What milestones has your 15-month-old hit?

My little boy will be ten months on the 15th, and I was wondering what milestones your little ones had already hit. My son doesn’t want to crawl, wave bye-bye, clap his hands, or even pull himself up. He can’t stand on his own. Someone has to be behind him, or he just lets himself go. We work with him every day, and the daycare he also goes to try to help him. He’s my first baby and Idk if I should be worried that he’s not doing some of the things that other babies his age are doing.


He’s only 10 months. He will do things when he’s ready.

Talk with your pediatrician sounds like he’s in need of early intervention. I would be concerned


My youngest didn’t crawl until the day after her first birthday. And maybe started walking like six months after that if that. I don’t remember exactly. Honestly all kids develop at their own pace. Some of them just don’t have any interest in doing stuff. He will get their when he’s ready, but if your concerned take him to the pediatrician.

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15 months or 10 months? If 10 I wouldn’t be worried at all. In fact I wouldn’t worry until at least 18 months. Not all babies crawl, some go right to walking/standing. All babies go at their own pace


Talk to your pediatrician

I’ve known kiddos that weren’t walking by their 1st bday. It shocked me tbh but I continued to watch those kids grow & they’re fine. Mine were crawling by 7 months and walking by 9. Didnt get a single tooth for 11 months then 4 in one weekend. Running around like crazy at 1st birthdays with full on pigtails. Moral of the story. Every kiddo is different. Talk to your pediatrician. :heart:

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My oldest son took his sweet time hitting milestones. He was 15 months before he started walking. He’s 6 now and does just fine. My youngest was the opposite and was walking at 10 months. Every child is very different. I would give him some more time, but if you’re concerned, speak with his dr at his next visit.

Regardless of what people say, you are clearly worried. Because every child is different, I would take him to the doctor for a checkup. It could be nothing, but it could also be something… best of luck

I’d just let his pediatrician know your concerns. But all kids have their own pace at doing things. But my pediatrician would ask if my boys were doing certain things at certain ages. It wasnt too crazy though. At 9 months mine were crawling and attempting to pull themselves up. But my little brother never crawled before walking so it just depends on the child.

One of mine never crawled just got up and started walking at ten months

So every single child grows differently its something you can not rely on. For instance my oldest is 3yrs old. She was walking at 9.5 months old. But she doesnt talk right. She is in speech therapy/school. But so many 3 yrs old can talk fantastically and im still stuck with the baby sign language to help her. My youngest. Didnt walk till 16 months old exactly. She talks here and there. But every kid is different dont freak out

At 10 months I wouldn’t be too concerned…

Is he 15 months, or 10 months? Because there’s a big difference between the two.


My 6 month old crawls, stands up all by herself, gives 5, but doesn’t clap yet, sits up all by herself, walks around things holding on!!

The worse thing to do, from experience, is to compare your child to other people’s children. No child is the same. Your baby will get there when they get there. If you’re concerned, talk to the dr.


Ask your pediatrician.


Don’t let your first big milestone concern go by the way side yes kids do things at their own pace but they still need to be close to on track with milestones. Bring it up to your dr they will let you know normal time frames. Remember as a parent you are your child/ babies advocate you know your child best if something feels off talk to dr(s) till you feel answers are found! Also drs don’t know everything so if you are blown off make sure to get second opinion!


Honestly your pediatrician is the best place for advice they should be giving you a printout of what milestones they expect your child to meet and then keep track of it by their next appointment. So you know your time frame and you know you have support of them watching it

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My little guy was sitting unassisted at about 6-ish months, never crawled but rolled about the house. He didn’t get more than 4 teeth or walk until well after his first birthday.
I brought him to our regular doctor and she straight up told me that he’s lazy, but would schedule a consultation if I wanted.
He walked shortly after.

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Ma’am give the child time and kids are different in development

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My son was 15 months before he walked and started talked…hit almost all his mile stones late(my first baby) when finally got him assessed and he has a.d.h.d and high functioning autism and it made kindergarten a stuggle so earlier u talk to the drs the better good luck

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He is 10 months old and a boy. Everybody is different

My son is 15 mo. He just started walking about 3 weeks ago. He didnt stand on his own unsupported until maybe 2 weeks before that. Hes never been one to wave. He claps. Every child is different and at 10 months I wouldnt be too concerned. but if you are speak to your pediatrician.


My oldest didn’t want to crawl. He did finally did at about the 9 month mark. He didn’t decide he wanted to walk until he was 14 months old because he could get everywhere crawling and boy was he fast. He’s 15 now and one the smartest kids I know. Boys are just that stubborn sometimes.

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Sometimes little boy babies can be lazy. Why go the effort when someone will do it for you kind of thing. I have two sons. One you couldn’t hold down, he did everything early. My second was not eager to do anything. I thought for sure there was something wrong with him. Eventually he saw something he wanted bad enough to start moving to get it.

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Talk to your pediatrician. They know your child better then us.

