What is your best face wash?

What do you ladies you for face wash/cleanser, facial lotion?? I have bought quite a few different products for my face, but there’s just no change. My face is so dry and very red, it’s embarrassing. I can’t see my dermatologist till July. Whatever tips you have and recommendations send my way!! Thanks!


So I’ve tried all kinds of things and never really noticed any kind of change in my skin, no matter what I was using. What did finally bring me some results was one learning that I needed to moisturize to combat the oiliness and dryness.

But then 2, I now wash my face for well over a minute. I guess I never thought much about it, but I would just rub a bit and rinse. They say you can’t break the oil barrier on your skin for at least 30 seconds, so I just don’t think I was ever actually cleaning it well😬

I use Cerave wash and lotion, and I add in some different serums, creams, etc, and kind of use them all sporadically, but something each day.

My skin is still not great but it’s better than it’s ever been before, and I continue to see improvement.

I learned in my 40’s that less is more with face care. I use Mad Hippie wash and serums and then Neutrogena moisturizer with spf. I’ve noticed big changes in the feel of my face, the brightness, pore size and overall dewy-ness. This is really the first time I’ve seen actual improvement with a skincare line.

CeraVe face cleanser and CeraVe moisturizer cream.


So I started using the Cetpahil Daily Gentle Wash and I know it may sound strange but Dollar Tree has a really awesome skin care line. I use the Vitamin C, Collagen and Hylaronic Acid. The brand is called bpure.

Curology! Its helped my face so much!
I cleanse with the Johnson and Johnson baby bar of soap and let my curology do the rest.

Cetaphil cleanser & moisturizer

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I have dry skin and rosacea so I use COSRX snail muscin or fenty, depending on my budget when I have to restock

Castor oil at bedtime. Many utube vids on this subject. Also, eat a proper human diet of meat and eggs for healthy skin. Lots of testimonials about all the benefits of kicking malnutrition to the curb!!

I use a calendula oil off Amazon

Whatever soap I reach first. Might be mine, might be my daughters, might be dish soap. It’s all the same - soap is soap

BEAUTYCOUNTER, counter control line.

Just face cloth and what ever is nearest to me

Lemongrass Spa Lemongrass Spa Products

Sounds like rosacea. I use Jafra, but Mary Kay also has a gentle face wash.


I swear by this stuff but be cautious, because it has tea tree oil in it and that can be harsh on some people’s skin.

Juvial Soap Co. has amazing handmade face and hand soap 🫶🏻

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