What is the proper way to breastfeed when you are plus sized?

I am looking for recommendations on how to properly breastfeed a baby while being plus size/having large breasts. What’s the most comfortable position? How do I hold him without suffocating him with my boobs? My breast isn’t perky; they hang low. And my nipples are not that prominent; they are almost flat. I am looking for recommendations on how to properly breastfeed a baby while being plus size/having large breasts. What’s the most comfortable position? How do I hold him without suffocating him with my boobs? My breast isn’t perky; they hang low. And my nipples are not that prominent; they are almost flat


A boppy pillow was a God send. I used one arm to position the baby, and one to hold my breast away from his face to prevent suffocation.


Football hold, with the baby’s feet facing toward your back. Baby’s body resting on the arm of a chair or pillow helps.


I always laid down to breast feed I loved it and it worked well

I’m sure small breasted but just an idea that might help is maybe use a bra and cut open to expose nipples and areola area to pick up and hold the boobs in place


I can relate a little :sweat_smile: I nurse my little one​:breast_feeding: I use a nipple shield (my nipples are mostly flat too) & a boppy pillow

GET A BOPPY PILLOW 10/10​:star2: :joy:

Boppy pillow and football hold. Best way I found to do it

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I have 38H. So I can understand your frustration. Prop yourself up. Get comfy. Use pillows. Youre not gonna suffocate your baby. When I started I tried holding my breast back while he nursed to provide breathing. My LC said not to because it can effect the latch that their nose keeps the boob pressed out far enough for them to get air. My breasts were like twice the size of my babies heads when they were born. Remember bring the baby to your breast. Not your breast to your baby. For the sake of your back!


I ended up sitting down almost laying on my back, I’d put the kids on my stomach and let them get comfy to feed. This was easier at night on the couch because when growth spurt hit they’d automatically head for the other one when the first was empty


You need a nipple shield it helps them latch on when you have flat or inverted nipples. I don’t know about the rest tho, because I barely have boobs lmao :joy:

Football hold or a boppy pillow


I used a boppy pillow and the foot ball hold. I’m not plus sized but I had gigantic boobs it’s generally the best position for that and flat nipples. I wrapped the boppy around my waist and laid the baby on my right side with my hand under his head. Exactly like this pic I just found. Try this!

The easiest for me was laying down on my side and having her lay on her side. The hardest was the football hold. I’m why, but she’s absolutely refused I latch on when I held her that way… I’m not very large breasted (c cup), but they are just like you described.

A nipple shield helped me at first (H cups) I would hold my breast the the V hold and have the baby laying across me in a cradle hold. Seek help from the most experienced lactation consultant you can find. Someone whose been doing it forever.


I agree with everything that has been said, tip for clothing comfort wise for in public/with company, I used to wear a tight vest top/strappy top underneath a nice baggy top so that I could pull the vest top down to uncover my breast and pull the baggy top up, it meant none of my body was on show (I didn’t like the idea of people being a letter to see any of my belly) and nobody ever knew I was feeding my girls until I started to burp them xxx


hold the baby like a football comfy safe and easy

If you put a fitted tube top/crop boon tube over your bra, and pull it up when you are feeding it covers the top of your boobs, and also lifts them, then you can cradle hold. Feeding pillows and wire top nursing covers are a god send too… not that you need to cover, just sometimes if you have big boobs it’s so hard to be discreet and can be stressful when you first start out feeding!

a boppy appelo anything that can prop you up a little bit my favorite to be honest is laying down on my side and I’m just letting the baby nurse that way

Bobby or a pillow***

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Football hold worked great for me

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I could never do the football position with either of my babies. 40G. It just wouldnt work.

Pillow and a football hold! I am a size 42DDD and that was the best way for her and me.

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See if your hospital has a lactation specialist that can help you

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Letterbox hold your breast. Lik you’re holding a sandwich xx

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Nipple shields nipple shields nipple shields!! Especially if you have flat nipples


Using a pumping bra, without the pump worked really well for me. Just pulled my nipple through, and the bra held the rest of me back from suffocating baby.


Laying on your side is easiest

I do football on my left and traditional on my right. Ive always just used a pillow boppys were uncomfortable for me

Normal pillows to build up support and it was different depending on what side as to what position worked best.

