What is your morning like with your kids?

Just wondering what everyones mornings are like with your little ones ?


My kiddos wake up early with their dad and I’m usually up an hour after, he will leave and we all kinda chill until someone says they’re hungry after breakfast we usually shower and get ready my kids are 3 and 19months

On the weekend we open doors at 9-10am. Most of the time we chill, or go for a lazy walk outside, or I’m off to study and they do those things with daddy. (We have a 4.5yo and an 9mo)
We usually eat around 11 or so, and my 4yo can watch TV or play with toys until nap time at 230-330.
On school days, one of us opens her door at 7am (whoever is taking her), then we go get ready, and we come back at 710 to turn on lights and get her into the bathroom. It’s a process bc she’s not a morning person and neither am I lol
But it’s easy for the most part.

Thankful for a partner who wakes everyone up in the house so gently. He also gets the oldest something to eat and sets him on his path of getting dressed. I get myself ready (sometimes Only halfway depending on time) and the baby ready, and then do both kids hair.

Mine are 15, 16, and 11 so not little lol. Mondays and Wednesday 11yo wakes at 6am and gets ready for school. Showers, eats, brushes teeth. Older ones wake at 7. I take 11yo at 715 to cheer practice before school. Older ones leave for school at 8. Tue, Thursday, Friday 11yo gets on the bus at 8am. Pretty standard. Weekends they sleep in till maybe 9. I make Cinnamon rolls sometimes before I leave for work. They spend the day arguing, watching TV, studying, and playing outside with neighborhood kids.

Both moan and winge about not wanting to go to school … one burst out in to tears if we pour the wrong cereal in to a bowl ( or the wrong bowl)
Just gotta go with the flow and not get to angry since they are only little

Cramming no matter how early we wake up, were in most of the time I scream at the top of my lungs…somedays are just fine and goes smoothly…depends on children’s moods…i have a 12 yr old, an 8, a 6 and a 4 year old…then i clean up after they’ve all gone to school😊 but fun…my youngest is homeschooled I basically teach him…he is also my little assitant who helps anyway he can when i clean the house so we can study his lessons after…but next year i will be sending him off to school as well…during week ends is lazy day…i allow them to get up a little bit late…

They wake up - get ready for school, tattle at least 4 times on each other, the 6 year old wants to take my makeup, I say no 3 times. Out the door…:rofl::rofl: