What is your family getting your children (Non toy related)

So what is everyone getting their kids (or asking family members) for their kids for Christmas NON-TOY related!!! I’m basically looking for ideas for my 4 & 5-year-olds again non-toy related. Thank you!


Yearly passes to the zoo or aquarium were always a big hit when mine were little.

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Clothes, books, art supplies?

season passes to a zoo, water park, pool, or museum, a movie date with that relative or really any type of “date” with a relative

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Got my 5yr old this super cool teki blow up air fort!!

Hiking and camping supplies. Trail guides. Some pocket guides on animal tracks and scat.

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What else would a 4&5 year old want?


My mom got them guinea pigs and my stepmom is taking them to build a bear. I told everyone they have enough toys, books, and clothes (unless they want to buy 2 sizes up) and we would rather everyone not buy those things if they can help it. My dad is still buying them some toys and we got them a few small things, but I think everyone else is getting them money/gift cards.

Outschool gift cards, sewing kit, little kid recliner!

I’m getting my 5 year old a solar system rug and solar system stress balls (because he likes to make the planets and I know even with the rug he’ll still want to) he accidentally saw the rug when I was looking at it on my phone and he got so excited. Lol

Adventure gifts cards chuck e cheese, zoo, jump world, aquarium things to go do

Bean bag chair, ice skates (they’re building a rink in my town!)

Art supplies every year

I’m making a dress up wardrobe for my daughter…n filling it with costume accessories…wigs… jewelry…fancy dresses


Tent, sleeping bags, art supplies

In the past we have got some bits for our sons room like a print of the world and a little wooden chair. This year we have some camping bits.

Board game, books, family pass to the local zoo.

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Unfortunately our babies only have one grandparent left so nothing, only our prezzies but I did buy my best friends 4 children these beautiful night lights :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I told my parents to get the kids p’js. There almost all in their teens. I know it sounds weird, but when I asked them they all said pjs. It’s easy, and fun, and they live in them during the holidays. Like they get out if the dirty one’s and into clean ones.

Music lessons, riding lessons, swimming lessons, hockey equipment or sports equipment, day trip passes, dress up costumes and props are a few of my favourite ideas.

Clothes, art sets, stem projects, books, puzzles

Zoo membership? A trip day trip or weekend vacation. Library card or membership. Some type of class?? Instrument or dance.

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I went with craft things. Something where we can do it together. Like I got a giant poster that you put on your wall and color. It works as a joint activity but if I want a few mins of silence it will work for that too

Clothes, jewelry, crafts, board games for the family

We bought our 5 year old an art easel and colours. So paints, pencils, crayon etc
This isn’t a toy per say lol

Clothes, books, bedding set, they’re all into makeup so we got Ipsy subscriptions

Books, puzzles, movies, crafts, games, activities they can do,

My daughter(3.5) is getting a Christmas dress, winter coat, and early readers type books.

Something they want,
Something they need, something to wear, something to read.

For my daughter I am asking for Montessori sand paper letters and numbers (on Amazon for about 20/set), clothes in the next size up, shoes 2 sizes up, books, puzzles, dress up clothes, jewelry ect

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Homemade gifts, books, clothing

A certificate for a ‘day of fun’… Cooking, art, zoo, museum… Perhaps for spring break??

We give family Christmas eve boxes that have pj’s, a family Christmas movie, snacks, sometimes a puzzle…

I asked for jumbo crayons since my daughter is just learning to use them and is heavy handed

Christmas isn’t Christmas until the kids unwrap pajamas in my house.

Books, blankets, slippers, art and crafting supplies, sports and outdoor play equipment…

Clothes and shoes to grow into through the year, some learning books and puzzles, art and craft things, muck around clothes for when he goes to see the horses at the paddock (MIL has set up a little playground for him there), new boots for the paddock, a couple of spare hats to leave at their places as we are constantly losing them

We are doing an outfit, set of pjs, book and movie.

Tickets to the muesum, baseball games, movies, zoo?

