What Is Up With My Neighbor?

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"We had a neighbor move in next door about two months ago! We tried to be neighborly ya know mutual respect, helped her move some heavy items in wave when we see her… about two weeks after we moved in she started having extremely sketchy people visiting at odd hours which isn’t our business but they beat in the door so loud, honk horns and are overall just obnoxious to the point it wakes my newborn up! She even had a man looking in our backyard at my kids and nephews playing until my husband went to ask If he needed something and he ran off We’ve tried speaking to her and she just apologizes or acts confused we’ve talked to the landlord and he said she told him she’s in bed every night by 930 only has females over during the day time. I don’t think I should have to move, we love our home but idk how to handle this situation."

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"File noise complaints with the police! After so many she’ll get evicted. There should be something in the contract that says quiet hours are from like 10pm-6 am or something and she’s technically in violation with all those noises"

"I would get a door camera to capture evidence. Its he said she said without it. Then report as needed."

"I wouldn’t involve police at all until you can get some cameras. She’s gonna know you called and if the company is really as sketchy as you say I’d want some proof/protection first because the cops showing up will piss her and her people off for sure. It’s a shame you have to deal with this but the way the world is now I wouldn’t start a war unless you get some cameras set up."

"I’d get security cameras to put up in the areas that you have the most trouble in. The cops will come out and give her a warning, but without proof of anything, and no property damage or theft they cant do much."

"I mean I’m not sure where calling the cops will get you, because u said other people are banging on the door and honking horns, and looking over the fence…she’s not technically doing anything and people come to my house at odd hours because my husband works weird hours, and a lot of his friends look super sketchy but their completely harmless. I’d just keep talking to her. I had to talk to our new neighbors about 10 times before they finally got it into their heads that they can’t have loud party’s on a Wednesday at 3am"

"Sounds sketchy for sure. Get some cameras that can backup to a cloud and can be saved/shared. Try and get license plates and time of day if you can. My parents experienced strange behavior many years ago with a new family that moved in down the street. Turned out to be a drug dealer that eventually got caught!"

"There’s types of people move constantly she will be gone in a few months. You won’t be the only people complaining about the house activities"

"Mind ya business. It’s none of your business who she has in her home. If they are loud make a noise complaint."

"You crossed a line talking to her landlord when she’s not doing anything wrong but being loud."

"Security cameras and if you see them peeking over the fence take a pic with your phone. But don’t be “that neighbor” that complains of someone having a life."

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