What kind of milk should we transition to?

Whtvkind of milk did you guys transition your babes too? My daughter is on Similac sensitive and she’s almost 11 months old so it’s almost time. My son Didn’t have a sensitivity when he was a baby so we just cut his formula bottles with milk until he was only on milk. * formula was made with water btw. Not milk.


I used Klim 123. I’m from Trinidad :trinidad_tobago:. There also another one similar here in the US.

My son was on similac sensitive too. He now drinks regular milk with no issues

My one year old transitioning from Similac Alimentum to soymilk. She still has the cows milk allergy unfortunately. She was accidentally given some mashed potatoes with cows milk in it and let’s just say it wasn’t a happy day.

Both my kids were on similac sinsative as well and didnt have a bit of problem with regular cows milk. I dont think sisitive formula is really indicative of a lactose allergy. Id say your fine to do the same thing with this one as you did with your first!

As long as your child is a well rounded eater… There is no real reason why you even have to give milk after 1yr.

My boy had to be on alimentum formula because even similac sensitive wasn’t sensitive enough lol but around 1 he was taking smoothie yogurt and was fine so pediatrician said we can give him regular cows milk. We had no issues. He’s 2.5 now and still drinks it with no issue.

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Mine were on sensitive/gentle but they transitioned to regular cow milk perfectly fine. We did eventually switch to almond milk as I can’t stomach cow milk, but that’s for different reasons.:sweat_smile:

Try goat milk. Idk your location but Walmart and Publix sell a quart of it.

Oatmilk would be ok on her stomach maybe.
I’d avoid cow milk.