I was taught to roll up a dish towel and put it under my breast. it lifts some of the weight up.

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Try a few things out and see what works for you. If you don’t have one already, buy a pregnancy pillow, it really helps with back ache.

We used a shield since my nipples are a bit flat as well, and i had him cradled on a pillow while we nursed

You can use nursing bras, the football hold works well, body pillows or nursing pillows to prop the baby up while you remain in the same position, or you can pump

Roll up a dish towel and place it under your breast.
Also I found wearing a normal bra instead of a nursing bra worked good for support🤷🏼‍♀️

Football hold, make sure you have lots of pillows for supporting your back and to hold baby up

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They make a nipple shield that will help with the “flatness” of your nipple and make it easier for baby to latch


I cradle hold and use my pointer and middle finger to hold my breast away from his nose. Like making your fingers into scissors, not pinching or compressing, just reshaping.

Hold up your boob to do it and use a boppy.Boppy is a life saver

Only you and the baby can answer that question ,it won’t take long to figure out …a nursing bra could help you too

I’d go with the footfall hold. Cradle like a football with mouth at your nipple(s)

Ewwwwww to Minh info bran dad yikes

I was showed , so if you lay more in a recline position and put tuw baby across your belly, this helps the boob drowning pm me if you need a photo

I had to tuck their feet up into my armpit so the boob would hang down to them. Either that or lay on my side belly to belly so they could curl around the boob and have their nose clear.

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Boppy and football hold was my go-to. Also helping support the breast to keep the weight off the baby.

I did the football hold most often. (I am a 40 F when not engorged with milk.) I would use a pillow under which ever arm I was using for extra support. That was the most comfortable way for me. If we were not at home I would use the standard cradle hold. But would use my freehand to keep my breast held back from baby’s nose.

I have 38H breasts. The easiest was the football hold, I guess is what they call it. Lay baby on pillow next you you. Head in lap, under boob. Support baby head with hand

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Get a boppy! Helped me a ton!

I used to do the football hold and had my boy on a pillow which helped a lot, i also used a rolled up handtowel under my breast at first. There are nipple sheilds that work really well also, i didn’t use them at first but was having trouble with latching so ended up using them for a couple weeks before stopping and feeding normally again. :grin:

I lay my baby on a pillow so he’s comfortable and so am I. Be prepared to hold your boob the entire time you’re feeding and press some of it away from their nose with your thumb if you need to. Also nursing bras are a lifesaver! It might take you a few tries to get your baby to latch early on but keep going! Compress the end of your boob so it keeps the nipple out anf taut and bring their head in with the other hand. You’ve got this :heart::ok_hand:t2:

If ur baby hasnt arrived yet; when he does ask the lactation consaultant at the hopsital while your there usually. They try to show you different postioins/methods and what would work best for you. My nurse was deligant about it. Even thou i tokd her i had breast feed my first child she gave me useful tips and suggestions for my 2nd . good luck

I see ALOT of people telling you to just use a shield, but this little device does wonders with flat/inverted nipples. It suctions your nipple and helps perk it up so baby can latch! I used a shield for a little while for other reasons, and it was so hard to get my daughter to latch on my bare breast afterwards. I recommend this so much! As for the proper hold, I was a DDD before having my daughter, and when my milk came in I was an F. I would say the best hold would be over your lap, while supporting your breast with a Ccup hand shape with your other hand, to help hold your breast. Football hold also works well, for bigger chested woman, as well as a positioning pillow. It just depends on the situation and which method you feel comfortable with. As for keeping some privacy and not exposing much skin, the two shirt method is wonderful! You just wear a nursing bra, a comfy tank top, and which ever shirt over the tank top. Then you just pull the top shirt up, and the side you’re feedin,g on of your tank top down. Stomach is still covered, and nothing extra is shown. :hugs:

There are multiple breastfeeding positions. The Cross Cradle position is ideal for fuller busted women.

TIP: Roll up a face cloth and place it under the breast you are feeding on, to help lift and support the breast in position.

I recommend investing in a nursing pillow to help support baby and a quality nursing bra too. Both will help to make breastfeeding easier.

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