What kind of CBD oil should I give my toddler?

I’m looking into giving my toddler cbd oil. Does anyone have suggestions on a good brand, how much to give him, and possible cons to giving it to him? He has sensory processing disorder and parasomina sleep disorder.


Following. Never heard of this but definitely willing to try!


I would look on reddit and search! Lots of reviews from real people from all over the world. Sorry if this isn’t a direct answer but theres a knowledgeable bunch on there.

This is not a professional answer, just personal.

I would think it’ll be a trial and error thing in the beginning. Trying ones til you find the one that works the best.

There are people that sell CBD that may have a better answer for you.

American shaman… reach out to them and they will give you all the knowledge!

Hempworx is a good brand.


Go to your local pharmacy & ask. I know ours here local has information papers on it.

My only suggestion would be to make sure your oil comes from a reliable source. :+1:t3:


Charlotte web is a great brand. Also it’s kinda trial and error when it comes to dosages

Does anyone know where you can get CBD oil cream for topical use?

Finger Lakes Cannabis is super amazing.

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Find a good Dr, but as with anything, trial and error.
What works for one may not work for another

I’d talk to his doctor about it

Look for raw, unfiltered organic kinds. Make sure none of thc in them. I like green mountain brand. Use on myself and my dogs. Haven’t had to use on my son but it’ll tell you what’s good per body weight and try to match it.

I would stick to a THC free oil myself and not a full spectrum which contains a small amount of THC. I would also highly recommend you consult with your physician just to be on the safe side. There are a lot of businesses that sell it. Some are very sketchy and there are some that even use synthetic cannabinoids in their products. There are also a lot of legitimate honest businesses that sell high quality products. I can not give you actual medical advise, but can help you decide on where to buy it from so you don’t get ripped off, or worse receive something that isn’t what it says it is. If you didn’t want to try our products, I could at least help point you in the direction of one of the other well established legitimate CBD businesses out there.

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Hempworx is the purest I could find. My entire family uses it! Only 3 ingredients including a natural flavoring. Hempworx as well as our hemp farm, GenCanna, are 2 of only 13 companies that recieved the official seal from the US Hemp Authority. If a brand does not have this seal then that means their purity and quality are not up to par. Always always check ingredients and labs! If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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We use Palmetto harmony for 4 years now they help with dosing and any questions u can call there office for a free consult ! Owner is special needs mom, organic full spectrum great product . We use it for seizures , anexity , all around better mood and better brain function . It has changed my daughter’s life ! Www.palmettoharmony.com

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just wondering why you haven’t talked to your toddlers doctor first before seeking info from the internet and facebook