What is the strongest brand of coffee?

Anything I can drink abit stronger than coffee :sleepy::confounded::exploding_head::weary::sob:Uuuuhg I’m at my wit’s end f***. I hate being this emotional!!! It’s like I constantly need someone to remind me that Im stressed over nothing :pensive::pensive:I need my family, more than they’ll ever know, Im basically an orphan, My father passed on and my mom threw us away after my dad passed. All I have now is my partner’s family and it’s just not enough, do you know what I mean?? Like I need my own people around me just for awhile…:frowning::cry:My baby will be here in the next 4-5 weeks & I just wanna have my head screwed on properly. I don’t wanna be this unhappy anymore :triumph:


I feel the same way , no advice but to be strong ! And keep pushing

I understand it’s difficult. My mum passed away when I was 16, my dad moved away when I was 17. I started dating my partner at 18 and by 22 I was pregnant with our first.
You’re not upset over nothing, your hormones are going crazy and you’re missing the family you deserve.
Lean on your partner’s family, they can be enough if you are able to open up and trust them not to push you away.
You are worthy of being loved, and you deserve it.
Take care and if things feel too hard maybe talk to your doctor. First time mums who don’t have a mother figure can be prone to Post natal depression. :heart:

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In sure you have friends. Is there a friend tiu can count on? Brorhers or sisters? I have no family members that i really talk ro any nors & I’m sure I’m much ilder than you, however, years ago I made my moto: Thise who love me love me well and those who don’t can go to h@@@! I have friends that
are more family members then the real ones that are still around. My parebts & 1 sibling are deceased. If i could help you I would. Good luck. There are many of us in a simar situation as you.

Turn to God
He will bring peace to your life
I wish you all the best, I truly do

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I’m confuse Sounds like you have no family and you don’t want your partners family. What does drinking something stronger than coffee have to do with it? Be grateful for what you do have. Be positive for baby.

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Make sure your completely honest with your obgyn about these feelings your having now that way they don’t progress after baby comes.

Search for your siblings? Consult with your doctor. You are depressed. Partner’s family probably could help you if you reached out to them? Must be hard for you so embrace his family and find your siblings.

I agree w/the comment. Drinking something stronger then coffee is not the answer. Jesus loves u and can bring u a peace that the world cannot give. I will pray for u!

Everything will be okay! I know it’s the hardest thing ever to be away from family when you need them the most. But you may be surprised your husbands family can still make an effort just talk to your doctor so she knows how your feeling

Family is a circle of friends who love you. You don’t have to be related. Cultivate old friendships, reconnect with people from your childhood, create grandparents from church members, neighbors, etc. It’s tough not to have your parents.

If you can afford a doula to bring you through pregnancy, birth & beyond, that might help you feel supported by someone who is all yours. At least you have hubs’ family—some don’t even have that, especially military wives stationed overseas, far from home.

I’m sure there are women in this forum who live nearby who would happily act as a mom or extra person to live you & the bambino-to-be. And soon you’ll have your own new family member to love you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please don’t drink anything stronger than coffee, think of baby first. Also, if you don’t have family that you feel like you can count one think of how you’re making your own little family. It can help when you start feeling all alone in the world, but remember in the end you aren’t alone. You’ve got a partner and it sounds like their family wants to help so you have to put your emotions aside and let them help. Hormones around this time are intense and you might just need to reach out and vent your feelings. Good luck with everything and remember to breath :sparkling_heart:

It takes a lot of hormones to sustain a pregnancy, it won’t last forever. You’re almost done. Trying to rest helps me with my mood, just sleep when you need to and whenever you can.

You can always message me, I am in the same boat in a way. I do not speak to any of my biological fam even though they’re all local. Better to not have anything to do with them, they are toxic. And I am not very close to my fiance’s family, they are busy with their own lives even though they live local too. I’m always here if anyone needs a friend to talk to! <3

Aww your not alone Hun. My dad passed away in 2011 and then my mom remarried and I’m currently homeless because she refuses to help my family out. Just remember your kids love you and that’s all you need at the end of the day :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: