What is your 3rd graders class like?

Kind of a silly question, but I’m just wondering moms with kids in third grade and up ,what their language arts class looks like? My child is in third grade and the teacher is wanting them to write a nine paragraph essay by the end of the week. Is this a normal thing now?I don’t remember writing an essay that big even in middle school . I just feel like kids should be focused on structuring their paragraphs better ,and writing a normal five paragraph essay before doing something so big . I tried to look up requirements for 3rd grade in Arizona but not much luck . But maybe I’m just overthinking it . I would love to know everybody’s thoughts and opinions. thanks


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I daughter is a junior in high school, she never had to write the much but I have a kindergarten he is five years old the teacher wants him to read long words and paragraphs. I’m so confused by the new standards, maybe some teachers are just abusing their power.

I am also in Arizona and no my son did not have to write a 9 paragraph essay in the 3rd grade maybe a 5 sentence paragraph. I know a lot of adults that couldn’t even write that much. That is not normal


Not in either state my childs been to school in… She’s in 4th and they are just learning how to write paragraph form this yr… 9 paragraph essay sounds like a gifted class … that’s crazy to me seeing as some adults can’t even do that LOL

Yeah, that’s weird. You’re not overthinking it at all.

I’m a teacher in Arizona. No.

My 3rd grader told me the other day that they had to write a two page story,granted not sure if it’s the bigger lined paper, or regular/wide/college ruled, but they all finished it, at school, within a few days he said :woman_shrugging: that would be a bit much for homework that age tho!

Lindsey Campbell did any of your kiddos have to do this when y’all lived in Arizona? This sounds insane…I know I didn’t when I was in third grade but that was back in the 90s lol (my lands that made me feel old real quick saying in the 90s…)

My third graders have had to write essays and business letters

So, help them complete it. Set down with them & go over how it should be structured. Find examples & go over each paragraph. Then do a rough draft, paragraph by paragraph.
It can take a couple hours but it can be done.


No, that’s ridiculous!!

A paragraph is 3 to 5 sentences and honestly you’re overthinking it. And I bet the teacher is wanting them to write 9 paragraphs to help them learn how to structure their paragraphs better. So how is a 5 paragraph essay worse than a 9 paragraph essay when it’s only 4 more paragraphs? Help your child thru it. If your child sees you don’t like how the teacher is teaching or doing things in THEIR classroom I can guarantee your child won’t end up liking school cause of your reactions. If you show positivity about what the teacher is wanting them to do then you would be surprised how easy it is for them. I’m sorry but the other people commenting and having a problem with a 9 paragraph essay are ridiculous honestly. Just help your kid do what they need to do.


I teach ELA in AZ. My 7/8th graders are doing 5 paragraph essays. They struggle to do that…

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I don’t have a third grader yet but a 9 paragraph essay seems a bit much for a third grader


Lived in Phoenix since 2004. Never had this happen to my child or my grandchildren.

Kids do way more in school then they used to at younger ages. My kindergartener is doing multiplication. My 3rd grader is reading chapter books and having to write 8 paragraph summaries on them and shes has to site websites and stuff…

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Never heard of that for littles. I raised 2. Only time i ever did that in high school was advanced lit class in 10-11 grade


My 3rd grade has to write essays they started last year teaching how to do qn essay qnd continued this year. He started zhe year with 3 paragraph essays qnd now they do 5.

Pennsylvania, my daughter had to write persuasive essays on third grade. It’s not like they’re doing a 5 paragraph research paper.

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My daughter is in 3rd grade and that’s nuts lol. Sorry, I feel that may be too much to ask of a 3rd grader.

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My son is in 3rd grade and he had to write an essay about recycling. It was pretty lengthy but I don’t think it was that intense. And the teacher helped with the structuring and punctuation. Do you know if she’s having them write that on their own or does she plan on helping them along? That’s pretty wild.

Absolutely. 3rd grade was when we learned how to use the library, find what we needed and had to use it, not copy, for full reports with pictures. My first was on The Red Fox, still remember…
We were told over and over, find the information yourself instead of me telling you and your always remember it. Served me well!

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Shouldn’t be happening

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I didn’t but my kindergartener learned vertices on shapes already, most math is simple but vertices?

Kids have to learn more earlier these days. They learn advanced math earlier and I’m not surprised they’re doing 9 paragraph essays in the third grade. The requirements for graduation have changed too. It’s really a shame that high schools don’t offer trade classes any more because the requirements for an academic diploma to get into college are very high. The average student can only hope for a diploma to get into a technical school after high school. And you have to get some training after high school or there just aren’t that many good jobs out there. So yes, kids have to learn more earlier. Applaud elementary school teachers who put in the extra effort to guide these kids through these tough assignments so early. Be prepared to help out too. Education these days is a family affair.

