them.
i wear babyganics and it seems to work well for my fair skinned self and my LO.
i’ve also heard hello bello sunscreen works well. walmart sells many mineral sunscreens.

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My dad burns very easily he uses coppertone sports spf 50 sunblock its the only thing that works on him especially his ears

Try a mineral based one a d apply it mlre ofte

Babyganics all the way girl n it’s organic. My son has eczema n has very sensitive/fair skin. My youngest daughter seems she might as well. My oldest uses banana boat but she has more Indian in her then my other two n wants the tan.

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So, I have lupus and am super photosensitive due to disease and medications I’m on. I’m talking full on sunburn in 5 minutes. You want to use something quality (like Nutragena or Aveeno or something like that). Anything higher than 40 or so is pointless. I like the sprays better, but honestly normal sunscreen that you rub on works better. And make sure you’re reapplying. I also recommend wide brimmed hats, umbrellas, and a cover-up for when they aren’t in the water if you’re wearing bathing suits

I do know that sunscreen only good 1 season. Then toss! Good summer fun!

Thinkbaby sunscreen for my red heads works well

Wear hats and sun blocking clothes.

I use Aveeno Baby for my two sensitive skin children, 1 being very fair skinned, and it works great on them. I get the lotion and the face bar for easier application. I have always used the highest SPF I can find but I have also read that after a certain SPF it makes no difference.
I have not tried any others on them since they have very sensitive skin but I have heard the aerosoles are absolutely not recommended for children ever. Besides the risk of them inhaling the chemicals, it can also lead to serious burns when exposed to the sun.

50 is adequate! I’m very fair skinned and never had an issue!

We still use the baby sun screen, my red headed dad uses it as well to avoid burning. We reapply every 30 to 45 minutes depending on what we’re doing.

Our pediatrician told us anything over 50 is useless and that it should have Zinc. We use Coppertone and it works well. We also always use sun shirts and hats, and avoid the sun during the hottest part of the afternoon. We also utilize any shade available. So if were at the beach and there is a tree, we tend to set our blanket there.

Anything spf30 uva uvb protection and above is good. Putting it on about ten mins prior to an outing, repetitive applying every 30 mins during the outing and a 20mins after any swimming should help. My oldest burns so easily in the sun unless we are doing this. We have used 30, 50, 70, those numbers don’t seem to matter too much. How the stuff is applied does. Taking breaks in the shade is important.

Lord, I did so much research last summer and cant remember any of it. One of the most important things is applying it properly.
Rub in the spray if youre going to use it (and make sure he holds his breath and you do it outside.) Apply to face with hands.
Apply at least 10 mins or more before you go out. I reapply every hour whether they get wet or not.
Use hats, sunglasses, long sleeves. Its not just a sunburn that you’re trying to prevent. Remember that.

I have a fair skinned red head and a fair skinned 5 year old. I use the 100 spf and keep reapplying often and i have no issues

Do you reapply every 2 hrs??

I use 90spf and apply 1st application 60 mins before sun exposure and Reapply every 90 mins if wet with sweat, water fun, or friction and every 3 hours if dry

Im super white & do not try to get any sun…I think all these comments about “anything over 50SPF is useless” is crap!!
If I use anything under 70 I BURN!!! I can apply 100spf only once out of a 6 hour day in the sun and water and not even have a tan line!!!


Equate got best reviews

Anything over 50 isn’t necessary but if you feel better using spf 100, by all means.

We use Banana Boat Spf 100. My girls have never gotten sunburn using that sunscreen and its a spray.

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Yes i used that on my redhead who’s 5 and he still got burnt

On the back of the lotion bottles are a star rating for UVB protection (ultraviolet radiation) u need a high factor of at least 50+ AND a high star rating, it goes upto 5 stars! Not all 50s have 5 stars! you’d be surprised how many popular brands only have 3 stars!!! Shocking to think but a factor 30 sun block with 5 stars will offer better protection from burning than a factor 50 with only 2 stars!!

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I think ask a pediatric dermatologist for a recommendation for a pediatric sunscreen

I have a redhead and I love Banana Boat kids SPF 100. Even if it doesn’t matter I still use the highest spf for peace of mind. And it smells amazing and isn’t greasy!!

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Anything over 50 doesn’t exist in Australia.
Put it on every hour. Wear protective clothing and a hat.
Irished skinned family here

DO NOT GET THE SPRAY. it can cause serious burns

My oldest is a red head and if she even thinks about going in the sun she gets a burn :joy: she uses 60 uv waterproof coppertone, the rub in cream not the spray. Re apply every hr or so. Dose great for her.

Wear hats to start off with, i would try to be in the shade when I could…Anything over a 50 is a waste of time

Im obviously not fair, my kids and I are brown but if we go out to the sun we turn chocolate real quick. So we use Neutragena 100+. Never even get a tan line.

After abt 50, it’s no different or better. Reapplying is what matters.
After my casper skin got blisters, I learned. Lol

Same thing…You have to re apply OFTEN.

You want something oil free that contains zinc. The best one I’ve found so far is so thick it doesn’t quite rub in to be invisible. Scottish and Irish heritage, so we have very fair skin and burn easily. My daughter burns through any other sunscreen.

Does everyone just forget about Vitamin D? It comes from the sun!!! Sunscreen blocks this…