What is your favorite cereal you can get on WIC?

What is everyone’s favorite cereal that is covered by WIC (I’m in Wisconsin)? Also what else do you buy with your WIC card?


I love the original life cereal or multi grain cheerios!

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I get the frosted shredded wheats little bites my kids love them.

I always used to get the cinnamon Chex. I’d add a little sugar and I still prefer that to Cinnamon Toast Crunch now :joy:

Honey bunches of oat with almond


I get frosted shredded wheat sometimes but my daughter really likes the bran flakes from piggly wiggly

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Milk, eggs, cheese, cereal…
It’s probably changed since I’ve been on it in the mid 80’s

Frosted shredded wheat!!!


Vanilla Chex or honey bunches of oats with almonds

With my oldest 2 I would get life cereal then Cinnamon life then with my youngest Cinnamon Life was not eligible. (They are seven years apart)

on wic with cereal should be all the healthy stuff like cheerios , kix stuff like that ohio here.

Blueberry Chex and the berries crunch Cheerios

Multi grain Cheerios or kix