What is the bet sippy cup?

Our doctor recommended to start giving our 6 month old a sippy cup with water. What were some good sippy cups you have used as first ones.


I started with nuby or nuk soft spout

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I agree. Soft spout for sure! Little more expensive for the good ones, but if you keep up and dont lose it, just buy one and it goes a lonngggg way

I have a miracle 360 cup and my little boy loves it!!! Teaches them to drink out of a normal cup

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get a Nuk soft nipple then graduate to a straw or miracle 360

I used nul both times. Both my boys loved them

Agree with the 360 cups. Teaches them how to drink from an actual cup, and it’s the only kind I’ve ever had that actually doesn’t leak, unlike most others that claim they don’t :unamused:

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Nuk the best has 2 handles and soft nipple

weighted straw or a 360 cup

I used a nuk silicone top. Something with a smaller nipple to match her bottle. She was not a big fan of the water at first and still struggles a little with it (I try and give her her cup every day but she usually just chews on it because she has her first tooth)
She was mostly upset because she realized the water doesn’t just drip out like it does her bottle

Nuk trainer cup. Still only cup my 2 year old will use at home…she’s a diva…lol

Nuk or nuby soft spouts for sure.

The weighted straw ones are THE BEST!

My daughter does terrible with the expensive hard no leak ones, but excellent with the cheap soft ones. Lol…

Soft tip Nuk sippy cup all the way! If you do the 360, will grab onto it and spill it everywhere. :woman_facepalming:

We cut off all bottles and binks at 6 months. We went straight to 360.

And one that doesn’t mess when they trow the cup on the floor or furniture

A hard nipple one that I can honestly say lasts are the nuk ones that click like a gas cap when ya close em! Had one for 2 years that’s yet to leak!

360 cup…I tried ALL cups known to man with my first and basically all of them leaked but the 360. So kid #2 only got the 360 cup.

Anything soft tip is best hard isn’t good for their gums and what not :slightly_smiling_face:

Please do not use 360. Some brands have been recalled to respiratory issues which I’m sure is a problem in all brands. The way they have to tilt their head and suck can put fluids in their lungs. My son had to have breathing treatments to get over this. A regular sippy with a small nipple is fine or one with a straw that they would hold upright and not have to tilt. I’ll post a picture of ours.

My daughter absolutely LOVED the 360 cups. She started around the same time drinking from them. Some of them are hard to clean though.

Nuk soft nipple. All 4 of mine transitioned great with it

We started with the nuk soft with handles for our son and he didnt really take to the sippy though until he was 1 but its still good to offer it so he gets used to it!

Agree with anyone who says nuk. Their hard lid ones are the best!

I liked the Nuk brand with soft nipple for the transition. Anything else was a mystery to my little guy!

NUK Learner Sippy Cup, 5oz 1pk, Packaging May Vary https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BEVSSDA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EG7fDbWR1HR8B

360° cup is the best. Hands down.

I used these as the first ones my kids used. I loved them!


Weighted straw cups would be easiest

The weighted straw ones are great. And the 360’s