Maybe something like that would be cool

My mom get my kids season passes to the water park.

Movie gives certificates are nice, Park district passes, Barnes & nobles gift cards so they can pick out books that they want.

Art supplies and the pajama box

Grandparents started getting day tickets or season passes to places we frequent, arts and crafts projects and the years money wasn’t okay for me, I was asked what the kids needed. (lunch box and backpack with snacks and movies for them)

My boys are getting new fishing equipment

Comforter set, pj’ s and a $50 gift card for wal mart.

This is the only thing they’ve told me ahead of time😂 it looks great!

We get my daughter books and name brand shoes of her choosing (she designed her own converse this year). I dunno if you’d consider this a toy, but we get her a board game too. We play it Christmas night after all the festivities have died down just us 3

My mom is getting our 6 almost 7 year old a yoga mat because she loves doing yoga with mommy and one of those scooters with the 4 wheels that you sit on and has handles so they can scoot across the floor (like the ones they have in P.E. classes). All the other things are toys I believe.

I asked for books their aunt and uncle are also getting both our boys new bedding and I asked their grandma to get wall decor to spice up their rooms a bit

Books, board games, art supplies, puzzles, clothes,

I bought Emma a knitting kit… So she can learn to make a scarf like elsa

My kids are 2 & 4. And, I’ve gotten these gifts throughout the years: books, hooded bath towels, hooded beach towels, hooded blankets, play doh, clothes (shirts, pants, dresses, pjs, coats, hats, mittens & socks) in their favorite characters/colors, slippers, science projects, bubble bath, bath crayons, bath bombs, character body wash, favorite snacks & candy, puzzles, window markers, activity books, stickers, Christmas ornaments, Christmas socks, flash cards, games etc.

coloring sets & clothes my son is 2

Premium bonds and a glittery-lava lamp for their rooms.

Good question, my kids have enough clothes and shoes as well as toys and games, I wouldn’t like to ask for something a little bit more long term. Amazon lets people contribute to a total amount, maybe if they want something big family could contribute. My kids want a trampoline since the neighbor broke there’s. Maybe I will start a fund for that.

I’m getting mine who are 4 and 3 learning stuff like books ect coloring stuff and clothes bc they have so many toys as Is

I got mine all diffrent kinds of stickers and sticker books to start sticker collection wooden stamps and activity books all under 25 dollars for 2 kids 6 and 4

Book shelf and books

Last year my 2 year old who is obsessed with fish and animals we got a subscription to National Geographic kids. It just expired this year. He loves getting mail every month and we look at them together. It was a great idea.

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Something to wear, something to read, something they want, something they need.


My mom is getting pajamas for the kids and their uncle is getting them new bed sets. I plan to get a few toys but also clothes, shoes, books, craft stuff etc…

It’s not a “fun” gift but my grandfather got me savings bonds every year for my birthday and that has been super helpful as an adult. It is almost enough for a down payment on a home


Clothes or gift cards

Books, socks, clothes, gift cards (for my older one), gift cards for restaurants for throughout the year, shoes (LOTs of different sizes because they outgrow so quick) Project kids (think discovery volcanos and etc) for when schools shut down and over summer

Personalised hoodies on amazon …£16 … personalised is.always a lovely.touch x

Hoodies, clothing, shoes, projects/craft stuff (jewellery making, Bath bomb making, painting kits etc etc), if you have a look on the stem sections of toy websites they r great.
When my daughter was little I started collecting disney traditions. She has around 9 now. Last year I decorated her room for xmas. Put a bow on the door. She was chuffed.
Ermmm… adventure vouchers are a good one. Maybe a card (if you want put it in box/wrapped/bags. Make them open a few. Maybe add in clues about what it is) and write in we are going to go to …zoo…theme park…water park…legoland or something they will love.

Days out, experience days that sort of thing! Stuff you can do as a family when the world goes back to a little bit of normality x

Bubble bath for the 4 and 6 year old boys. Gift pack of lotion, bubble bath and other things for the 8 year old girl. Gift pack was $5.00 at Dollar General.

