What is your nightly routine?

For those of you that have kids that attend pre-k what’s your nightly routine look like? My son is 4 and has school Monday-Wednesday 9-12In the evenings we normally play a while, feed chickens, go outside etc. then it’s supper, bath, brush teeth, bed. If I let him lay in the bed with me he will go to sleep fairly quick, if I put him in his bedroom upstairs he stays up later and is so exhausted the next day. Do you guys stay with your 4 year olds until they go to sleep in their room or just say forget it and let them lay with you? I’m so confused


I read to my kids then put on their calming music on their TV.

I still lay w mine until they fall asleep every night and they just turned 5&7

My kids fall asleep in my bed and my husband carries them to their rooms… However, they always end up back in my bed at some point.

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We would lay in bed with our daughter till she would fall asleep till she was around 5. Then a little while after we could leave without her being fully asleep. My little guy is going to be 3 in December and I lay with him till he falls asleep but he ends up in our bed anyway. lol. :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl: I like/liked laying in bed with the kids. We read a book and then cuddle. Some nights could be more difficult than others but I think they liked the comfort of knowing you’re there. Only little once! :heart:

I coslept.I had all 4 of my kids in bed with me at one point

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I play Bob Ross while mine is laying down. He’s out in seconds.

This was my evening routine when my daughter went to preschool/pre-k. We’d get home, let the dog out, and play outside for a little bit. She would watch TV, color or play in her room while I made dinner. After supper it was bath time, then we’d pick out her clothes for the next day, watch TV or play until about 7:30(ish). Then we’d go in her room, she picked out 3 to 4 books and I’d lay in her bed with her and read to her. Occasionally she would read to me (she made it up as she went along). Finally we’d talk about what we want to do the next day, say a prayer, then goodnight. She was usually out by 8:15 to 8:30 and up by 5:45 to 6 the next morning. It’s what worked for our family. Hopefully you find a routine that what works for your little guy.

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We read books (usually 5-6) and then I tuck her in and go through our good night sayings etc. She usually watches her fish for a few minutes as she’s drifting off and I’m usually able to go in and turn the fishes light off 10-1t mins after I’ve left after our good nights.

My daughter’s been going to sleep in her own bed since she was 12 months old… I ensured this wouldn’t be an issue

No. We play till about 730 after dinner. Make popcorn and watch a movie. Then we head to bed and turn the star nightlights on that rotate. Fan on. Light off. Sometimes she’ll get out a few times but we just send her back

My 4 year old still chest cuddles with me at night :joy::heart:

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Wash my kids up after school in cooler month to rid of germs asap!
7:45pm cleanup toys and brush teeth, 8pm we do kisses & hugs 8-8:30pm tv it’s set on timer at 8:30pm it goes off… last bathroom break then they both yell goodnight mommy/daddy sweet dreams and that’s it :v:t5:
I dont do all that crying hollering talking laying with etc never did since they were little they’ve always slept alone! Am we never had an issue! They are in routine 8:30pm is my time for a little and I’m not sharing it with them :woman_shrugging:t5:love them to death but some peoples children run them an the parents be stresssssed! No ma’am


I never coslept, therefore I never had this issue


bath time is at 7:30 ish. i use lavender bath wash & occasionally melatonin depending on how the day went (doctor’s order). if it’s a melatonin night, i usually give it before the bath so it has time to do its thing.

lavender is also very calming for many and helps with relaxing so i use lavender bath wash & spray their rooms & pillows with lavender. by 8:30/9 at the latest they’re in bed. my high schoolers are usually by 10. the little ones are usually asleep fairly quickly.

and no i do not stay in the room with them, nor do i allow them to sleep in my room. that creates horrible habits that i do not have the patience to break later.

Never ever did i put any of my kids in bed with me to sleep farout no ways Lol from birth they were in their own rooms in a bassinet to a cot to a bed …
Theyr all in school now … 7.30 bed
my 8yr old actually says to me mum its 7.30 should we go to bed Ahahaha ummm yip :smile:

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I am a Gigi / trust me - he will grow up so fast . Let him lay with you ! One day you will wish he did all over again .

We snuggle in my bed. We are co sleepers

Bed routine then in bed at 7 in his own room. he likes to lay and play with a toy or 2 but doesn’t take long to fall asleep.

We stay with him until he falls asleep and ninja creep our way out of his room :joy::joy: he’s only asked 2x that he go to bed alone and we were like ooookkkkk?