What is your dinner schedule like?

Hiiiii, everyone! What does everyone’s dinner schedules look like here? Do you guys cook every night? I’m tired of cooking every single night for dinner and always run out of ideas.


Have you tried a meal kit like hello fresh? I try different ones and switch it up when the promos run out. It helps a lot to decide what to make and cuts down time on buying the groceries.

My husband and I take turns cooking and we get takeaway maybe once or twice a month. I use Pinterest for new ideas

I cook Friday-Sunday, Monday is leftover night (fridge gets cleaned out Monday night), Tuesday my husband cooks, Wednesday we order or go out or I make pizza, Thursday my son cooks.

Wednesday I do all the meal planning and Saturday I prep for the week including making all the dough and bread products. Saturday is hot and sweaty and a total grind but pays off for the rest of the week.

I work graves so I don’t cook every single night. Sometimes we have fend for yourself nights cause my older kids can do that lol, unless they ask me to make them something I will. We will do crockpot meals, air fried meals and one pot meals a lot. Also breakfast or pizza night is like a weekly thing at our house.

Most of the time it’s either crock pot meals or things you can pop in air fryer I gave up on making nice sit down meals because my teens have alot of activities and my 6 year old is picky we even do cereal nights once a week its take out but my husband works at pizza hut so it’s pretty cheap for us to eat out

We usually eat at 6 and we try to eat at home as much as possible. I do run out of ideas but I also have 5 or 6 meals I make consistently. Super simple ones and now it’s summer we do alot of stuff out on the grill.

We cook every night, my boyfriend man’s the grill while I make the side dishes. (I am on keto so yes we cook daily)

I cook almost every night and keep a meal plan. Sometimes I swap it around a little. We already did home made nuggets, and are doing app night tonight. Eating out is expensive and most of it makes me sick. We usually only eat out for special occasions or when already ill.

No l don’t cook every night. Probably 5 or 6 nights a week. We usually have at least 1 night a week where it’s fend for yourself night.

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Cook every nite but Saturday and Sunday make you a meal plan on Sunday for the week it helps a lot