What medicine did you give your child with ADHD?

We recently found out that my boys tested for adhd. My husband and I are completely agaist Adderall and Ritalin. We aren’t overly thrilled about putting them on meds to begin with, but unfortunately, they need the extra help. They are struggling in school as a result. I am looking for other types of adhd meds that other mommas have used for their children. We are wanting to do as much research before they see the dr again. Any advice is helpful :slightly_smiling_face: TIA

Nothing she gets coffee in the morning before preschool and we taught her to slow down and focus on one task at a time. As she’s been getting into trouble pre coffee for to much energy and not paying attention. The teacher moved her seat to be more upfront and keep a closer eye when she needs more attention and had her do small things like jumping jacks or squats push-ups whatever to get it out during class periodically this helps our little focus the same at home.

When mine or hers gets out of control we stop reset slow down do 5-10 min of activity make a list and restart.

All those meds are linked to some horrific things and mindsets and I refuse to do that with my child. We were both on meds as kids and they were horrible when all it takes is getting the energy out and slowing down.

The crashing and anger when coming down from a medication was horrible and definitely dangerous to my family as I lost control after 2 weeks said fuck it dumped the shit and never again. Was not worth it.

My 6 year old son has been on a non stimulant, guanfacine, for two years now. It worked great for the longest time but he was just recently switched to Vyvanse, a stimulant medication. He’s taking a lower dose than normally prescribed for now. We tried Ritalin and he was having horrible nightmares after only a week of taking it so we stopped it. The only problem with the guanfacine he was taking was it can also be used as a blood pressure medication and he couldn’t go over 2 milligrams of it because of his sleeping medication he takes also being used as a blood pressure medication. His doctor wants to see if the Vyvanse will cause side effects since it’s a stimulant and he’s had side effects from the Ritalin, that’s why the lower dose of it.

Guanfacine is a non stimulant. My son was started one that at 4 yrs old. We did however, need to have him switched to adderall because he has other diagnosis’ that the guanfacine did not help, adderall helps them all for him though. He Is. Ow almost 8 and a completely different child than 4 years ago (not just because he has gotten older)

Ask for one that’s a non-stimutant like concerta


You can also try cutting out red dye 40 and see if that helps any.

None. They hurt my dd stomach really badly