Babies are just different. Not one is going to do the same things at the exact same time. There’s enough pressure being a first time parent. Don’t let these things stress you out. Keep working with him and when he’s ready, he’ll do it. I have a 10 month old and he’s my first. He started crawling at 9 months. Won’t eat solid foods… has 7 teeth with one coming in… screams loud when he’s happy and mad but he does say mom or dad. He’s happy, healthy and still very smart. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

My daughter started walking right before her first birthday, clapping around 10 months, crawling at 9 months.

My grandson just turned 11 months and just recently started to crawl and pull himself up but I agree each baby is different

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Definitely talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. There is a program called early intervention. It’s for children birth to 3. They’ll come into your home and evaluate him. They can offer PT, OT, special instruction, and speech for an hour each a week. I loved all our therapists who came to help my son. They have fresh and different ideas that you may not think of especially if you don’t have the background in that field.

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He’s only 10 months old, don’t compare him to a 15 month old. A lot happens in those 7 months


Talk to your pediatrician… cause if he is behind he can start occupational therapy at home till 3…

I had this problem, i still do but babies will do things at their own pace & when they are ready. Don’t ever compare your child to anyone else’s because they aren’t the same person. Just keep reminding yourself that.


Does he look you in tbe eyes and babble at you , does he notice if you walk in or out of the room ?

My little guy started walking around climbing stuff all kids are different though my oldest walked when she was 1 my 2nd child walked at 8 months old

Your baby will do things on his own time. :heart:

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Ok let’s put this into perspective. My daughter at 4 month olds was sitting up alone, crawling and standing at 6 months and walking at 11 months. My son who is 1 year in march, sat up alone at around 7 months, crawling at around 8.5 months, shuffles himself around the table and furniture on his tiptoes now and will definitely not be walking by his 1st birthday :rofl: All babies are different. My daughter was raring to go and be independent. If my son was anymore laid back he would be in the core of the earth. He also, has no clue how to clap his hands. My daughter was clapping her hands AND feet at 4 months.

This age is hard. It’s easy to second guess yourself as a first time parent, but I believe mother’s instinct is natural and if you’re concerned it’s for a reason. Facebook’s favorite answer is “all babies are different”, “give em time”, “don’t rush it”. But I disagree with that approach if something in you is telling you that something’s off. Talk to doctors and push the issue. See if they have recommendations for what you can do at home/ daycare to help more. Maybe something you haven’t thought of or didn’t know you needed to be doing. In my opinion, that sounds slightly delayed for a 10 month old. But it really depends on his early development. If he was held a lot and not encouraged to use his muscles or figure out movement and coordination then it’ll just take a little longer later on. But Facebook isn’t the place to ask. The pediatrician’s office is.


Like a lot of moms have said, all babies are different!

It’s hard not to compare especially if you see babies his age doing things he isn’t doing yet, but try not to.

Comparison is a thief of joy!

My girl crawled at 8 months - and started fully walking on her own at 15 months. She started clapping her hands and pulling herself up pretty early.

He’s only 10months, he will get the hang of it! Just keep working with him! :heart:

He will when he is ready. All babys develope at thier own speed. Give hom a couple of months and of you ars stoll worried take him to see you pedoatrician and explain to the dr your feelings.

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Mine walked at 9 months, my mother was 18 months. Check with the pediatrician

Every child and baby is different, my first son walked at 7mths, 2nd son 8mths, my twins 10mths and still not, don’t rush everything takes time, some children skip milestones some stick to one at a time some have teeth early some don’t some walk way at 14mths and beyond, there is a chart all parents follow, as long as they have interest in the world and are moving and playing all should be ok, I would be concerned if certain milestones have not been accomplished after 12 mths like sitting crawling etc

Don’t stress mumma, my boy didnt walk till after 1, some babies just don’t feel the need to, no matter how much you encourage them, as long as they are happy and healthy, theres no need to worry.

My first child was advanced (hit milestones very early) my 2nd didn’t walk until 16 months, 3rd baby was preemie, but hit milestones very early too. Every Child Develops At Their Own Pace. Don’t worry about hitting the milestones :grin:

My sons were premie so milestones were a huge concern for me because I would get nervous when they weren’t doing things at a certain age compared to my other friends’ children who were younger. Talking to my pediatrician about what I should expect helped a lot and we also focused a lot of time practicing with our kids, and we praised them whenever they accomplished something. They just turned 1 and are still a little wobbly and can’t say any words yet but I know it will come with time. I just had to remind myself that all kids develop at their own pace and it isn’t a race! If you do feel like something else is going on, follow your gut instincts and seek advice from specialists!

One thing that I had to learn was to not compare! My son was 6 weeks early and I found myself comparing him to my friends baby that is a month+ younger than him… all babes are different and will hit those milestones when they feel comfortable :heart: But to make you feel better, just talk with your pediatrician!

