What is the procedure of getting your tubes tied?

Pros and cons of getting tubes tied? Is it a painful process? How long is recovery/down time?
I want them done after this baby in 2 months I’m just super nervous and kinda scared! I’ll have 5 children and do it by myself 2 weeks out of the month.


It’d be better if the bloke has the snip

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Good luck! My mom had hers tied and due to complications she had excessive internal bleeding and had an emergency hysterectomy. Personally, when I’m done having children, my husband is just going to get snipped. Lol.

I got mine tied almost 2 years ago not painful at all recovering time a week the first two days were when I just wanted to sleep the 2nd day I was a little sore but no need to worry about it

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I’m due with my 5th anytime I’m getting a tubal ligation done and my dr is doing it the day after I have him and she said it doesn’t take any longer to recover than not having it done and I heard from many the pain isn’t really all that bad but we’ll see

I had mine cut and burnt during my last c section. So idk about the pain but I did have a heavier period and never was the same time each month. I changed my diet to clean eating and my period is much more regular and not as heavy.

Mine was pretty easy as I had mine tied when I had a c section. Before they sewed me up they tied my tubes. There was no down time. Just the normal time to heal from surgery. I did this at the age of 24 and regret doing it so young. I remarried and would have liked to have had another child.

I got mine done when I had my csection for my last one. I was back feeling good within 2 weeks. Surgery is never fun, but now I don’t have to worry or take stupid birth control ever again. :grin:

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Not painful, and certainly no more of a recovery than childbirth. It is easier for the man to get it done though.

Had mine tied 6 years ago. Havent had any issues at all. Was back to work the next day. Same with the ablation i had about a yr later.

Most abdominal surgeries are pretty well healed after 6 weeks. Lots of walking (nothing strenuous) will help afterwards. Its usually done laparoscopic surgery so you’ll have about 3 small incisions. Mainly its just very bruised feeling afterwards. Some swelling/bloating, there will br gas to pass afterwards lol

I had mine done 18 years ago and now I’m paying for a tubal reversal. The process was simple, hardly any after pain, just a little sore. It’s best to do it right after delivery also ask the procedure they’re doing… there are different ways they do. I’d do the clips in case life changes your mind later, or discuss about leaving enough to repair just in case.

Removal reduces your risk of ovarian cancer.

Had mine done after my 2nd csec almost 2 years ago…only side effect is heavy periods

The recovery for mine was harder than the recovery after birth and lot of people I talked with said the same. I wasn’t in pain but it was uncomfortable for a while, kind of like a pulling sensation in my stomach. Idk if that was everything healing but I had to sit with my legs crossed (Indian style) to be comfortable and ease that pulling feeling. It was also difficult to lean over and put my baby in her crib, once I got her like halfway down it was really uncomfortable and I had to ask for help with that for a few weeks.

I had a c section and a tubal ligation and felt much better than I did after a medicated birth.

I just had mine removed during my csection. It’s called an Salpingectomy. They offer that as well by laparoscopy. I chose to just have them removed to cut down risks of ovarian cancer (that runs in my family) and the chances of any future ectopic pregnancies. I’m 3m PP now and have had no issues! I will still have a monthly cycle and my ovaries so my hormones weren’t compromised and won’t be sent into early menopause. I didn’t notice any extra pain or down time that my csec didn’t already cause.

I have 2 handsome boys and because of my health issues (high blood pressure and anxiety) we decided that I would get my tubes tied after #2 was born. I had a c-section and full recovery time was about 6-8 weeks. With my first baby I was driving and went shopping by myself about 4 weeks post partum. With the 2nd so it took a good 5-6 weeks. Everyone heals differently and I honestly still have pain some days (5 years later). Take your time recovering and think about doing it while you’re still in the hospital. (I came home 72 hours later-3 days). Waiting 2-3 weeks may screw up your routine at home and if you’re like us, hubby/grandparents won’t have any more time off of work to help out with the other kids…best of luck to you and your family :slight_smile:

I’m getting mine done as soon as this baby is born. It definitely helps reading what others went through.

Had mine done 10 years ago when I had a c section. Don’t remember it being a longer recovery time than having a regular c section. The downside was periods we’re extremely heavy after wards for several years. Make sure you are positive this is what you want before doing it. I hear a reversal doesn’t always work and sometime ins doesn’t cover it. My Dr said why not just go on the pill? No, I am bad with taking pills daily. I am happy I did it and have no regrets.

Mine was great not much pain at all I had it done shortly after my last baby it took me 2 days to feel normal again

Do it before you leave hospital .don’t wait .

Does ur hospital offer post partum tubal ligation ? They do this within first day or so if having ur baby ! It’s worth a shot to ask you’re already there and don’t have to come back and have surgery months after having baby …

I had mine “clamped” just as I was having an emergency c-section. It took like an extra 2 minutes because they were already in there… since it was a c-section I was scared but it really wasn’t bad

My doc is doing my tubal in the hospital when I have my daughter in October.

I want mine tied. Husband wants 1 more. So right now I’m on the patch

I had no issues at all except I had to get the re stitched twice cuz when they said relax and heal I DIDN’T LISTEN :confused:
(Had a 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and newborn haha)

It will be maybe a week

My dr made me wait so i had it when my son was 9 weeks old…its hard emotionally i was just beginning to feel better after having my 3rd …the soreness is pretty much gone after a week …i had a long period after the surgery about 9 days…id say better to do it when u deliver…i had mine because im almost 40 and i was sick my whole pregnancy and i have to work.

Had mine done the day after I had my son. It was a simple procedure and I left the hospital the following day only because we had our son circumcised. Recovery was easy, the incisions itched some but I wasn’t down at all because of it. I am extremely happy I had it done. It was 9 years ago and I got the cut, tied and burned

Mine were completely removed during a scheduled csection. Normal healing time from that. Spotting seemed to be lot longer!

I had mine done when my daughter was 10 hours old laparoscopic 2 stitches and I couldn’t even tell I had any thing done

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You will be asleep for the procedure, a little crampy later but not much. Take it easy, you just had a baby!

I just had my tubes removed a couple days ago. I’m sore and bleeding but the soreness is in my lower abdomen not my incisions

I had mine done 35 years ago went home same day no restrictions. Thru belly button only a little bandaid…