What is the process of having lipo?

Has anyone had lipo? I’m 230lbs and have been thinking about it if you’re not embarrassed can you tell me how much it cost and how recovery went


Honestly, my mom was that weight a year ago. Started intermittent fasting and significantly lowered her carbs and sugar and she lost 50 pounds in 4 months. It’s totally doable and cheaper than liposuction. Might be worth a shot at looking into something like that. Just have to be disciplined enough to stick to a full lifestyle change!

My sister had lipo on her stomach and boob job cost her 30,000 the lipo was hardest she suffered through major infection … she went from size 12 to size 2


Research it.
Lipo is not for weight loss. Only visceral fat is removed. It’s more for sculpting. Quite a few doctors won’t perform it on folks over a certain bmi.

Swollen for months so results are not immediate. Drains poking out of your body. Some have said that tummy tucks and boob jobs have easier recovery.

But… I always love the results pictures. Some come out with Jessica rabbit curves. I’m having a mommy makeover and my surgeon cost about $6k for full body Lipo. (In Kansas). I find that Kansas is decently cheap. Florida is the cheapest.

I opted out of that part of my make over because I didn’t think I could handle the recovery with a toddler. Realself.com can show you different outcome with people of similar stats.