What is your favorite birth control?

What’s everyone’s favorite birth control?? I used the pill in the past and only had minor hormonal issues… Just looking for new suggestions!

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IUD is the only birth control I could use because of the hormones. I have the hormone free Paragard and I have had it for 16 years with zero issues. It is recommended for 10 years but my gyno said that is how long they tested it for but it can be used indefinitely if no issues.

I like the nexplanon ( thing in arm that lasts 3 years)

I have the nexaplon implant in since my daughter was one she’s now 11 I find it brilliant no periods at all

IUD is elite! I have kyleena and never notice I have it. I’m on year 3

Keeping his small disappointment peepee away from my kid cave. Thats the best BC around for me lol :joy:


I’ve had the nexplanon implant since my daughter was six weeks old. I’ve had it replaced once as she is now 8. I HATE needles, so that part of the process sucks, but I love that it is effective and I don’t really have to think about it.

I had the mirena and absolutely loved it! Didn’t have a period, and if I did, it was like once every 6 months or longer, and it was super light and lasted maybe 3 days. Didnt even know it was in! I have my tubes removed now .

Nexplanon. My cycle took time to regulate. But since then. It’s been so nice!

I have the nexplanon implant I love it I don’t have to remember to take it it don’t irritate my skin like the patch did and it’s good for 5 years I also don’t have a period I only spot here an there.

Due to migraines and stuff I use the mini pill.

Abstaining. It’s free, easy to use can’t forget it, no risks and harm to the body and 1 million percent effective! Absolutely perfect for me!