What is the best way to get the pee out of carpets?

My almost 2-year-old takes her to pull up off and tries to run around naked. If I miss her in time, she ends up peeing on my floor. So what’s the best want to get the pee smell out of my carpets? I cannot afford a carpet cleaner/shampooer at the moment.


Any carpet cleaner for pets will get rid of the urine smell.

I have tried every thing and Resolve Urine remover is the best. Resolve has alot of different kinds, so be sure to get urine removal. They have it at walmart on the aisle with different types of house and window cleaners.

How about a busted ass

Urine gone. Order fr amazon or buy at Rite Aide, Walgreens, walmart, Cvs

Its not forever… time to show her how to use the bathroom

Peroxide. Or pet stuff

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and wite vinegar
Dish detergent

Natures miracle. They make a spray and a shampoo. It’s pets but pee is pee

I’ve used downy…not diluted.

I use a spray called Kids and pets, it gets puke , pee and anything else out. Works great on carpet and furniture.

Sprinkle baking powder on the floor, use a spray bottle to spray vinegar on the baking powder…spray a couple times, let it dry then vacuum up


I would try dawn. That shit fixes everything! Got steak oil on your brand new shirt? Dawn gets it out! Play doh on your carpet? Dawn! Your kid had a runny poo that got all up in his onesie? Boom! Dawn!! Spaghetti-o stain? Dawn! Seriously that shit works on EVERYTHING! Plus it’s gentle and won’t ruin the texture.

Pat dry, spray and scrub a little with vinegar, sprinkle with backing soda, and let dry. Vacuum up once competly dry. But keep in mind there is a padding under the carpet that absorbs it, and once it really gets in there, nothing will fix it completely until the carpet is replaced

Pour table salt on it
Will draw put the pee and vacuum when dry

Clove oil. Watered down to make a spray.

Don’t know we’re ur from but I can get 409 carpet cleaner and u can use vinegar and baking soda

Mix peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap.

We tried all sorts of expensive powders, sprays, shampoos, but in the end, the best was a combo of things already in the house.

The problem with a lot of cleaners is they are made for pet urine and not human urine. They would get rid of the smell for a qeek or so and then it would be right back.

Peroxide or baking soda and dawn dish soap

Baking soda let it sit overnight then vacuum.

Baking soda and vinegar usually does the trick.

I used flash spray and washing up liquid that worked fine and then when toilet trained carpet cleaner

Baking soda does wonders. My husband left a pair slides outside and one of the neighborhood cats sprayed on it. By the time I found it was already dry so I went them with water and caked think so on and left it until it crusted up and dried. I scraped it off and did this one more time and no more pee smell.

Vinegar and baking soda. When it dries vacuum it up

You can rent one from menards/Walmart or other places if that’s an option for you. They do have a product at pet stores that helps with urine smell too. Good luck!

I would just throw the whole kid out to be honest…:rofl::rofl: I’m just kidding I have no advice as I don’t have carpets best of luck to you !


Pour baking soda on the spot an let it set for a couple hours then use the vacuum to pick it up then cold water an a towel to soak it all up

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Pour tonic water on it, then soak up with a towel, it also works on pet urine


Baking soda and dish soap water. I raised 3 boys who all had issues staying clothed, lol
My second best tip is Arm & Hammer laundry detergent. That stuff sucks on laundry but great for cleaning.

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Scrub with vinegar, then sprinkle with baking soda. Let dry and vacuum.


Poor vinegar. Let it sit for a while then sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for a few hours if you can then vacuum. This worked wonders on our mattress after my son had an accident while on antibiotics.


Baking soda. My son has a habit of spilling everything, milk is the worst! I put baking soda leave it overnight if I can, if not at least a couple hours. It absorbs the smell.

White vinegar or cheap vodka gets the smell out. I even throw it in the wash and rinse for peed stuff and sports gear.

Vinager is not really a good sourse because the acidity causes the urine smell to return.


For dogs mess I use Natures Miracle

I use awesome from the dollar store for my dog

409 pet cleaner for carpets works great

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Laundry/ dish soap and hot water

Natures miracle, enzymatic formula stain and odor remover,

baking soda, let is dry then vacuum.

Odoban from Lowe’s or Home Depot works really well.

Shaving cream let it suds wipe it off

They make spray for pet urine I use that

Baking soda & a coke…

Clorox makes urine remover


Not only for animals I use it for everything spills carpet on clothes in my car it is the best stuff to get stains out

This stuff. It also works for vomit smells.

Anthony-Taelor Stephens

I agree with vinegar and baking soda. Some places rent out shampooers by the day, usually $25-$50 a day.