What kind of car do you drive with 3 kids?

What kind of car do you drive with 3 kids ?


2007 Nissan Pathfinder SE
2021 Nissan Altima SR
We have three boys and 37wk pregnant with #4

I’m on my second Ford Explorer. I have 4 kids.

2024 Suburban fits all of mine!

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When my kids were little I drove a 2011 Dodge Grand caravan . It was the best! Now I only have one in a booster seat and I drive an Acura MDX. My boys are getting bigger and we need more leg room . Looking at a expedition max or suburban

Odyssey! So proud to have a mom van! The amount of room is amazing!!

I just bought a Honda pilot and I absolutely love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

2018 dodge charger… Can’t bring myself to get a van… They’re ugly and I don’t like them… 3 car seats fit just find in the back seat.

I have 5 kids and drive a 2007 turbo territory. 245kw and instant boost when I’m running late for school :joy: jks it’s great honestly

Chevy impala are quite roomy

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I’ve always owned SUBURBANs cuz it’s never just 1 2 or 3 kids it’s also 2-4 friends :joy::joy::joy:

We walk. Not everyone can afford a car.

2017 Nissan Pathfinder love it.

2012 Chrysler town and county. Don’t ever buy one Chrysler is a pos :triumph:

I’ve had my Toyota Sienna since I had my first. Now I have 4. And I can fit another :joy:

Mazda cx9. Seats seven!! I love it. I couldn’t pull myself to get a van. I swore I would never.

Depends on your needs and income

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Had a Yukon Denali XL, now we have a Tahoe

I have 3 in carseats and have a 2023 Kia Carnival and absolutely love it. So much space even with the third row up.

Stay far away from compact cars, as someone with 3 kids and a “mom car” No. there’s never enough room. Go big or stay home like they say lol.


I have a Chevy Traverse and a Jeep Compass

Honda odyssey. When we’re ready to replace it in a few years I’ll buy another Honda odyssey.

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A pickup
It’s versatile for all our needs and gets about the same fuel mileage as a van, stands up to everyone’s abuse better

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Ford edge and it’s not very roomy with 2 in carseats

A 2020 dodge caravan I love it! Wish I could upgrade to a Honda or Toyota van though

2011 ram 3500 Cummins lol