What is the process like getting a name change for your child?

Goodmorning ladies has anyone went through a name change for their child? and can explain the process to me ? my kid is three years old and I was young when I had her my mom controlled everything and suggested I name her grace which I was not with the whole name thing now I’m older I live on my own and would like to get it change ASAP. London is what I want it changed to and what it’s supposed to be , my friends and her daycare calls her London I explained to them why I wanted her to be called that and she’s use to being called that. Any advice on how I can start by changing it on her documents and the process of changing it ?


Call the court house and ask what papers need filed. If dads not in the picture some states make you put an article in the local newspaper of the last known location of the dad for 30 days prior to changing a name.

Michael can you help with this one?:thinking:

Name your next kid that


You have to go to the courthouse. Get the paperwork. Pay like up to 500 bucks and Have a judge approve the change.

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Why did you let your mom name your kid?


Visit your local court house and talk to a clerk about the papers and fees you might have to deal with.


I have a similar questiin but its about last names. My daughter has my last name (but her father still has his monitored visits, but im getting married and what my daughter to have the same name as us. Is that wrong ? Shes never had her fathers name so i just dont want her to be the only Jackson left . Any advice

We did for my son! We changed his last name. We had to go through the court system and it cost a bit of money. We also had to have the biological father sign off on it. But he didn’t care about him and that’s why we had his name changed :cry: call the clerk of court and they have name change papers. Then after all that you have to go through and change the name on the birth certificate

it only cost 150.00 here in North Carolina an it was one simple paper an the lawyer fill it out.

Courthouse paperwork and $35 where I live

It didn’t cost that much in Washington either

File paperwork at the courthouse in your city and you’ll have a court date and the judge will approve name change then.

There are papers you will need to file with the courthouse and you will need both biological parents with rights to sign off. Once its court official you will take the court papers to the social security office and file to have the name attached to her SSN changed and then have her birth certificate changed I believe. It’s an expensive process and can take a while but a clerk at your courthouse will know the specific requirements for your area

I think you can add also, my sister did it, left the original as a second name, and only had to pay filing fee where we lived.

You have to petition the court and go in front of a judge.

Check with the court house. Each state is different in CA complete paperwork pay court fee we paid almost 400, post ad in paper for 30 days and then the judge signs off.

After 3 years, why change it?

I just had to correct the sex on my sons bc. On the paoer work it said they will not honor name changes. Last names yes.

My mom changed my sisters full name when she was 2 years old she was in california at the time i dont remember what she said it costed but she did go through the court house and social secruity office to do it

It can b done -u have 2 go thru ur court system n it’s gonna cost u - ck ur court house 4 HOW 2 CHANGE A NAME –

Court house will tell u what papers u need to do it, one they are filled out and filled . U may have to post it in a paper in the special notice section. Start at the court house.

But one thing is for certain, you can’t the DNA.

i always wondered with my girl, she wants a letter in her name changed… so i wanted to check price for that where i am