I’m getting my 9 year old a photo book of pictures of her and family from 2020 Shutterfly. Lots of changes in her this year and I think she’ll love it!

I love giving my kiddos experiences. Like this year it was supposed to be Disneyland. Otherwise I follow the need, want, wear, read rule.

Savings bonds, cash for savings account/college account. They probably won’t miss the gifts this young but they sure will appreciate them when they are older. Plus they usually get tons of gift/toys from others,


I got all 19 of my grandkids ( age from 8-4 days old) a kid size blanket ( from my daughter in laws online boutique) and had their individual name put in theirs! Last year I did Yeti like cups with their name on them as well in their two favorite colors! Year before was an ornament with yep their name on it!


I got my 10 yr old granddaughter an “adoption” of a fox. Comes w/ a stuffed fox, adoption certificate, story about and a picture as well as a calendar.


My parents give the gift of time. Like we go to the beach as a family and Make memories. My kids love it and we look forward to it every year.


Kiwico is awesome. Been doing it for grandson for 5 yrs and no ending in site. It is nice because you can change what they get as they grow

Usually go with clothes, gift cards or I like to do like a girls day out or a boys day out… nails done, hair done… lunch. Or breakfast then bowling or a sleep over that night. I always loved family pictures growing up!

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Get them each a garden bed and heaps of vegie seeds, my little boy loved it. Grows his own vegies every year, hes only 7.

A pair of jammies, a movie, slippers & popcorn all boxed together!

Membership to their local zoo, children’s museum, or aquarium

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Some thing they need, something to read, and a toy.

I always get my grandchildren books, clothes, age appropriate art kits.

New blanket and sheet sets. Purses, clothes. (Socks and undies) shoes . Hygiene products like toothbrushs and bubble bath. Books.

Books, movies and clothes

We got ours handheld microscopes you can connect to your phone & take pics with. $17 each

We asked for a subscription to National Geographic kids. Kiwi Crates are fun. Also lots of puzzles and books and craft supplies, but you might think of those as toys

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I like to do arts and crafts, sports stuff, and then experiences like the zoo, movies, something they’d enjoy!

I get my grand kids pjs every year and I was going to stop and they cried foul even at 25 ,22,17!we

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We are doing promise cards/sheets (for those who don’t have a lot of money at the moment they are ideal).
Each card is a promise to do something (when and if we can)
examples, walks to the park, trips to the zoo, home cinema days, family games nights.
If you do them
in a fun chart they can add stickers to
the ones they have done or colour them in if you make it into a colouring sheet.

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Clothes,books,my husband and I getting our two toddlers a wooden table and chairs for their play room and an easel so I can sit in there and teach them more :blush:


Presuming things get back to some sort of normal next year, zoo/museum/children’s museum memberships are nice gifts.

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Im doing vouchers for my oldest for pools, hydroslides, movies, trampoline parks etc. Stuff to make a really fun school holidays. Forbthe family i got a year pass to the zoo

I used to buy them new comforters for their beds and kids towels with cartoon characters printed on them! Take care of things they need and get excited about!

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I got my daughter 2 scarves for winter, a bunch of books and color wonder stuff. She’s 2.5 yrs and I’m skipping the toys this year. For her birthday after, she’s getting a battery operated frozen scooter since she doesn’t have many outdoor things. Also got her puzzles because they are good for fine motor and educational.

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Temporary tattoos, a desk, 6 more months to kiwi crate… clothes especially.

Tickets to the zoo or the movies

Cowboy/cowgirl boots, hats,

Learning things (flash cards and educational games) crafts… Clothes.

Clothes, books, zoo passes, shoes

This was my son’s birthday present :joy: for the day of course.

Clothes, movies, new bedding and pillows for their room, etc…

Clothes, my son is expensive to dress. So nikes, vans & other big names. And then possibly a play ground outside & a dirt bike.