My 18 month old didnt roll over until she was 10 months old, didnt crawl until 12 months, didnt stand until 13 months didnt walk until 15 months, but she was talking at 6 months… all babies are different

This is very important all children are different and meet the milestones at different times some ate more behind than others. If you are worried, please talk to your pediatrician do not just take others advice because there could actually be an issue.

So my baby is -exactly- the same age, born April 15th, will be 10 months day after tomorrow. She does not wave byebye, and only learned to clap her hands last week. She is very mobile though, crawls quickly, walks while holding onto furniture, can let go and stand for up to 10 seconds and has taken up to 4 steps at once, but the pediatrician told me that she is young to be doing that, so dont hold your baby up to unreasonable expectations. Some babies learn to crawl at 6 months, some learn to crawl at 10 months. Some babies learn to walk at 9 months, some babies learn to walk at 14 months. Your pediatrician will let you know if there is cause for concern or if he is missing milestones. If your pediatrician isnt worried, there is no need for you to be either :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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You SERIOUSLY need to speak with your child’s doctor. While comparing your child to others isn’t advised…there is also appropriate age ranges for milestones. It sounds as though your child is behind. You need to speak with your childs doctor and take him to any evaluations the doctor suggests. Probably occupational therapy and maybe a asd eval…and no the concern isn’t just just that he’s not walking. He should be crawling. Clapping. Waving. And pulling himself up to things to try to walk.

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15 months or 10? Im confused.

Every child does things on their own time. I was so worried because I thought my son was so behind and then he just started doing all these things out of nowhere.

I noticed that my son wasn’t pointing at stuff/people or babbling at 12m and it was enough for his doctor to get him his evaluations. Every child is different but every concern is valid.

Some babies don’t crawl and go straight to walking. I wouldn’t worry too much. Your pediatrician should be able to help also.

Every child is different, talk to ur dr. And see what dr says it most likely your child is just not ready,you can still keep working the him


My 1st child didn’t crawl until a week before his 1st birthday and didn’t walk until 14 months but he was advanced with his talking. My 8.5 month old at the moment waves, claps, can stand, rolls, says about 7 words ish but really doesn’t like tummy time so looks like she won’t crawl anytime soon. All kids grow, learn and develop differently, no matter their ages :blush: xx

Like they all said every child is different and if your dr isnt concerned dont compare ! I did that so much and my son is 16 months isnt walking or crawling, something wasnt feeling right in my gut so i took him to a pediatrician and they recommended physiotherapy because he has low muscle mass, almost 3 weeks in and hes standing on both legs (with my help and support) i am not trying to make you worry or anything just my personal experience! My son is also very content sitting so i have kinda force him to move and get stuff. But his fine motor skills are really good. Youre doing great mama :heart::heart:

As long as he can sit, crawl and clap by the time he is 1 years old, he is fine.

Go to your doctor and ask for information on what a child should be able to do at 10 months and talk to them about it.

My son will be 9months the 23rd… he stands up holding onto his crib, he just learned to clap,says bye-bye all the time, has learned to gives kisses. Says mama and dada,and hi… sits up on his own and crawls… and walks while holding onto stuff

If your concerns are really starting to worry you make an appointment with Early Intervention services and have them do a home visit.

Every child is different. Me and five of my friends all had children at similar due dates and so they are of similar age and all of our children are at different stages. My wee lamb is 11 months on the 26th and he has just got the hang of crawling! I’ve been trying to get him to go for months but it literally took him one day when he just went. Your bubba will take time to do things and when it is right for them they will do it. If they miss that milestone completely then maybe speak to a GP xx

It’s sounds like your doing all the right things by working with and helping your baby to develop these skills. I would definitely talk to your ped. Have an evaluation done on the little see where he is at there are infant and child physical therapists that can help make what your doing more effective. My youngest had one from birth to 2.5 years to help over come damage from her traumatic birth. It was super helpful and gave me piece of mind.

Don’t even worry about milestones. Everyone loves to brag about everything their baby does but they still crap themselves. Lol.

Make sure you ask your pediatrician this question as well.
I have 3 boys they all did milestones at their own pace. My first and third never truly crawled until about 11 months. Make sure you are giving him the opportunity to pull himself up and an area to crawl. Hand clapping is a hand eye coordination thing, maybe time to get his eyes checked if it’s worrying you. It’s also a repetitive learning skill, have him sit on your lap and clap his hands with him to songs. The most important thing is to breath momma you are doing your best and to be completely honest with the pediatrician at those well checks.


Talk with your pediatrician it sounds like he might be delayed. Might need therapy. He should be walking talking and waving

You know your baby better than anybody else and every baby is going to learn at their own pace. My baby was about nine months old when she took off walking. She never calls never scooted. Nothing, She just got up went.

Every child is diffrent but if you have concerns talk to his docter they know best…

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My oldest didn’t crawl till she was 12 months and then walked at 14 months, and has never been delayed since. My second he crawled at 6 months and walked at 9 months. Both two different kids and both successful adults now. Breath and relax each kid is different don’t rush to therapy and delay if not a problem.

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Every baby is different enjoy him❤️

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