What kind of pregnancy pillow did you get?

I’m looking into getting myself a pregnancy pillow and can’t decide on the shape. Did you use one? If so, a U or a C shape, and what did you think of it?


C shaped and I liked it

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I didnt but I heard the u shape was better that’s the one I’m going to get my daughter

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I got a U shape. I liked being on my side with my stomach supported and that cradled feeling in my back.

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I’ve had both— one for each pregnancy. I looooved the C shape… especially for middle of the night feedings after the baby was born. I could cuddle with it to sleep and then when I needed to feed— fold it in two and instantly have back support and arm support for feeding! It’s also great now for a reading pillow. The U shaped was also great— I just haven’t used it as much as my C

C shape I like to curl up in it. Also doubles as a breast feeding pillow afterward.

U shape lasts longer

I had one like this & loved it. But I’m thinking of trying the one that goes down both sizes

I used a regular body pillow


I had a U shaped one at the beginning of my pregnancy and felt it took up too much space in the bed and was too big to move the way i wanted it to. I got the C shaped pillow off of groupon and love it! Works great for sitting up to feed baby girl now that she is here too!

I got a U shaped one. It’s super long and soft and I loved it.

I got the U. I loved it! My SO made me move it off the bed for a while cause it took his place :rofl:

I used a C shaped on from Motherhood. Best $60 I ever spent :joy:

C shaped because it gives me comfort everywhere back legs, in between legs protects the belly everything

C i still use it even tho my toddler hogs it

I just got 2 king size pillows and 2 queen size…works wonders and I can build a fort to keep my husband from waking me up at night for things

I have the u shaped and love it

I had the U shaped pillow and absolutely loved it. Not going to lie though my husband got jealous of it lol

I got a u shaped its nice because it has multiple uses and I can just flip over in the middle of the night and not have to readjust my pillow

U shape worked best for me since I flip flop from side to side. No readjusting the pillow necessary.

I have the U shaped and love it! I honestly thought it was a waste of money until I tried it! Got it as a gift!

I had a U shaped and loved it

U shaped saved my pregnancy

U shaped all the way.

I had a C and U shaped and the U shaped was by far the best

U shaped because I have a bad back and need the extra support. I use it upside down. Also look into one that allows you to easily add extra filler cause a lot of them are not as firm as I needed.

I just had a wedge under my belly and used my normal pillow to have between my legs and arms.

I had a giant dog bone shape and it was perfect!

I had a “snoogle” pillow, I liked it but it wouldve been nice to have a pillow that surrounded me.

U shaped. Sometimes I’ll even lay fully on top of it, and that’s why I like it even more.

I had both and I liked the u shaped one waaaaay better

Never needed one :woman_shrugging:

I used a wedge, tried C and U and hated them

I just kept several pillows I adjusted as needed. Was much more comfortable for me, I’ve had both and neither was what I was looking for

U shaped. But I also have one behind my back and propped up cause… heart burn

I used a U shape but sometimes couldn’t turn easily in my sleep. If I have another I’ll prolly get a C.

I used c shape . Best sleep I’ve ever had. I’d fold it around me and prop it between my knees.

C shape pharmamed.reasonably priced and comfy!

I use a G shaped one & it’s AMAZING got it off Amazon it was a bit pricey compared to the others but it was WELL worth it !

My fiance got me a c shaped, I hated it. Ended up using the wedge more than anything and loved it

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I have a C shape and I still use it after my baby was born.

C shape!! I was pregnant with twins and it was a life saver for me

I would recommend anything but the C shaped. I got this early on, off FB, but it was not comfortable and you can’t use any other pillows. I wish I would have gotten a wedge or something but I’m already 38 weeks and just surround myself with pillows now lol

C shape. I was so sad the day my husband asked if we could take it off the bed you know when the baby was 5 months old…

U shape. Loved it. It really helped in the last trimester

I’m not sure what the difference is. But for sure you’ll need one! They are the best thing ever during pregnancy!

The U was good for me cause I could learn up against it on my back and not sleep on my sides but not technically on my back either. For hip pain, it was a life saver

The almost full length body pillow was amazing!

It’s all personal preference, unfortunately. I used u shape my first pregnancy and loved it but wanted to try the c shape this time around and it’s comfy, but I miss being able to flip over and have the same pillow support for my stomach without obnoxiously moving the pillow.

I was given the U and after two babies I made a pillow like case over it making it a small bed for them to curl up on for movie night in the living room. Or to relax on outside

The Smilo Pillow!!!
It was an absolute life saver & you can continue using it to feed baby once they are here.