What is the normal weight for a toddler?

okay so I’m a first time mom, my son is 2 years about to be 3, he was a preemie baby he was born at 26 weeks, only weight 3 pounds, around October he started to get 2 febrile seizures, after he had the seizures he stop drinking milk, and since then he hasn’t been eating how he used too, he sometimes eat once or twice a day, I talk to his pediatrician about it, and all she tells me is to give him pizza and chicken nuggets, and smoothies, I was not okay with it, so I keep on trying to force him to eat, his pediatrician says he’s weight is fine so to not worry about it, but I honestly don’t know what else to try so he can eat, has any other moms struggle with their kids being like mine?


all kids go through a stage where they dont want to eat…keep offering them stuff he will eventually eat it if hes hungry if ur worried add pedisure to help him as well as a multivitamin

I was always told to constantly offer different foods, lots of fruits and vegetables,and to let them whatever they want,as long as I’m able to get them to eat…

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Don’t force him to eat :person_facepalming: how would you like it if someone forced you to eat? Offer different foods. He will eat when hes hungry. My 3 year old has always been like that. There’s days he will eat a bunch and days he will eat like a bird. I’ve started cutting out snacks after 3 and having him wait until dinner to eat. He usually ends up eating a full plate of food.


My son has had febrile seizures in the past and has lost his appetite after em. It did come back though. Head up mama. I know its hard to not worry

My child ate nothing but corn dogs for about 6 months the dr said it wasn’t hurting her. She didn’t lose weight and now she eats fine.

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My 4 yr old is a very very picky eater… She will only eat once a day! I have found that she loves fruits so I can usually get her to eat one or two piece of watermelon or a cup of strawberries thru out the day! Her doctor says that is just fine even if that’s all she’s eating. You can force them to eat.
Just keep your head up and know that you are doing all you can!
Feed them anything you can get in them especially things that retain water (watermelon, other fruits, any kind of iceys)

Is he on seizure meds im epileptic and I know the meds make me not want to eat

Offer cereal w/fruit, milk if hell donut w/cereal. Or oatmeal or grits which will be filling and good protein. Try different things and he’ll find something he really likes.

Why are you coming to a Facebook group when a pediatrician has told you it’s okay to give him things he will eat, just as long as he’s eating?


Lunchables, corn dogs pizza rolls, crackers and cheese platter with some fruit and veggie, hot pockets, my kids are real picky so as long as they are eating something its all good

When kids are sick, fluids are more important than food. If his weight is fine, you really don’t need to force him to eat. Don’t know about you, but when I’m sick I don’t want to eat, and I’m almost 30. Offer him anything you think he would definitely eat, but don’t force him to eat it. Just make sure the fluids stay up.

My daughter was a picky eater at that age. I would let her choose what she wanted to eat and Id let her help me make it which is entertaining for her so she would be excited to try what she cooked lol. Maybe make meal times more fun or try having foods that he wants to eat. Dont stress it Momma. All kids go through a phase like this. As long as your pediatrician says he’s fine I wouldn’t force him to eat.

All kids go through stages of being picky with food, don’t sweat it. Offer it to him and he will eat what he is hungry for as long as he is growing and not under weight then he is getting what he needs.

Yes except my daughter has cystic fibrosis. She is pancreas insufficient and on a 1000 calorie a meal diet.

Forcing him to eat is gonna make him eat even less. If hes not dangerously thin then let him go as long as he’s eating something.

They will eat when hungry!!

He will eat when he’s hungry