What kind of careers can you have in a hospital?

I know this is a very broad question and person-specific. I’m just hoping for some ideas maybe I haven’t thought of. I am 33 years old and just started a new career path. I have worked at a hospital as admin support, and I am thinking of going back to school. The problem is I have no clue what for. I do want to build my career with this hospital, and I know I don’t want to go a nurse route. Any other career ideas I could go for within a hospital setting that is unique or not so common? I really want to maybe step outside of the normal opportunities people hear of thank you. anonymous, please

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There’s pharmacy, respiratory therapy, environmental services, infectious disease, phlebotomy, etc. I work as an inpatient pharmacy tech III at a hospital. I compound IV medications most of the time.

Financial or records

Medical informatics.

Is it a teaching hospital? A fellowship coordinator is a great career. Lots of training, networking, you can earn a credential in the field (C-TAGME).

Admissions. Access Rep. Visitor ambassador. Patient care tech
Most hospital jobs don’t have a good schedule. Consider the hours you need before deciding. Most are 12 hour shifts including weekends and holidays.

Healthcare Administration

Surgical technologist

Health science degree

im going to start a program called sterile processing tech… they mostly work in hospitals

Good luck what ever You do.

My hubs works at a hospital doing IT work

BS and below: Xray, ultrasound, other DI, PACS, IT/IS, EHR Admin, Data Scientist/Analyst, Quality, respiratory therapy, lab tech (including pathology, histology, microbiology, etc), healthcare management, EKG tech, monitor tech, accounting, project management, CPR Ed, Nutritionist, risk management, patient advocacy…

Physical or occupational therapy, u can work in many settings. Lab tech, xrsy, opn window of careers

I am i food service supervisor at a hospital. I also do Diet Aide and had a term as the diet clerk. I enjoy the department. Depends how much schooling you want to do. You could look into physio assistant, recreation worker (more so in long term care homes) or ward clerk. look in your local hospitals job listings and just see if you find something sparks your attention.

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Medical Laboratory Scientist!!! That’s what I am and we always need need people in the lab!!

Lab work or X-ray tech

Radiology has treated me well

Social work. You probably need a Master degree. It is also helpful to be bilingual. SF bay area hospitals pay $35 to 50 per hour for social worker.

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Technology jobs: taking X-rays, giving CAT scans, taking blood, etc. Get a certificate at school.

Medical transcription/editor even though the docs/ dept are doing more voice recognition, the doctors I worked for hated to have to edit their own dictation/ reports. They counted on the “editors” to catch all their mistakes (of course some docs don’t believe they ever make mistakes! ) I’ve done it for 45 years, loved it because I loved learning something new everyday!


Talk to human resources and find out what kind of backgrounds they seek and have trouble filling. It can be a casual question on your part.

Respiratory Therapists, are essential, especially now. Physical Therapists have a lot of educational requirements which make them a well paid, sought after career.

Hint** go on a couple hospital websites near you… jot down anything that interests you and things you don’t know what they are and research them.
Make a list and start knocking them out.

If you already work in admin and enjoy it, I would think maybe human resources or even a business administration/management degree to develop skills on the business side of healthcare

I work as a histology tech in pathology. It’s very clinical without ever seeing a live person. It really is a great career!

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Medical coding. I’m 36 and about to finish my degree, its growth potential has gone up 24% in the last 5 years. Job security :slight_smile:

There are tons of options, job shadow and see what you think might fit

Medical laboratory technicians are sorely needed, and a unique career field


X-ray tech is what my oldest son does and my youngest son went to school to fix X-ray equipment.

What ever you do, wear supportive shoes!!! Hospital floor are hard on your back, feet and knees. No cute shoes not ever

If you dont mind blood, Phlebotomy. I have been certified since 2013 a the age of 34. Very rewarding and I went to school( 9months with internship, no loans paid outof pocket) for it but some places train on the job. Always in demand and one more year of schooling you can be a MLT.

Billing and coding they make good money. Respiratory therapist phlebotomist physical therapy

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I work for an ophthalmologist as an optician. I’ve also been a tech and enjoy both areas in optical. They’re located in hospitals

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Administration of records is a good path. I have a family member who did this path instead of nursing.

Scrub techs are in high demand as is medical billing and coding

Child life specialist!

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Medical coder, lab tech, xray tech, billing specialist, housekeeper, Admitting Clerk, pharmacy tech

Respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapy, dietician, pharmacist,medical coding, IT

Take some business courses—hospitals are big business.

Finance, hospital finance has many varied aspects from budgets to reconciliation, reimbursement, inter department transfers etc.

My daughter-in-law is a dietician and she loves it!

Human resources, public health admin, ot/pt/rt/speech, cdn, social work

I was a Respiratory Therapist for 40 years

Do coding and billing

Health informatics and technology

Phlebotomist, cardio-tech, sonogramist

I have a friend who works in hospital she is a nutrition

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Supply chain, HR, marketing… I work for Hca healthcare. We have 300,000 employees. Every job under the sun - even non clinical. Browse our openings for ideas!

Health information management. I’m retired now, but that was a great career path for me and not well known. Check out the AHIMA web site for potential career paths.

Lab technicians, ultrasound specialists, pharmaceutical technicians.

N pay is good.

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Occupational therapy!!!

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Pathology, social working,

Hospital Administration

Health care administration

Radiology tech, surgical tech

Social work/ patient liaison

Health administration

Speech language pathologist, physical therapist (masters degree required)

lab tech, radiology, physiotherapist, occupational therapy, medical billings. there is so many areas dietations, food preparations specialist. nurse manager ,

Ultrasound/Echocardiography/vascular, X-ray, pharmacy tech, cath lab tech, phlebotomist, sterile services tech, med records, child life, social services, education, infection control

They are currently hiring for a surgical sterilization tech… On job training and great pay!