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My 3rd grade son has not had to do this.

I have 3 kids (4th due in July).
The older 2 never had to do anything like this… my youngest is in 2nd grade and I feel like he is learning things earlier than the other 2.
For example, they’ve already covered algebraic thinking in very simple terms. “Like 2+x= 4. what is x?”
I didn’t do that until middle school! And my older 2 didn’t either.

Also as a school bus driver of 8 yrs and being the 3rd grade driver for our rec center I can tell you that these kids are being pumped out smarter and quicker despite what anyone wants to say. YouTube and tik tok aren’t dumbing their minds as much as people think lol

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That’s hard? When my daughter was in prek at Noah Webster she has mandatory 1 1/2 hr of homework each night. I thought that was hard. So I could only imagine what she would have been doing in 3rd grade there. :grimacing:

Not normal here. My sons longest writing assignment happened this year and he is in 5th grade. It was a 2 page story.

Not uncommon but 9 paragraphs? More used to seeing 3-5

I don’t write 9 paragraph essays in college! We have a 500-750 word rule.

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Totally normal here, especially towards the end of the school year. They’re seeing what the kids actually learned from the year and how they’re putting it to use. :woman_shrugging:


Is more writing going to hurt them though? 🤷


9 page paragraph for a 3rd grader? I have never heard of that. I had a 9th, 3rd and 1st grader. My 9th grade never had to do anything like that in 3rd grade.

My grandpa made me write book reports every week(not school manditory) on the book I read that week. A paragraph at that age is only 3-5 sentences. And they can be simple. That’s not outlandish. I’m sure that’s a big project they will be working on in school as well as put of school. It teaches the fundamentals of writing essays more than anything. I think that’s awesome. Comprehension is important for all subjects. It helps with that as well.


My 4th grader is just starting this

It’s not a matter of normal or not. What about the school system right now is normal? 3rd grade we were doing book reports and having to do ALL writing in cursive with no exceptions and if any of it was in print points were taken away. Multiplication was a big thing. The world itself has changed, I would think schools would adjust as well. From the other comments it sounds like they are being taught at a higher standard with higher requirements. Personally, I would be thrilled. It means they are challenging my child rather than teaching the bare minimum that’s “expected” at third grade. I’m having them write 9 paragraphs they are going to see paragraph structure, sentence structure and see how well they can discuss the topic. Plus a week to write it means a paragraph or two each day and turn it in Friday. Middle school I was writing that in a class period and if not finished it was homework. High school was minimum 3 pages on essays with the teachers I had. If you’re this concerned about it ask the teacher and I’m sure she will explain the reasoning and even give you the requirements, simplify them so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming

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AZ here and yes my kid has done work like this since prob 1st grade. They’re being taught, that’s what schools are for… We learned cursive and all kinds of stuff that these kids today aren’t learning.

Everyone will have a different answer because school curriculum varies from state to state. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I would consider the support provided along the way. Are the teachers expecting them to construct are paragraphs at once, or doing a couple each day (with a focus given) and then the work over multiple days coming together for the longer piece? It’s all about structure and support.

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My daughter did an 8 paragraph essay, with photographs/graphs with it, as well, last year in 3rd grade. Seems normal to me. :woman_shrugging:t2:

They do adding and subtracting in kindergarten they do everything early now

Catholic school was already doing this back in the days

I guess I am old school…don’t take their childhood away so quick. Let them be happy and want to go to school…not dread going…

So much of schooling these days demands the parents help.

See how they do with the assignment :woman_shrugging: if they are really struggling talk to the teacher.

My kid is in kk (the step between preschool and kindergarden) and im.so happy I put her there, even tho they wanted to put her in kindergarten. They read now at that age. Wild. I also babysit a 6 year old in first grade, and I feel we was doing the stuff she is in 3erd. So… I guess I think it’s acceptable. It’s not what I personally would want or think is appropriate but they seem to do good. 9 paragraphs is what, a page and a half? At that age? I don’t really know but if they need tonread by kindergarten that’s would be the appropriate steps… they are super.smarter than giving credit for… however me myslef, can’t spell worth a shit at that’s alot of preasure. Js

This is Canada but we didn’t even NEED 9 paragraphs by grade 12

I live in AZ and work at a school and no they do not do that where I work